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I look forward to planning a Cool and Fun Summer Camp For young children every year. In fact, I believe that a great Summer Camp begins with the Activities that are planned for the children.

The first step is to develop a weekly or monthly theme for your Summer Camp and start planning some cool Summer Activities for the children. Need some ideas?

The Summer is approximately 12 weeks and here are 12 Cool Summer Time themes that children love:

  1. Watermelon Fun
  2. Ice Cream Fun
  3. Let’s Go Camping
  4. Water Fun
  5. On the Beach
  6. Travel
  7. Safari Adventure
  8. It’s a Luau
  9. Patriotic Fun
  10. Going on a Bear Hunt
  11. Summer Safety
  12. Summer Gardening

bxp26686I also suggest that you plan special events during your summer camp, such as; having a Luau Day, Inviting the children to wear swim wear to Water Fun day; invite the parents to bring watermelon for Watermelon Day!

Moreover, be sure to plan lots of Art, Music/Movement, Science, Cooking, Sensory, Literacy and Math Activities, based on a Fun Summer time Theme.

Don’t have time to plan Summer Activities? If your answer is no….Join my Monthly Curriculum Club on or after May 1st to receive Lesson plans during the Summer months. Join today!

Need ideas on how to market and plan a Safe Summer camp; download my Summer Camp Planning eGuide today! (click here)


You must have a plan to be a Successful Child Care Business Owner!

At the beginning of every year, I create a professional development plan for my self and I require that my staff create their very own professional development plan.

Furthermore, I believe that creating a professional development plan is a sure way to grow as a Business owner and a Child Care professional. So, let me ask you a question? Have you developed a professional development plan for this year yet?

If not, I want to share with you a sample Professional Development plan for the upcoming year!

  1. Plan to attend a Leadership Conference every year. Your Business will rise or fall on your ability to lead. Not sure where to go? Check out the Chic Fila Simulcast or a live conference this year. click here You will be so glad you attended a Leadercast!
  2. Create a Plan to earn the required clock hours for your state. I suggest that you take a variety of classes on various topics such as: Curriculum development, Health & Safety, Program Planning, etc.
  3. Subscribe to a Business Magazine. Reading business magazines will inspire you to be innovative in Business and adds more excitement to being a Business owner! My favorite is the Entrepreneur Magazine.
  4. Read more early Childhood magazines and articles. This is also a great way to stay up to day on new issues in the field of childcare and to refresh your knowledge.
  5. Get a Business Coach! Having a Business Coach, provides you with the support that you need as a Business Owner and a good coach with coach you out of your comfort zone. Need a coach, contact me today!

That was just a brief overview of what a professional development plan looks like, however, I think you get the point; you must have a plan to be a Successful Child Care Business Owner!

To Your Success,

Shiketa Morgan

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