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The day before I wrote this blog post,  I received a Phone call from a Financial agency in Florida about two checks totaling $8,000 that were presented to a company from my Business.

After I informed the company that I did not write those checks, I thought to myself, I need to call my bank!

When I called the bank, they told me to come into the bank because my account had been compromised!!!

I went from shock, from disbelief to panic mode! In fact, there were 10 checks trying to post to the account in one day  and it was clear that there was fraud on my bank account.

I’ve closed that account and taken some strategic measures to protect my Business Bank Account. Moreover, I’m sharing this information with you, to inspire you to do all that you can to protect your bank account information from Fraud.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Only use direct deposit when paying your employees
  • Review your Bank Fraud procedures
  • Be careful when paying bills online
  • Check your bank account daily
  • Consider paying your bills over the phone
  • Store your Business checks in a safe and secure place
  • Do not allow your staff to have access to your Bank account information.
  • Close your account immediately if you suspect any kind of fraud.
  • Keep your spyware and virus protection up to date on your computer.
  • When dining out, using cash!
  • Change your passwords in your email account and social media pages once a month. (Hackers are very creative)

I hope that you find this week’s Business tips to be helpful to you!!

To Your Success!


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