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Do you own a Child Care Center? Are you leasing or buying your Building? I signed a lease my first Child Care Center in 2003. In fact, at the time that I was searching for a building for my first Child Care Center  and  I preferred to lease.

Leasing just seemed to be an easier route for me back in 2003. There was no closing cost and I didn’t have to put down 20% of the price of the building.

Furthermore, if I discovered that my first location was not great, I could leave at the end of my lease and not worry about having to sell the building.

After leasing the building for 11 years, I have decided to buy the building. It has been established that the location is profitable and also, after speaking with a banker and doing lots of research on the owning the building, it is in the best interest of your business to own the real estate.

Furthermore, after doing the math, owning the real estate increases the value of your business and it makes sense in the long run to buy the building.

For example, for 11 years I paid over $24,000 a year to lease my building. However, I have discovered that a mortgage could save me $12,000 a year! Now that makes sense to me and I could use another $12,000 a year in my budget!

If you have been leasing your building for at least 5-10 years, its probably time for you to buy your building and increase the value of your Business. In the event that you decided to sell your Business, you will get more for the business, if it comes with the real estate!

Are you currently looking for a building? Not sure if the location is a profitable location? I’m not a real estate expert, however, I believe that it is safe to say that you may want to lease the building for at least 3- years, before you commit to buying it.

Do you Lease or Do you Own Your Building? Leave your thoughts below…


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Easter is only a week away and I wanted to share some Easter party planning tips with you!

  1. If you will have egg dying activities, invite the parents to boil eggs at home and send the eggs with their children on Thursday or Friday of this upcoming week. Having the parents to boil eggs  will save lots of time.
  2. Invite a parent to assist you with hiding eggs on the playground for your egg hunt. (Also, be sure to invite parents to send an Easter basket for their children.)
  3. Decorate your classroom tables with spring colors: Purple, pink or yellow table cloths, Hang purple & yellow streamer, then add some festive helium Easter balloons to your classrooms.
  4. Be sure to serve some Easter decorated cupcakes or cookies!
  5. For some cool craft ideas, be sure to check out Pinterest, click here
  6.  Don’t forget to share the Easter Story with your little ones! click here
Happy Easter!
What do you have planned for Easter? Please leave your comments below….

on April 1, 2003 I opened my first Child Care Center and on April 4, 2014, I celebrated 11 years of being a Center Owner.

This has been an amazing Journey; full of good times and many challenges.

However, I know that it all has worked together for my good and has helped me to build a Successful Child Care Business.

In fact, my Journey as a Center Owner inspired me to start a blog about the business of Child Care, because it is such a specialized business and there is so much to learn.

Today I want to share with you 11 ways to build a Successful Child Care Business!

After reading my success tips, you will find a video below of my 11 year balloon release.

I look forward to doing this every year and this year, I had 11 preschoolers to hold 11 balloons and then release them into the sky. (see the video below)

1. Get a Mentor. Having a mentor provides you with the support that you need to succeed.

2. Read More. This is a sure way to increase your knowledge in the business of Childcare.

3. Discover the Art of Connecting With parents. I have discovered that when you have a healthy relationship with parents, they stay with you for  a very long time. The average family stays with me for at least 5-7 years.

4. Connect with Business Owners who are seeking to improve their program. Some business owners are comfortable with always being on the same level, however, if you want to be successful or to build a program that parents love, you must continuously seek to improve your Child Care Business.

5. Hire staff members that fit your culture. My turnover has been very high because honestly, I have very high standards and I find that there is a circulation of teachers that only want a job. However, I want dedicated and committed early childhood professionals on my team that are willing to do what it takes to provide quality care. Furthermore, I have found that my best employees have stayed with me for an average of (4-7 years) and I am so grateful for their service.

6. Be willing to do whatever it takes. Most of the time, I am fully staffed and I able to work part-time at my center, however, if a teacher has an emergency or if we are short-staffed, I will cook,drive the van or even teach. As a former family home child care provider, I have learned how to wear many hats and it has empowered me to be a successful center owner.

7. Develop the Leader Within You. I learned this principle the hard way! Leadership is all about personal development and on my Journey as a Center Owner, I discovered that leadership is a vital part of your business success. To develop the leader within, be sure to follow one of my mentors and the Leadership Guru, John Maxwell’s Blog.

8. Become a Master at Marketing your Business. I have found that marketing is everything in Business. If you don’t have any customers, you don’t have a Business. Download my Marketing 101 Kit today for only $11.00 below!! (for a limited time only)

9. Become a Master of Your Money.  Money is the life line of your Business, and it is vital that you develop the art of managing your money. You can Start by writing a monthly budget and only buying items that are on your budget. Get money management tips here—> click here

10. Develop a Healthy Living Plan. On my journey as a Child Care Business Owner, I have had my share of health problems ranging from; weight gain, to high blood pressure, to high cholesterol, back problems to anxiety. I know that sounds horrible, however, as I discovered the importance of relaxing, eating healthy and learning how to let go of what frustrates me, I am a healthier woman today! Check out my 21-days to a Healthier You eCourse, click here.

11. Choose To Build a Quality Program! Parents want quality child care and their kids to be in a safe environment. Don’t focus too much on buying expensive toys and equipment, however,  Focus on quality care.

My mentor told me this years ago: “Its not what you have, its how you use what you have!” I shared quality care principles on my most recent Teleseminar and you can get the download links for only $11 below (for a limited time only)

Well, there you have it!! My 11 ways to Building a Successful Child Care Business. I hope that my Journey has been an inspiration to you.~Shiketa

Be sure to watch my 11 year balloon release video below.



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 Picking good people for your business can sometimes seem like a treasure hunt and it is a test of your leadership. Inf act, this has been the area of operating a childcare business that has tested my leadership on may occasions.

During the interview process the applicant appears to be positive, he or she will say all the right things and wear the right clothes. However, the test begins on the first day of employment.

One thing that I have learned with selecting employees, is the simple fact that people do not reveal their true self until after they have been hired. Today I want to share with you some tips on how to pick good people for your child care business.

Selecting a Good Employee For Your Child Care Business

Schedule an interview with potential applicants during a time when the kids are gone are sleeping. Ask the following questions:

  1. Tell me about you
  2. Why should I hire you
  3. Are you willing to work flexible hours
  4. What would your previous employer tell me about you
  5. What are your goals
  6. What would a day be like in your class

Asking the  questions above, will help you to determine if you want this person working in your childcare business or not. Be sure to contact the applicant’s previous employer, to verify employment dates and ask the following question, “Would you rehire this person.” If they say “No”, then I think you can make an educated decision and decide if this person is right for your business.

What happens if you discover that this person is not  right  for your business

Another Lesson that I have learned in this business is; “Be fast to fire and slow to hire.” If you notice behavior that you do not like, address it immediately and discuss a plan of correction. If the employee continues to repeat the behavior, do not hesitate to terminate employment.

Employees are very observant and if they notice that you will allow them to slack in the beginning, they will continue that behavior throughout their employment in your business.

If you keep the wrong person on your team, it will cause you more headaches than you ever thought you could have. The wrong person= wrong results.

Here are some traits of the wrong person: gossip starter, negative about your business, does not honor your request, slacks in performance along with many other negative attributes.

There is no perfect employee, however, you would know when an employee is right for your business, because you will see good results and  you would be so glad that you made the decision to hire the employee.

Moreover, picking the right people will make your job easier and they will be an extension of you and represent your business well!

Bob Biehl says that 60-80% of the success of any company is in these 3 factors:

  • Clear direction
  • “The Right people”
  • Sound finances

Happy Employee Selection,


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The month of May is a very busy month!

In fact, the month of May is a big month for graduations along with Mothers Day, Teachers appreciation day, Cinco de mayo and Memorial Day.

I don’t know about you, but I have to start planning early for the month of May to avoid that overwhelming feeling that comes with planning too many events.

As I wrote my Curriculum Club lesson plans for the month of May, I included a bonus form that provided the members of my club with planning ideas for the month of May.

My Event Ideas included:

  • Cinco de mayo activities
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Muffins and Mom
  • Year end/Preschool Graduation planning ideas

As a gift to you, I thought I would share it with you as well.  Click the link–>Tips for Planning May Events For Your Child Care Business

I hope to see you in my Curriculum Club Soon and I look forward to reading your comments about this blog post.

Happy Planning…


start-up budgetThe way that you manage your money is closely related to the quality of your business.


