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When parents choose you as a childcare provider, they trust that you are the professional and the best person to care for their child. Also, parents want their children to have access to educational materials while in your care and they may have ideas.

Be open to receive educational ideas of the parents and be sure that the suggestions are age appropriate the age of the child. ( See Developmentally Appropriate Practices)

For example: You may have a mother to request that her 1 1/2 year old use work sheets. Research shows that a toddler loves to put things in his or her mouth and learn from his or world through exploration. So I suggest that you educate your parent about your curriculum and what educational activities are appropriate for children, as you consider implementing their ideas.

Moreover, when parents have a better understanding of what is appropriate for the age of their child, their educational ideas will seem more realistic.

Every year I hold a PTA Conference call with my parents to listen to their ideas for our curriculum theme and many of the parents simply want their children to be prepared for Kindergarten.

I look forward to your feedback….


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Are you a Family Home Child Care provider? Are you tired of your Daycare Being in your home? Have you been thinking about Expansion on a regular basis? Have you outgrown your current space? Do you desire to do Business on a larger scale?

If so, It is time for Expansion!

My Family Home Child Care Business took over my entire home for five years! In fact, my husband and I were forced to move our bedroom into the basement, because the entire first floor of our Ranch Style home was a Preschool and an Infant/toddler program.

My passion for young children; my desire to provide Quality Care was Bigger than my home and that’s what motivated me to Expand My Child Care Business!

I know first hand how to effectively expand a Child Care Business and how to run a Successful Child Care Center. In fact, I owned a NAfcc Accredited home daycare for only five years and I expanded into a Commercial Location in 2003 and still in Business Today!


I want to Help You:

  • Live your dream of Owning a Child Care Center and Successfully Expand
  • Help you to get rid of thoughts that are hindering you from expanding
  • And provide you the Strategies that you need to effectively expand your Child Care Business.


building blocksTeleseminar Topics!

  • 3 Crucial Things that You Must Do During the Expansion Process
  • Establishing your Mission and the Purpose of Your Center
  • Ways to Fund Your Expansion
  • How to Develop a Success  Plan For Your Center (Marketing & Center Management Plan)
  • How to Get Prepared for the Journey of Being a Center Owner



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Alicia Jones Expansion Coaching Call Testimonial

How I felt about expansion before I talked with Mrs. Morgan:

“I was exciting but fearful at the same time. I had two people within a few weeks encourage me to do it because I need more space. I want to serve more of my community and other families who needs high quality child care. I was unclear of the first steps to begin in the right direction to get started before we talked on the phone.”

After a Coaching Session with Shiketa Morgan :
I was still excited but I was clear on the next important steps to take, I was eager and motivated to begin my journey with no fear in my heart. I was overwhelmed with power, knowledge and confidence that I can achieve opening up my own day care center after we talked over the phone.”
~Alicia J. Chicago,IL

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See You at the Teleseminar!

Be sure to leave your expansion questions and comments below.

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