According The Houston Chronicle, managing the quality of your business must be a priority. Moreover, having quality Administrative practices is a vital part of operating a high quality childcare Business.

In the article: Quality Administrative Practices, Brandon Pickard of Demand media listed Polices and procedures as a sign of a Quality Business. Pickard describes the following as quality administrative practices:

Establish policies and procedures to help maintain quality business practices. They usually consist of seven sections:

  1. Purpose
  2. Revision history
  3. Persons affected
  4. Policy
  5. Definitions
  6. Responsibilities and procedures

For example, it is vital that you develop money management policies. In fact, the way that you manage your money is closely related to the quality of your business.

  Furthermore, it takes money to build a Quality Child Care Business. So, be sure to have a system in place that describes the following:

  • When payments are due
  • Who is authorized to collects payments
  • Who is authorized to make bank  deposits
  • Guidelines for a  monthly budget 
  • Designate who is authorized to make purchases or sign checks
  • Collection or Bad Debt procedures
  • How to handle Late fees (in the event parents are late making payments)

For more money management or administrative coaching,  join me in the Center Owner eclub or the Family Home Child Care Empowerment Club.

Need some personalized assistance with your money management policies? Contact me today for a one-on-one coaching session!

With your Success in mind…


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Do you issue weekly or quarterly progress reports to the parents of preschoolers enrolled in your Child Care program?

Parents want to know how their kids are doing in your program and a weekly preschool progress report is a great way to keep parents informed. A preschool progress report should inform parents of the following:

  • Skills that their child worked on for the week
  • Behavior update
  • Skills that the parent can work on at home with their child
  • A place for parents to leave a comment and return the form to you
  • A Personalized note from you

To reduce the amount of paper that you use, consider using a progress report that covers half of a sheet of paper. This will save you dollars on ink and paper. If you are really creative, you may want to create your own progress reports on your home computer.

However, if you are in need in a progress report template or would like to know more about tracking the development of the children in your care, join the Family Home Child Care provider Empowerment Club.

For sample lesson plans, sample progress or toddler reports, join the Curriculum Club.

To Your Success…


A sure sign of a high quality child care center is a center that maintains adequate staff-to child ratios. In fact, staff-to child ratios has a major affect on the quality of childcare that children receive in many ways.

” Child-to-staff ratios and group sizes are two of the best indicators for determining the quality of a child care program and they significantly effect many other health and safety issues. Smaller group size is associated with a lower risk of infection in child care. (excerpt from the 13 Indicators of quality childcare report by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)


The risk of illness in children between the ages of one and three years of age increases as the group size increases to four or more, whereas children in groups of three or fewer have no more risk of illness than children cared for at home.”
(Bartlett, Orton, & Turner, 1986; Bell, Gleiber, Mercer, Hifer, Guinter, Cohen, Epstein, & Narayanan, 1989). The risk of repeated ear infections increases in one- to six-year old children who attend child care in groups of more than six children (Hardy & Fowler, 1993).

Moreover, when your child care facility is out of child-to-staff ratio, this could  result in a citation from your local Child Care Licensing agency; if observed during a licensing visit.

For more information on how to maintain a proper Child-to Staff Ratio at all times in your center, along with having access to downloadable forms and resources links including my Director’s handbook, Join the Center Owner eClub today!

With Quality Care in mind!


Why You Should  Have Learning Centers In Your Home Daycare

Study shows that children learn though play and having learning centers is a great way to promote learning through play, along with providing a fun and enriching environment that offers your preschoolers a variety of activity choices. In fact, most preschool programs have learning centers or interest areas.

Moreover, having learning centers provides the children with opportunities to work in small groups or alone.

How to set-up the Centers

Setting-up Learning Centers can be very simple and you can set-up as many centers as your space allows. In fact, my in-home preschool was in my living room and I was able to set-up five learning centers.

If you have limited space, I suggest that you rotate your centers, however, be sure to offer at lease five centers at a time and establish the number of children that you want to play in each area at a time.

Here is an example of how to set-up an Art Center

 Art Center


Materials Needed: A table and chairs; shelf to store, paper, paint brushes, crayons, play dough, scissors, magazines, yarn, stencils and other art supplies, You will also need storage containers to store items.

It’s also a good idea to label items with pictures and words. Add a sign, that indicates that clearly defines your art center.

For more information on how to set-up Learning centers, join the Family Home Child Care Empowerment Club Today!


I have found that most family home childcare providers choose not to expand their businesses away from their home. In fact, it has been my discovery that only a small majority of Family home Child Care providers will choose to expand, because they are simply tired of their businesses being in their home and they are ready to operate a larger business.

However, most family home providers that I meet, are content with having a daycare in their home. It took me quite some time to accept the fact that many home providers may not expand their businesses and that is why I decided to write this blog post: How to Operate your home daycare like a center.

I believe that family home child care providers should operate their businesses as if it were a center. Furthermore, I believe that if you run your Home Daycare like a center, the parents will view your family home child care business as a school or a center.

When I was a home provider, my parents called my daycare a school, because when they entered my home, it looked like a center and I ran my home daycare as if it were a center.

Today I want to share with you 5 things that you can do to start operating your Family Home Child Care Business Like a Center:

1. Choose to operate an in-home preschool and not just a daycare. Check out my article: How to create a Quality in-home preschool Classroom in your home.

2. Hire trained professionals to assist you with your home daycare

3. Develop policies and put them in written form for parents to follow. Need a handbook, download a copy today. click here

4. Require that parents pay their tuition on time and be consistent. (Try my makeover your tuition policy ecourse)

5. You must think like a Center Owner!  Discover how a center owner thinks by downloading my Directors handbook and my Art of owning a Child Care Center ebook.

I look forward to your feedback! Be sure to leave your comments below.


The following post is a guest post by Erika Schmidt.

In every business venture, small-scale or big league, having the know-how of what you’re getting yourself into isn’t enough. Sure, to be equipped with viable knowledge on the matter is crucial to get you through crunch time, but even the smartest and most capable businessmen have lost millions because they’ve overlooked an aspect so tiny it’s often been taken for granted—possessing the right kinds of attitude for business.

Entrepreneur, a business bible used by novice and veterans alike, is home to countless tips and strategies to help those interested in making their ideas flourish into a profitable kind. Their article, one that focused on “success being all in the attitude” caught my eye.

 As 2014 brings in a newfound sense of hope, you too can use this opportunity to reinvent and take on a bigger, bolder approach in your childcare business—not only in your carefully laid-out strategies and techniques, but in the way you set your entrepreneurial mindset to help set you apart from the millions of serious competition out there. Allow me to take a leaf out of their book and share with you tidbits of useful wisdom:

 1.       PASSION

We’ve often heard people say that “if you love what you’re doing, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”—and I couldn’t stress the importance of this saying. You have to fall in love with your work. Passion gets you through those times when you feel like quitting because things don’t seem to work in your favour. When the going gets tough, those who are passionate about their craft are the ones who get going.

 2.       TRUST

It takes time to build reputation. For starters, it takes a lot of hard work—not to mention years of the intense and grueling kind. Carving a name for your brand and making sure that it resonates trust amongst your clients is only possible if the service you give is consistently good. Consistence leads to trust and if they can see that your brand delivers all the time, they wouldn’t hesitate to invest in you—bonus points if they spread the word too!


Be flexible enough to be able to immediately adapt to change. After all, it’s the only constant thing in this world. With the fast-paced times that we live in, innovation is a common occurrence and we have to adapt if we don’t want to get left behind. But, never compromise your values in the process or even lose sight of your goal.


Who doesn’t fear businesses going bankrupt? Or their supposedly “brilliant idea” turning out to be a flop? No one. Yet as inevitable as this can be, this unpleasant feeling shouldn’t stop you from pursuing and taking a risk. The mistakes can be incredibly huge, but it also gave you two things in return—experience + valuable lessons learned.

5.       DECISIONS

In the article, one is encouraged to make “timely” decisions. While it is good to think it out first sometimes as opposed to making decisions on a whim, too much procrastination will only lead you to accomplishing nothing.


Simple. It’s YOU. You’re the driving force behind your company. Your people will look up to you. Be the best you can be.

 7.       EGO CHECK

Cockiness is good—but up to a certain level. If your ego is detrimental to your company, you’ve got to keep it under control. No one likes a big-headed boss. Unless you want them to leave or find a way to kick you out themselves.

8.       BELIEVE

You’ve got to have faith in yourself, your people, your brand, and of course—your company. If you don’t believe in them, who will?


Criticism helps and can go a long way. Take critique with a grain of salt especially if it is vital to your growth and the growth of the company. Admitting your shortcomings can be the key to success. Don’t let pride get in the way.


Your people will follow your lead. It’s crucial to have your a-game on at work.


A failed attempt isn’t the end all and be all of things. If it didn’t work out, as painful as the loss can be, it’s the perfect time for you to reflect on the things that went wrong and see how you can turn them into something better.


Risks can be good. This bold move can mean more doors opened, more opportunities, growth, and the company’s improvement. Innovation takes courage, and you have to embrace it wholeheartedly.

 There is no definite rulebook when it comes to succeeding in a business. What may work for others may not work for you. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you handle all the good and bad that comes with it. Wherever you go, attitude can make or break your shot at success so it’s crucial to keep yourself in check once in a while.


 About Kids World Kindy:

Erika_SchmidtKids World Kindy Child Care Centres and Preschools: is privately owned and operated. The first Kids World Kindy Centre was established in Western Sydney in 1985, management has more than 17 years experience in providing high quality care and educational programs.

How I Mastered The Business of Family Child Care in 4 Years

I opened my first Family home Child Care Business in November 1998. I left a career as a Medical Assistant to stay home with my children. Starting a family home child care business was the perfect business for me and my family.

When I started my daycare I had no prior child care experience, other than being a mom and health care experience. In fact, when I decided to stay home with my children, a representative from the local Child Daycare Association stopped by my home and gave me some daycare resources to read.

After reading all the resources, I was only partially prepared for the journey as a Family Home Child Care provider. Furthermore, the first day that I opened my daycare, I was so nervous, because I realized that parents were trusting me with their  Children. Not that I was wasn’t to be trusted, I just wanted to do a great job for parents!!

I was determined to grow as a provider. Furthermore, I learned from other providers, I registered for college classes and I was eager to take my Business to the next level.

The first year… 1999

I went from being  unlicensed to a Licensed provider. Furthermore, the need in my community motivated me to grow my business from 4-to-10 children. That first year, was a very prosperous  and exciting year!

The second year…2000

The year I started my first website,  bought my first home computer and fax machine! This was the year I became a technology savvy Woman!

The third year….2001

This was the year that I decided to become an in-home preschool and I incorporated my business. In fact, I changed the name of my daycare from Morgan Daycare to Learning Days and I turned my whole house into a preschool.

My husband had to remodel the basement, because the entire upstairs was daycare space. Then I decided to increase my knowledge and go back to school. The information that I learned while going to school caused me to want to educate more children and I decided to move the Business out of my home. The building search began!

Fourth Year….2002

I applied for NAFCC Accreditation (as recommended by my mentor) and I began studying research based preschool curriculum programs, along with implementing developmentally appropriate practices in my daycare.

After completing the self-study process, I received my NAFCC Accreditation in March of 2003; 30 days before moving into my first Child Care Center!!

I was ready for expansion, because I knew I had Mastered  The Business of Family Child Care.

As you can see, I accomplished a lot in 4 -years and I believe that my growth was due to my willingness to seek knowledge, my commitment to professionalism and I ran the business as if it was a commercial location, along with the guidance of great mentors!

In summary, knowledge is power and if you want to grow your Business, you must be willing to learn more, be teachable, stretch yourself and choose to go to another level every year that you are in business!

I hope that my story has inspired you to become a Master at what you do!!


Are you ready to go to another level as a Family Home Child Care provider? I invite you to join the Family Home Child Care Empowerment Club.

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Are your Marketing strategies working for you? If so, keep doing what you are doing.

However, if your marketing strategies are not working for you….it’s time to throw out your old Marketing methods and focus on the following:

  1. Start working on building trust with potential clients by being consistent with your marketing.
  2. Use an Attraction marketing method such as; offering a free gift online or by writing  a complimentary parent newsletter.
  3. Work on Building a relationship and get to know the parents that visit your program with follow-up phone calls.
  4. Be Enthusiastic! (People love to do business with friendly people)
  5. Adapt a Marketing driven mindset. (Educate Yourself on Business Marketing)

In fact, I believe that when you  focus on all five of the above marketing principles; you will have what it takes to  gain more clients and close more sales!

Moreover, when you become a mastermind of sales or marketing, you have the recipe for a Successful Business!

For more marketing tips, check out my Marketing 101 Toolkit.

To Your Success,


Going from a Wishful Business Owner to a Committed Business Owner…

When you opened your Child Care Business, did you make a commitment to stay no matter what? In fact, I believe it takes commitment in order to succeed in Business.

Furthermore, The dictionary defines being committed as: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.

How dedicated are you, to the cause of your Business?

I believe that Business is like being in a marriage; it takes commitment and you must decide to stick with it.  If you are not truly committed to your Business, you could be hindering your Business Success and you are simply wasting your precious time.

Being Committed also means that you will give it your all and if you are not willing to give your Business your all, you will not reach your full potential.

Here  are 5 traits of an UN-Committed Business Owner:

  1. Lack of focus
  2. Give-up at the first sign of trouble
  3. Does not give your heart to the Business
  4. Not focused on improvement
  5. Not willing to sacrifice for the Business Success

If you find that you have not been truly committed to your Business and you really want your Business to be Successful, it’s not too late to improve your commitment level.

In fact, I believe that if you implement the 5 steps below, your level of commitment will increase and you will begin to see a turn around in your Business.

1. Make up your mind that you will not quit!(Winners don’t quit)

2. Get Focused and Be present when you are at your Business. (Nothing can stop a focused Business owner)

3. Pour your heart into your business. (Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also)

4. Create a plan to improve the areas of your Business that needs great improvement.

5. Be willing to sacrifice in order to turn your Business around. Is it television? Is it time with friends? Whatever, the sacrifice may be, you must be willing to sacrifice in order to go up another level.

Here are a few thoughts on the importance of Commitment:

Productivity is never an accident.
It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
~Paul J. Meyer

There’s no abiding success without commitment.~Tony Robbins

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.

~Peter Drucker
To Your Success,
Having difficulty with commitment in Business? Contact Me Today and Schedule a Business Coaching Session

Have you ever set a goal for your Business and did not reach it? Have your dreams been shattered by unforeseen situations and circumstances? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this post was written exclusively for you.

In fact, If you set goals in the past and did not reach them, its OK. Goals are meant to give you a sense of purpose and direction in business. Furthermore, when you set goals, be flexible, because your plans could change as the needs in your community changes, without much warning.

In 2013, I noticed, that there was a great demand for infant/toddler care, but I was not willing to meet the need, because my desire was to have a preschool program and a before/after school program only.

Furthermore, my desire for only wanting preschoolers and school age children, was impacting my enrollment in a negative way; it was hurting my Business financially.

After getting 5-10 calls a week for infant/toddler care for an entire year,  I decided that it was time to alter my goals and meet the growing demand in my community.  My infant/toddler program will be opening by March 1, 2014!

As you can see, I was committed to my heart’s desire, yet I was willing to alter my goals in order to meet the needs in the community.

My Plan B- Find a Building that’s large enough for my Summer Camp, Preschoolers and Infants.

I want to challenge you to review your Business goals for the upcoming Business Year and answer the following questions:

  1. Are your goals realistic?
  2. Are your goals self -serving?
  3. Are your goals designed to meet the needs of your customers?
  4. Will your goals lead to Business growth?
  5. Are you willing to alter your goals?
  6. Are you trying to accomplish too much to fast?

In summary, when you develop the mindset that your Business is in existence to meet the need in the community; more families will come to you, because you will offer what they need.

However, if your Business is designed to meet your needs, you could be leaving money on the table.

My decision to add infant/toddler care, will cause my enrollment to be consistent 12 months a year and not just during the summer months. What’s Your Plan B?

I hope this post has inspired you to be flexible with your goals and build a Child Care Business That meets the demands in your community.

I look forward to your feedback. Leave your comments below.


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This blog post was inspired by one of my Facebook friends, Christina Margolis. The day before I published this blog post, I made a bank deposit and as I made the deposit, I decided to share a few of my business cards to the bank teller.

I waited for the teller to greet me after my transaction reached the inside of the bank and he said: “Good evening!  I replied, Hello! (with an exciting tone of voice), Good evening to you as well… then I said,  I own a center not too far from here, if you know someone looking for child care or preschool, please share my card with them. The teller said, Sure! Then I replied, thank you and you have a great day!”

I shared this moment with you, because I want to inspire you to get in the habit of telling others about your Business. In fact, if you are shy, that’s OK….just keep practicing and you will become more comfortable with sharing your Business cards. I’m introverted by nature, however, over the years, I have come out of my shyness and I tell others about my business on a regular basis.

The next time that you are in the grocery store or  out shopping and you see a mom or dad with children,  that’s a great opportunity for you to gain a potential client.

For example: Slowly walk over to the parent, (smile) and say, “Excuse me ma’am or sir , I see that you have some beautiful children and I was wondering if your children are enrolled in childcare or a preschool program?”  If the parent says no, consider Offering  the family a trial day in your program and give the parent  a few  of your business cards. Then say, “It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!”

If the parent already has childcare, you could simply say: ” I was just wondering if you were in need of childcare, because I own a Child Care Business and if you are ever seeking to make a change in your child care provider, feel free to give me a call (hand the parent your Business card). Thanks for taking the time to speak with me and you have a great day.”

I look forward to reading your comments about today’s blog post. Be sure to leave your comment below.

To your Success!



This week I want to inspire you to improve or makeover the way that you manage your money in your Business. In fact, I believe this, if you don’t manage your money effectively, you could soon be out of Business. Money is the lifeline of your business and when it is not effectively managed, you can have some major cash flow problems.

Furthermore, I want you to throw away this excuse: “ I’m not good with money.” Excuses will only hinder your success and today I am going to give you 5 simple strategies to makeover your money management skills. Ready!…. Here we go!

Click Here To Read More

To Your Success,


I look forward to reading your comments about this Blog post below.

TOOLKITBOX_750Do You have proven marketing strategies that have helped you to build enrollment? If so, I would love to feature you in my marketing 101 kit. The kit is almost complete, I simply want to add a component that features proven marketing tips by Child Care providers.

For submitting your tips, I will give you a Free download to the kit that includes:

  • a Subscription to my 12 day enrollment building ecourse
  • A marketing presentation that includes marketing tips by my favorite marketing experts including Zig Ziglar
  • My (41- page) Marketing 101 ebook
  • Marketing strategies Guide by Child Care Business Owners

Simply submit your top 5 Marketing strategies, along with your Photo, your bio and a link to your Child Care Business Website!

Email your info to: by 1/27/14 *Only A limited number of providers will be chosen!

Don’t miss this opportunity!!


As you may already know, I am addicted to reading good books and not just good books, I love to read Inspiring Books.

Child Care Business Owner,  Consultant and Professor, Rhonda Culton has recently published a book titled: Chicken Nuggets.

I just love the title of Rhonda’s book and it is so fitting for the Business of Child Care . In fact, I had to feature Rhonda’s Book on my Blog.

Rhonda’s book is dedicated to  educators all around the world and is full of inspirational messages from Teachers, Directors, Owners and educators.

About Rhonda

Rhonda has over 20 years of experience in the field of Child-Development, has an Masters of Arts in Education, and currently teaches in the child-development field in her local community colleges. She also  owns a child care Business and works with others to make their child care businesses successful.

Here are some Chicken Nuggets From Rhonda’s Book

Although I am a teacher, I learn from the children everyday.”- Edith Betancourt, Preschool Teacher

If I knew then, what I now, I would have saved many troubled and challenged children. Yvette Flores, MA

” When parents say ” My kids are nice, the teacher thinks ” good it will be an easy day.” When a parent says, my kid is normal, to the teacher normal means he has all ten fingers and toes. ~Vanessa Brissette, Preschool Director

If you are a Center Owner or Director, this book will make a great gift for Teacher’s Appreciation Day. It is also a great idea to just have a copy in your program for an inspirational read.

For more inspirational insight and to get a taste of the different flavors of Chicken Nugget Sauce in Rhonda’s Book, Grab your copy today! Click here

To Your Success!


Follow-up is a vital part of the enrollment building process. In fact, I have discovered that when I follow-up with parents who visit or call my Child Care Center the following happens:

  • That parent expresses appreciation for my phone call
  • The parent is inspired to visit my program again or schedule a Trial Day for his or her child
  • My chances of enrolling the child increases
  • I build rapport with the parent with friendly conversation

Many parents are very busy and they really do appreciate it when you take the extra step to call them back.

As you can see, follow-up is a vital part of building enrollment and sometimes taking the step to follow-up with the family, just may lead to a new enrollment.

*Never assume that if a parent does not call you back, that he or she is not interested in your program.

It’s time to create your follow-up Plan! You can start by simply planning to follow-up with a parent that has recently called or visited your program.

  An Inspirational Marketing Quote

In today’s market, more and more professional salespeople are practicing aggressive,
thorough follow-up methods that even a
few years ago would have been considered unnecessary on some of their marginal inquiries,
that is, people don’t represent a sale.
If your desire is to compete with the big boys and girls,
you must make follow-up an important part of your regular selling routine.
Happy Enrollment Building!


As a Center Owner, the area that has challenged my business skills the most has been….. Staff turnover!

Child Care Centers are known to have a Very High Turnover rate, however, I have managed to have staff to stay with me for (3-7 years). However, I recently received  news from two of my recently hired team members that they were going into another field and I thought to myself…Oh No, I have to hire more staff and Spend more Time Training!

In fact, I told my husband, I am going to master this area of the Business and I began to re-evaluate my hiring practices. So I took some time to reflect on past and current hiring practices and here is what I discovered:

  • The teachers that were with me for 3 or more years, had early childhood education and experience
  • The turnover rate has only been high amongst the lower skilled staff
  • Never hire someone, simply because they need a job, Child Care is a Calling..not a Job!

My recent evaluation of Staff Turnover, reminded me to stick to my original plan: Hire Professionals Only!

Sure you can train someone to work with children, however, only a skilled professional understands the whole child and takes their job very seriously.

I’m sure you may be thinking about the cost that is associated with hiring educated professionals, however, it will cost you more to keep hiring low skilled child care workers and the emotional stress is definitely not worth it.

If you want to reduce your staff turnover rate and reduce the amount of time, spent training staff, hire right the first time and get professionals!

Furthermore,  in this business, I have learned more from my frustrations that I have from what comes easy for me in this business.

I hope that this blog post has inspired you to hire Early Childhood professionals that may have the following: a CDA Credential, a Certificate in Child Care or working toward an Associate Degree in Early Childhood.

If you have a large Family home Child Care Business, when you need staff, seek to hire early childhood professionals as well, it’s a great investment and a great way to market your business!

In closing, I have found that, teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher are great employees, however, they may not stay with you long, because they could make more money working in the public school system.

I know that Everyone that you hire will not stay with you forever, however, you must hire smart, to lower your  staff turnover rate! Your time is very precious and so is your decision making…when it comes to Hiring professionals for your team!

To a Successful 2014!


For Center Management tips, join my Center Owner Membership Club

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Mastermind group banner

I have officially opened the Enrollment in my Upcoming Child Care Business Owner Mastermind group. This Mastermind group is exclusively for those individuals that want to move out of their Home Daycare or open another Child Care Center.

If you have thought about expanding your childcare business more than once, that’s an indicator that an expansion is coming in your near future.

You may not desire to expand in 2014, however, this is the perfect time to discover how to think like a millionaire and grow your business.

For more information about my 8-week Expansion Mastermind Group, visit my Mastermind Group Website today and take a look at the 6 indicators of Expansion. click here

Hope to see you in the group!!

More to come,


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At the beginning of every year, it is quite common to set goals, however the key to reaching your goals is this: You Must make a decision to be Focused! In fact, I believe that you must keep your goals before you.

At my recent Child Care Business Owner Teleseminar, My first Business makeover tip was to “Get Focused“, because I believe that a Distracted Business Owner is all over the place and very unproductive. Moreover, if you want to have a successful business, you must eliminate distractions and get productive!

For example, to keep me focused on the number of spaces that I intend to fill in my Child Care center,  I wrote the numbers down on a piece of construction paper and posted the paper on the wall in my office. (check it out)

As always, I practice what I preach and I have been very focused on my goals. I have one main goal for this Business year and that is to Expand my marketing.

My goal is to market my business to a new audience of parents, so I invested in some advertising on a very popular local news channel.

That investment has taken my marketing to another level, including

Also, My center now has a higher ranking on Google.  I love it! Furthermore, I love the awesome banner ads that came along with my marketing package, because get to also used the banners on my social media pages.

Are you ready to see your dreams and goals manifest? Well, focus is the key to seeing your dreams manifest: Here are 3 easy ways to get Focused:

  1. Plan your day by creating a Priority list. The night before you start your day, use a note pad to write down your top 5 task of the day and do not add anything else to the list until you have completed those task.  You can also use a note pad on your cell phone to store priority list. It is vital that you practice planning how you will spend your time daily. You will feel more organized and more focused. Successful people are planners! * Be sure enrollment building is apart of your daily task
  2. Plan to Keep your office space, center or home organized. Having  a well-organized environment  will help you to feel clear in your mind and feel more organized as you work in that space. It’s difficult to focus in a clutter environment.
  3. Delegate more –So that you can do more of what brings you a higher payoff.  Last year, I delegated party planning to my parents and the parties have been amazing ever since I decided to delegate that task. Also, I recently decided to delegate more duties to my staff and I must say I feel more focused and I empowered my team at the same time. Because of my decision to delegate more, I no longer do bulletin boards, classroom observations, book orders or plan parties. Now my focus is on Business growth, coaching and writing.

Here is something to think about? What do you need to do differently this business year, in order to see different results? What are your goals? I would love to hear from you; Leave your comment below.

Fore more Business tips or to Discover how to makeover your Child Care Business, I want to invite you to download the replays from  my Child Care Business Owner Teleseminar that I hosted on January 3-4, 2014 along with my dynamic Guest Coach, Andrea Dickerson of (I Own a Daycare Network). The  downloads includes: A Child Care Business Owner Virtual Makeover Kit along with 2-hours of replays! Download Your kit  now!

Much Success to You!



“Get Ready For an Epic Business Year!”

I can hardly believe that we are less than 6 days away from the Child Care Business Owner “2014 Business Makeover” Teleseminar.

In fact, I am so excited to Inspire and Empower you to Have a Successful Year! Furthermore, I’ve been focused on how I can empower you to makeover your Business in 2014 and the following picture explains all! the details!

get the jump start you need

I hope to see you at my Teleseminar on Friday (Jan 3) and Saturday (Jan 4)!

2- Days and 2 Hours of Inspiration and Empowerment!

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More to come…….

 About Shiketa Morgan

Wife, Mother, Gmama, Child Care Business Owner since 1998, Business Consultant, Blogger, Self Published Author. Shiketa provides Business Owners with the inspiration they need to  Start-up a Business; Effectively Manage their Businesses and shares Divine Wisdom and Business Principles that will empower you to Build a Successful Business

Child Care Business Owner Makeover Series
Business Makeover Tip #7:
It Is Vital That You Makeover Your Leadership Skills in 2014
Leadership Ability Determines a Persons Level of Effectiveness. ~John Maxwell

Every Child Care  Business Owner has one thing in common: We all want successful Businesses! So with that in mind, It is also important for you to be aware of the simple fact that Success never happens by accident and there are many factors that contribute to your success as a Child Care Business owner.

The #1 factor is your ability to Lead! ” Personal success without Leadership ability brings only limited effectiveness. Without leadership ability, a person’s impact is only a fraction of what it could be with good leadership. What is Leadership? Leadership is simply influence…nothing more and nothing less.

Think about this: How much influence do you have with the parents in your daycare? Do you have influence with your employees or the children? How has your influence impacted your relationship with your parents, employee, community or the children?

Now that I have you thinking, I want to give you a Free Copy of a 7-page Leadership Assessment form that I use with my clients who want to Grow as a Business Owner. Download Your copy Now.

(Be sure to share your thoughts about the assessment on the Child Care Business Owner Facebook page or tweet me @ccarebusiness

In summary, I have studied Leadership for 8- years and I must say that growing as a Leader has empowered me to grow on a personal and a Business level. In fact, as I grew as a Leader, my influence increased with parents, the children, my employees, my friends, social media followers, the readers of my books and my coaching clients. I want the same for you!

If you are ready to grow as a leader and makeover your Child Care Business in 2014,  Join me and my Guest Coach (Andrea Dickerson) on an upcoming Teleseminar where you will be empowered with Business Skills including Leadership Principles, Big Thinking, Enrollment & Marketing strategies, along with information on how you can Improve the quality of care in your program. Its time to take your marketing to another level…..

Let the Makeover Begin…

(Click the image below)

 About Shiketa Morgan
Wife, Mother, Gmama, Child Care Business Owner since 1998, Business Consultant, Blogger, Self Published Author. Shiketa provides Business Owners with the inspiration they need to  Start-up a Business; Effectively Manage their Businesses and shares Divine Wisdom and Business Principles that will empower you to Build a Successful Business

If you subscribed to my blog earlier this year, your probably received a free copy of my ebook: How to have a successful 2013!

Now my new and old subscribers will receive a copy of my ebook: 21 Business Principles. This book was inspired by my Business Journey and the articles that you will find in the book are all excerpts from my  Business 101 Blog…… Enjoy!

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(Clicking  the Gift Box below)

With a Successful 2014 in mind…..
I hope to see you at the Child Care Business Owner Teleseminar! Register Today!

About Shiketa Morgan
Wife, Mother, Gmama, Child Care Business Owner since 1998, Business Consultant, Blogger, Self Published Author. Shiketa provides Business Owners with the inspiration they need to  Start-up a Business; Effectively Manage their Businesses and shares Divine Wisdom and Business Principles that will empower you to Build a Successful Business
Connect with me online, by clicking the images below!

It’s time to breakthrough the challenges and the resistance that you face.

In fact, Growth is on the other side of resistance

Are you feeling resistance on your Journey as a Child Care Business Owner? If so, I want you to know this: resistance is a clear indicator that you must increase your Capacity (as a Business Owner), Think Bigger, Increase the Lid of your Business & Leadership and so much more!

I am no stranger to resistance. In fact, I have always viewed resistance as my indicator to go to another level. Moreover, Resistance is what motivated me to move my daycare out of my home into a larger location and it also caused me to further my education as a Business Owner.

Furthermore, resistance does not feel very good and if you allow it to get to you; you could fall into this trap—> you may begin to wonder if you are on the right path or not.

Take it from me, anything that is too easy, will not challenge you to Grow!

In other words, It’s time to Push past resistance and plan to be present at the upcoming Child Care Business Owner Teleseminar on January 3-4.Where you will discover how to Think Bigger, Get empowered to as a Leader and a Business Owner. Along with getting quality care tips and enrollment building strategies for success in 2014!

During our break out sessions on the Teleseminar, 4- lucky Childcare Business Owners  will have a chance at winning a Free coaching Session with me or my Guest Coach! That lucky winner could be you!!

I want to personally invite you to join me and my Guest Business Coach (Andrea Dickerson) via Teleseminar, so that you are empowered to break through the restraints of resistance and go to another level in the Business of Child Care in 2014!

“When you makeover the Business Owner, you makeover the Business”

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Child Care Business Owner Makeover Series

Tip #6:
3-Ways To Makeover Your Marketing in 2014!

Most businesses die because they don’t have enough customers. ~Eban Pagen

Many business owners create a vision board or a list of goals to accomplish for their Business every year and that is awesome; However, I want to challenge you to create a Marketing plan for 2014.

I was recently on a marketing webinar that was hosted by online marketing expert Eban Pagen.  In fact, Eban inspired me to focus more on marketing than any other Business skill. I heard Eban quote the following: “If you only had one skill to get by on it would be Marketing and  Marketing is the key money maker in your Business.”

I hope that you too are inspired to focus more on marketing in 2014!!

According to the Child Care Trends in 2014 Report on the National Association For Family Child Care Website, There will be greater competition in the childcare industry in 2014. With that in mind, it is vital that you have a marketing plan that will cause you to stand out from your competition and attract more families to you.

Here are 3 ways to Makeover Your Marketing Plan in 2014
1. Find customers where they are and don’t expect them to find you
2. Create a website maintenance plan that includes updating content regularly on your website
3. Develop a Online Marketing Plan that include daily marketing of your child care business via social media (The internet is the new Phonebook)

Have you heard about the surprise marketing launch that Beyonce’ pulled on Instagram? Yes she launched her latest album over social media and her launch inspired lots of online talk about the power of marketing via social media. Also, experts have predicted that video and photo sharing is becoming a popular way to market your Business Online.

If you want more customers in 2014, Join me and my Guest Coach (Andrea Dickerson) on an upcoming Teleseminar where you will be empowered with Enrollment Building & Marketing strategies, along with information on how you can effectively market your Child Care Business Online. Its time to take your marketing to another level…..

Let the Makeover Begin…

(Click the image below)

As I prepare to host the upcoming Child Care Business Owner Teleseminar, I decided to do some research on what is trending in the Child Care Industry for 2014 and I discovered the following Trends on the National  Association For Family Child Care website:

1)     Competition from other child care programs will continue to increase.

2)      There will be more competition from providers exempt from regulation.

3)      There will be more competition from large child care centers.

4)      Parents will demand more from their caregiver and will be more likely to leave one program
for another.

5)      There will be a greater demand for specialized services.

6)      It will take longer to fill child care openings.

7)      More parents will be looking for objective standards of quality.

8)      More child care programs will close because of financial pressures.

9)      Providers who have good business skills and the ability to communicate with parents will be
more likely to succeed.

Source: NAFCC

My Thoughts about the Trends

I was not surprised to see the above trends, because the #1 complaint that I hear from home providers is: How do I increase my enrollment?

With more competition out there, it is vital that you become a master at marketing your Business and discovering how to stand out from all the rest.

Moreover, parents want quality care and if they have to go from one  child provider to another to get it; they will do that.  One way to assure that you are providing high quality care is to become an educated early childhood professional and/or seek to get your Child Care Program Accredited.

My family home Child Care Business was Accredited by the NAFCC along with my Center. Furthermore,  being Accredited caused my program to standout from the rest and because I provided a high quality program, my family turnover rate was very low. In fact, the average family stayed with me for five years.

According to Trend #8, many day cares will close due to financial pressures, however, I believe that once you learn how to effectively manage your money, you can make it in any season in this business.

Finally, I totally agree with Trend #9, it is vital that you have good Business Skills and master the art of communicating with parents. Parents used to be my #1 issue in my home daycare, however, after educating myself on how to deal with difficult parents and discovering the key to communicating with parents, that is no longer an area that I struggle with.

So with that said, if you want to beat the odds in this business, discover how to deal with the challenges in the industry including: building enrollment and improving your Business Skills, You must grab my Business Makeover Teleseminar audio replays and Virtual Makeover kit today!  click here

To your success,

Shiketa Morgan

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There are only 17 more days til the Child Care Business Owner Teleseminar and I want to invite you to join me, along with my Guest Business Coach (Andrea Dickerson of I Own a Daycare Network)  and other Child Care Business Owners for 2 hours of Coaching, Discussion and Give-a-ways!

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Moreover, I have added more value to the Teleseminar by offering give-a-ways that will empower you! The Give-a-ways include: Free Coaching sessions (a $197 value) and/or Free Subscription to a 1-yr membership Club  of your choice ($120 Value)!  You Could Be One of the The Lucky Winners!!

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I Hope to See you There….

Check out the video and Poll below

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I don’t know about you, however, fear has been my #1 enemy on my Business Journey.

Please allow me to share a brief story with you: In 2002, I almost allowed fear to stop me from going back to school to further my early childhood education.  In fact, going back to school to further my education was one of the best decisions that I made in my lifetime. At that time, the local community college was offering free early childhood education through a program called: Child Care Field base (where the instructor came to my home).

I can remember the first day of my field base college class, my instructor was knocking on the door and all of the sudden, I became fearful to start the class. So, I pretended that I did not hear her knocking at the door.

Now I know that sounds crazy, but that’s how fear can paralyze you from reaching your goals or living your dreams.

Eventually I let her in and 10 years later I have over 30 college credit hours in early childhood education along with a Business Degree that I completed in 2010.

I shared my story with you to say this: If you have a dream to expand or start a child care business, the only thing that is stopping you is you!

Fear is only a thought and it is also a choice. I once heard Joyce Meyers say this, “sometimes you have to do it afraid!”

Moreover, having a mentor only increased my knowledge, my faith in my self and it empowered me to grow my Child Care Business.

In fact, mentor ship ship has empowered me  to

  • Transition from only having a high school diploma-
  • To having a College Degree
  • To expanding from a Family Home Child Care Business
  • To  becoming a Center Owner and now a Mentor!

If you are feeling stuck and afraid to move forward and you know that its time for you to grow, contact me today for a coaching or mentoring session!

I hope to see you at my upcoming Teleseminar, where you will get Dynamic Business Coaching that will empower you to succeed in 2014 !! Register Today!

To your success,



Time sure does fly by when you are having fun and doing what you Love to do!

In fact, at the beginning of 2013 I set goals to travel to a new city this year and we did it. We traveled to Atlanta for the first time and it was an amazing trip. The highlight of the trip was riding to the top of Stone Mountain. It was an amazing feeling to literally stand on top of the world. (I have attached a photo below of me standing on the mountain, it was windy!)

Along with reaching my travel goals, I set a goal to finish my book Doing Business by Faith and I did it! In fact, I am so glad that I took the time to share my story of fighting the temptation to quit, because so many business owners have been blessed by the book.

And that was only a few highlights of my year. Moreover, I set a goal to host a Live Teleseminar for Child Care Business Owners and that Seminar is only 4 -weeks away from the date that I wrote this blog post.

My hope is to see you at the Teleseminar. For more information click here and  be sure to follow my Business Makeover tips for 2014 below. More Teleseminar Trainings to come in 2014…

  Furthermore, the point that I am making today is this: When you set goals and are passionate about accomplishing those goals: Your goals will manifest!

How was your 2013? Did you accomplish your goals? Do you need to do something different in 2014?

Have you set any goals for 2014? Do you have a desire to take your Business to another level in 2014? (Lets talk below, leave your comments)

If you have been following my blog for at least a year, you know that I love to Inspire Business Owners to do the work on their businesses and in their personal life. You just cant separate the two.

If you need some inspiration to get motivated for Success in 2014, I want to invite you to subscribe to my weekly enewsletter Business Makeover Series. There is always room for improvement and business gets exciting as you are continuously gaining new insight. Subscribe today! (view past Makeover Tips below)

2014 Business Makeover Tips:

Tip #1- Get Focused

Tip #2 Change Your Words

Tip #3 Read more 2014

Tip #4

Tip #5

Tip #6

Tip #7

More tips to come throughout the month of December 2013

Recently, I have been asked the following question by many Child Care Business Owners: How do I get parents to pay on-time?

This is a tricky question, because it takes many different strategies to get parents to pay on-time and today I want to share one strategy with you that I use every week to let parents know that I am serious about collecting payments on-time and that is by posting a Tuition Due sign!

Every Monday I display my Tuition Due sign on the sign-in table where parents can see it. Also in small print you will see the words: If you have already paid your tuition for this week, please disregard this notice.

Having a Tuition Due Notice displayed on your sign-in table is a great way to enforce your tuition policy and also a great way to remind parents that payment is due.

To create your sign, simply type your notice using a Microsoft word program (use a very large bold font) and be sure to print the notice on a piece of yellow or orange paper. Then insert the notice in a plastic sign holder stand and display on your sign-in table. (you will find sign holders at your local Office Supply store)

Check out my Tuition Due Sign (below)

Handling Delinquent Families
In the event that a parent fails to pay you after leaving the program, you have a right to send that family to collection or even collect your fees in small claims court. However, be sure that your failure to pay terms are clearly defined in your childcare payment agree and that you verbally tell parents about your collections procedures upon enrolling their children.

I hope this tip has inspired you to get diligent about collecting payments on time and you can start by creating  a Tuition Due sign. On-time Payments= Consistent Cash Flow in Your Business.

For more Tuition Policy tips, subscribe to my Tuition Policy Makeover eCourse. Also, be sure to subscribe to my Business Owner Makeover Tips eNewsletter, click here

Happy Tuition Collecting…..


Are you ready to get different results in 2014? If so, you want to attend my upcoming Child Care Business Owner Teleseminar with me and my Guest Child Care Business Coach, Andrea Dickerson of I Own a Daycare Network.

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My goal for 2014 is to Empower you to Makeover your Child Care Business . That Makeover includes

When you Makeover the Business Owner, You Makeover the Business!

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Preview The Child Care Business Teleseminar Agenda

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There is always room for improvement and That is  why I am hosting the Child Care Business Owner Business Makeover Tweet Chat!!   In fact, I (along with my Business Makeover Team) will be tweeting Business Makeover tips and chatting with you and other Business owners about your Business Goals for 2014!
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Tell me what you would like to improve in your Business in 2014. Leave your comments below.

That’s all for now and I will be in touch with you soon!!
Shiketa Morgan


I am a big fan of the Television show, HGTV. In fact, I love to see the makeover experts help home owners remodel their homes. In fact, my dream is to help Child Care Business Owners makeover their businesses.

If you are no longer satisfied with your Business, its time for a Makeover. Moreover, if you need to get Motivated and  Inspired again, This is Your Opportunity to Makeover You (as a Business Owner) and Your Business!!

I was inspired to host my upcoming Teleseminar as I worked to makeover my very own Child Care Business. I am in the process of  eliminating materials and practices that no longer serve my business; revising/updating  new systems, working on me and embracing the newness of a Overall Business Makeover!

In 2014, I will be celebrating 15 years as a Child Care Business Owner and I am ready for a Business Makeover, what about You?

Are you tired of struggling with Enrollment Building?  Do you have a Desire to expand, yet you keep finding excuses to stay in your home? Can you use some new Business Management Skills? Have you neglected to take care of you?  Can your Business Brand use a Makeover?

If you answered “yes” to any of my questions above, you don’t want to miss my upcoming Child Care Business Owner Teleseminar.

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I have recently been fighting a really bad cold and cough. In fact, my goal is to nurture my body back to health  by only consuming what my body needs, some nutrition. Furthermore, this means that I have been looking for supplements that have what I want.

Moreover, today I want to inspire you to think about creating a Child Care Business that has what parents truly need or want for their children.

Do you know what your parents really want? Have you asked them lately? The secret of a successful business is this one thing: Offer a service or a product that your customers want or need!

Check out this spontaneous video that I recorded as I sat at my Kitchen table.  Be sure to leave your comments below!

To Your Success,

Shiketa Morgan

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Expect the unexpected because life is full of surprises.Things that you can’t prevent from happening because they’re meant to happen, but instead of running away from it, you should embrace it, solve it and learn from it.

~ Melchor Lim

The Business of Child Care seems to come with the expected and God knows I’ve had my share, including:

  • A Sudden drop of enrollment
  • Employees leaving without giving adequate notice
  • Enrollment increases dramatically and I needed to hire more staff…and Fast!
  • And many other unexpected situations that I choose not to post online

Furthermore, having unexpected situations has helped me to learn how to think fast and it also caused me to realize that you must be at your best self emotionally and physically in this Business or you will easily burnout.

Whatever your unexpected situation may be today, just know that everything happens for a reason and there is always a new lesson to be learned.  Most importantly, be patient and don’t give-up!

Today I want to share with you 5 things to do when the unexpected happens:

  1. Stay calm. You will make better decisions when you are at peace.
  2. Stay positive. Negative words will only make your circumstances worse.
  3. Focus on what’s most important in your Business and do that.
  4. Reflect on the unexpected situation; Has this happened before? Can I prevent this from happening again? If not, do I need to change my perspective?
  5. Be willing to do whatever it takes until things are back to normal.

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Have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish for your Child Care Business? Have you been distracted by personal or business issues? Are you ready to get different results in your Business?

Today I want to share an audio recording from my latest mid-week inspirational coaching call for Child Care Business Owners.

On the call I shared 5 easy ways to get focused ,refresh & renew your Vision for your Child Care Business. Listen now, by clicking the video image below.

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Assessing the Developmental needs of the children in your Child Care program is a great way to determine if your program is meeting the Developmental needs of the children in your care.

According to Zero-to-Three Organization, “A developmental assessment is a process designed to deepen understanding of a child’s competencies and resources, and of the care giving and learning environments most likely to help a child make fullest use of his or her developmental potential.”

At the beginning of every preschool year I require that parents send a 3-ring binder  to preschool with  their children. We call that 3-ring binder a Portfolio. A portfolio is an organized way of keeping track of a child’s developmental progress.

In each child’s portfolio, we store samples of: class work (art, handwriting,etc), classroom observations, photos and developmental assessment forms. We review the portfolio with the parents in the form of a parent-teacher conference in November of every preschool year.

If you are not already conducting developmental assessments, I want to inspire you to start now. Developmental assessments, adds a sense of  purpose to learning and play in your program.

In fact, you will find that parents will appreciate you and your staff for taking the extra time to assess their child’s developmental progress.

Do you need a sample assessment form? Here is a link to a sample developmental assessment form, click here.

Also, it is important that you plan activities that are Developmentally Appropriate for each age group. Planning Developmentally appropriate activities, helps children to progress accordingly.

Do you Need Developmentally appropriate lesson plans? If so, join the Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club!

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The Business of Child Care Can be emotionally overwhelming at times and especially for women, that could easily cause us to make emotional decisions or easily hit burnout.

Have you grown frustrated with your Business? Has the troubles of this business caused you to lose your Vision or your focus that you once had when you started the Business?

If so, I want to share with you how I overcame many of my  challenges that have shown up on the Journey of me operating a Child Care Business  and how I currently work through the issues that may occur.

God has chosen you to care for his little ones and he has called me to inspire you to keep going!

If  you are at the point where you are thinking about quitting; you are frustrated, feeling stuck and not sure which way to go; In fact, you feel as if you are at a crossroads? You don’t want to miss my mid-week inspirational coaching call!

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Mid Week coaching call

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Michelle Wanwimolruk and daughter Mei-Mei

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Do you know what the demand for childcare is in your community? In fact, Have you noticed an increase in parents needing early morning, evening or weekend Care?

Are you willing to change your program hours to meet the demand for childcare in your community?

When I first entered the child care industry in 1998, most families worked a 9-to-5 job, now many families are working evenings and weekends in order to survive in a tough economy.

Furthermore, their childcare needs are changing.

According to John Yang of NBC, “ As parents take jobs with odd hours to stay afloat in a difficult economy, their daycare needs go beyond the typical nine to five.’

Moreover, according to the Census Bureau, “Like most service sectors, child care primarily serves local demand.” So what is your local demand?

Is there a demand for more preschool care? Is there a demand for School-age Care? Are parents inquiring about part-day versus full-day?

It is vital that you know the demand for Child Care in your Community. In fact, when you know the demands of Child Care in your area, you could easily fill your enrollment slots.

Here are 5 ways to discover the Demand for Child Care in your Community?

1. Pay close attention to the questions that parents are asking when they inquire about childcare.

2. Contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral agency to find out the childcare needs of the families in your community.

3. Be flexible. When printing flyers, advertise Part or full-time care. If you open before 6:00am or close later than most daycare’s; be sure to indicate that information on your flyers.

4. Some daycare providers are willing to share , so don’t be shy. Contact surrounding day cares to find out how they seek to meet the need or demand of Child Care in the Community.

5. Contact Businesses in the surrounding community. Find out the hours of the Businesses, then find out how much of their workforce consists of working families. Then, cater to the Child Care needs of those families.

I would love to read your thoughts about this blog post, feel free to leave a comment below and I will join the discussion.

With your success in mind,


Resource: Daycare on Demand, click here

Marketing or Enrollment Building tips, click here


Earlier this week I posted a question on the Child Care Business Owner page. The question was as follows: Describe your top challenges that you are having with employees. One of the Center Owners indicated that she was having issues with gossip.

Seven years ago this was an issue in my Child Care Center. In fact, I wrestled with the issue for about a year. As I grew as a Leader and began to promote a positive workplace, and got rid of the bad apples; I no longer have the issue of Gossip!

Gossip will ruin your business if you don’t get it under control!

I’m not saying that you can totally eliminate Gossip, however, I am saying that you can start by promoting a positive work with some preventive measures  and by implementing a few simple employee management strategies.

Be sure to Listen to my audio below and leave your comments below.

To Your Success,


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earth day

The earth is what we all have in common.

– Wendell Berry

Every year in April I look forward to earth day events!In fact, I look forward to all of the gardening projects with the children at my Child Care Center and so much more.

Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection and Earth Day is observed on April 22nd each year.

Also, Earth day is a great day to teach young children how to be earth friendly with fun enriching activities. Need some Earth Day ideas? Check out the Activities below:

Take off Shoes! If you have a grassy area in your yard or on your playground; encourage the children to take off their shoes and feel the grass in between their toes.

Look up at the Sky!Encourage the children to lay down in a grassy area and look up at the sky. be sure to ask the children the following question; “How does that make you feel?”

Turn Our the Lights! On Earth Day, open the blinds and turn off the lights. This is a great way to save energy!

Clean-up Your Neighborhood! Consider taking the older children on a walk around your home or your center to pick-up trash in the neighborhood. * Be sure to carry business cards with you. On the back of the card write the words, ” We are an earth Friendly Child Care program.”

Want more ideas? Check out this blog post: 100 Ways to celebrate earth Day.

With the Earth in Mind,



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This is a great time to get your classroom(s) in order or simply makeover the environment. In fact, I believe that children learn best in an organized environment. I relate child’s play to shopping; when I go shopping on the weekends, I love to shop in an organized store.

If the store is not organized, I start to feel overwhelmed and most of the time, I leave the store. This is how a child feels when he or she is playing in a disorganized environment.

Have you ever watched a child wander throughout the classroom? Normally wandering children are looking for something to do or their minds  are so over stimulated from too many choices, that they have a hard time making a choice.

This is why it is vital that your classroom space is organized in a manner that makes it easy for children to choose materials.

Moreover, I believe that the classroom is a great marketing tool. In fact, if the classroom space is organized and is educational, it will increase your chance of a parent choosing your childcare program.

Here are Eight Ways to Makeover and/or organize your classroom space :

1. Label Toy containers with words and pictures

2. Be sure that play areas are labeled with center signs (for a clearly defined space)

3. Use area rugs to define play areas

4. Require that children pick-up toys as they play. This prevents the classroom from looking like a tornado came through it.

5. At the end of the day, re-organize centers, so that when children return the next day, they will see what an organized environment looks like.

6. Be sure that everything has a place and remove clutter. (Too many toys, will overwhelm the children)

7. Have a system to rotate materials every other week; to prevent the children from getting bored. You really only need 6-8 basket of toys on one shelf.  If it looks cluttered to you, it will be overwhelming to a child.

8. Arrange books on the book shelf in a manner where you can see the front of the book and throw away damaged books. This really entices a child to choose a book from the shelf.

I challenge you to get started today, because children learn best in an organized environment! Feel free to share your thoughts and organization ideas. Check out this article: Get Organized! Preparing Your classroom for Learning.


Be sure to check out the Curriculum Club and Grab Your Free Lesson Plans! Also, for more quality child care tips, be sure to register for the Child Care Business Owner ” Business Makeover” Teleseminar.

Time for some holiday fun…

I love it when the holidays come! In fact, I look forward to taking photos of all the fun enriching holiday activities that my staff and I plan for the children during the months of November and December.

Moreover, I just love the spirit that is in the air during the holidays. Furthermore, every year for the last 14 years, I have planned many of the same events and activities that have now become a tradition in my childcare business.

Today I am going to share with you some of those  activities and events  with you!

Decorate the Christmas Tree Day

On this day, invite the parents to bring an ornament for their children to hang on the tree. Be sure to take photos to share with the parents

Christmas Caroling

Plan a field trip to a local nursing home or school, so that the children have an opportunity to do some Christmas caroling.

Bring a Toy to School Day

The day after Christmas, invite the children to bring a gift that they received for Christmas to share with their friends.

Christmas Decor ideas

Decorate your home or center with plastic poinsettias and garland. Don’t forget to play holiday music throughout the day!

Holiday Fun with the Staff

Hang a stocking for every staff member and encourage the staff to periodically bring small gifts for one another. This will create more unity amongst the staff.

Fun art Activities:

  • Painting with candy canes
  • Making gingerbread houses with graham crackers, white icing and gum drops
  • Make a Christmas paper collage with scraps of wrapping paper
  • Encourage the children to spray snow on your windows or even paint a snow man
  • Add peppermint extract to the paint. The kids will love that scent while painting.
  • Add Christmas related cookie cutters to the art Center to enhance play doh fun
  • Make ornaments for the tree. You will need a hole puncher, yarn and construction paper
  • Give the kids green yarn and encourage them to create a Christmas tree. You will also need glue and scissors for the children to cut the year.

I hope that you have enjoyed the holiday ideas! Do you have ideas? Feel free to share your holiday fun ideas below.

Happy Holiday,


According to Christian Arno, “There is a saying, “build it and they will come,” but this definitely doesn’t always apply to websites. The best way to get people to your website is to make sure it’s search engine optimized.”

I Discovered That My Child care Business Website Was Not SEO Friendly

Every Wednesday  I plan to add new content to my childcare center website, update the calendar of events and upload new photos. After reviewing my website, I was compelled to look into upgrading my website, So I called my web hosting company.

I was not happy with the news that I received about my website. In fact, my web hosting representative told me that my website was not SEO Friendly and that’s why I was not seeing the traffic that I desired. JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR!!

Moreover, the representative told me that my website template was phased out and he was surprised that I was still using that plan. Well, I know why….It’s because I was only paying $5 a month for web hosting.  In other words, I was being cheap and trying to save my business money!

However, after our conversation, I realized that creating a SEO Friendly website was more important than saving money on webs hosting. In fact, I asked the representative for the best package available, so that I can upgrade my website with 7-days, create an SEO Friendly website and begin to attract more parents to my site!

I love adding content to my websites and sharing business tips via blogging, however, I will be the first to admit that I did not know what SEO meant. So I did a little research and I want to share what I discovered with you. (Just in case you didn’t know)

Wikipedia defines SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as: “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search,[1] news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Now that you have the facts about SEO, I hope that you have been compelled to find out if your website is SEO friendly, because your enrollment and online visibility depends on it!

If you feel that it is time to upgrade your website, I found a great web hosting package with 1 & 1 Web hosting for only $29.95! The first month is Free and the plan is loaded!

I can hardly believe that I waited this long to upgrade my website! Better hosting doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Check out—-> 1&1 Web Hosting Plans ON OFFER!


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One of my goals for 2012 was to create an earth friendly program. When possible, we strive to reduce waste by using recycled materials for activities, adding plants throughout the building, so that the children are in an environment that is filled with the beauty of  nature and to expose the children to a better quality of indoor air.

Also,  I am researching all natural cleaning supplies to use in my facility; throughout the day we open the doors to allow fresh air to flow in the building, to prevent from turning on the Air Conditioner. The children must re-use their water drinking cups ( marked with their names)  to use throughout the day when they get thirsty,to prevent waste in the classrooms.

This is just a small list of things that we are doing at my child care center to create an earth friendly program and I thought I would encourage you to join me on this journey to becoming an earth friendly childcare program.

According to the National Food Service Institute, Creating a healthy environment for children involves plenty of active play, rest, and of course, healthy meals. A healthy environment is also one that embraces good stewardship of the earth. By practicing and teaching green habits in your home or center, you will contribute to a healthier planet.

Are you ready to contribute to a healthier planet and create a healthier place for young children? The National Food Service Institute has great tips to empower you to take the necessary steps to moving toward and Creating an Earth friendly Child Care program, including:

  1. Ideas to serve less Process Foods
  2. How to use less water
  3. Tips for using light bulbs that use less energy
  4. How to combine shopping and errands into one trip to save energy
  5. The three “R’s”

Download the entire Business Practices Grab and Go Lesson Color it Green! Moving Toward an Earth-Friendly Child Care Environment Guide!


To An Earth Friendly Child Care Program,

Shiketa Morgan

Need ideas for Creating menus that include more Raw Fruits & Vegetables with less process foods? Check out the Healthy Child Care Menus e-Book.

At the end of every year, I begin to prepare childcare totals for each family. Then in January, I send home a statement for each family that indicates the amount of childcare expenses paid to me for the previous calendar year.

In fact, I believe it is vital that you issue  childcare tax statements in a timely manner (preferably by January 31st), so that parents can file their child care expenses on their tax return.

A tax statement does not have to be a fancy document. However, it must contain the following information for tax purposes:

  • The name of your Business
  • Your Business phone number, Address, City State and Zip Code
  • Your Tax Id Number or Social Security Number
  • The Name of the child that you provided care for
  • The Amount Paid to you for childcare services
  • Be sure to sign the document

If you do not have a Tax ID number, you may want to consider applying for one to issue to parents for tax purposes.  As you are in the process of preparing statement, be sure to issue a parent letter  or post a notice that indicates when tax statements will be issued.

If you do not have a Parent Tax Statement form to issue to parents, I have created one for you—>  Click here

I wish you a great year of Business and  a Happy New Year!


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