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Image result for enrollment building daycareI believe that every Child Care Business owner shares one common goal: We want a Child Care Business That is filled to Capacity!

When your Child Care Business is struggling to build enrollment, this leads to financial  hardship. In fact, when your enrollment is low, it has a major impact on your Budget.

Furthermore, if your Child Care Business is filled to capacity, you are able to pay your bills, pay your staff and do the things that you dream of doing for your Child Care Business.

Today I want to share with you 3 easy ways to Build Enrollment in your Child Care Business.

  1. Word of Mouth. If your families love your program, they will be more than happy to tell their family and friends about your Child Care Business. I have not spent any money on marketing my Center since 2015, because the parents in my Child Care Program, consistently spread the word about my Center and I am so grateful for that. So, if you have openings in your child care business, the next time that you talk to your parents, invite the parents to tell their family and friends about your program.
  2. Location, Location, Location. I can not express this enough; location is everything when it comes to building enrollment. Is your child care business easily seen? Is it easily accessible?  Are you easy to find? If you answered no to any of the previous questions, your location could be impacting your enrollment. In fact, I have discovered that when a Child Care Business is not in the Best location, you will spend more money marketing the Business to get more families to come to you! Moreover, if you are in the market to start a Child Care Business or Expand, be sure to do your demographics on the location.
  3. Market Your Child Care Business Online. Google is the new phone book and it is vital that when parents google the word childcare, your child care business comes up in their google search. So be sure that your Child Care Business has on online presence on Facebook, Instagram and a Website that has up to date information about your Child Care Business.

For more tips on how to effectively market your Child Care Business online and off-line, check out my Marketing 101 toolkit or Schedule a 1-hour Marketing Coaching Session with me today!

Your Child Care Business Coach,

Shiketa Morgan

The month of May is a very busy month!

In fact, the month of May is a big month for graduations along with Mothers Day, Teachers appreciation day, Cinco de mayo and Memorial Day.

I don’t know about you, but I have to start planning early for the month of May to avoid that overwhelming feeling that comes with planning too many events.

Several years ago, As I wrote my Curriculum Club lesson plans for the month of May, I included a bonus form that provided the members of my club with planning ideas for the month of May.

My Event Ideas included:

  • Cinco de mayo activities
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Muffins and Mom
  • Year end/Preschool Graduation planning ideas

As a gift to you, I thought I would share this link with you: Tips for Planning May Events For Your Child Care Business

I hope to see you in my Curriculum Club Soon and I look forward to reading your comments about this blog post.

With Your Success in Mind…


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The Home Daycare Success Webinar Strategies is a 3-Part Training Series totaling: 1.5 hours of Training via Webinar.

webinars on demand

The Home Daycare Success Strategies 3-Part Webinar Training Event Topics include:

Part  1
Marketing Your Daycare
Developing Your policies
Includes a parent hand book
Dealing with Difficult parents

Part  2
Developing a Daily Schedule for mixed ages
Caring For a Mixed Age Group
Tips for an environment that kids love

Part 3
Managing Your Money ( Budget tips)
Record keeping
Bonus: Taking Care of you!


I have found that most family home childcare providers choose not to expand their businesses away from their home. In fact, it has been my discovery that only a small majority of Family home Child Care providers will choose to expand, because they are simply tired of their businesses being in their home and they are ready to operate a larger business.

However, most family home providers that I meet, are content with having a daycare in their home. It took me quite some time to accept the fact that many home providers may not expand their businesses and that is why I decided to write this blog post: How to Operate your home daycare like a center.

I believe that family home child care providers should operate their businesses as if it were a center. Furthermore, I believe that if you run your Home Daycare like a center, the parents will view your family home child care business as a school or a center.

When I was a home provider, my parents called my daycare a school, because when they entered my home, it looked like a center and I ran my home daycare as if it were a center.

Today I want to share with you 5 things that you can do to start operating your Family Home Child Care Business Like a Center:

1. Choose to operate an in-home preschool and not just a daycare. Check out my article: How to create a Quality in-home preschool Classroom in your home.

2. Hire trained professionals to assist you with your home daycare

3. Develop policies and put them in written form for parents to follow.

4. Require that parents pay their tuition on time and be consistent. (Try my makeover your tuition policy ecourse)

5. You must think like a Center Owner!  Discover how a center owner thinks by downloading my Directors handbook and my Art of owning a Child Care Center ebook.

For more Success Strategies for your home Daycare, Be sure to Register for my Upcoming Home Daycare Success Strategies Webinar 3-Day Event!

I look forward to your feedback and I hope to see you at my upcoming Webinar!



Do you care for children between the ages of 2-5? If so, I want to inspire you to take a closer look at your Preschool Program. In fact, the next time that you receive a phone call from a parent; I want you to confidently say this: I have an amazing Preschool program!

Moreover, with more Public schools offering preschool programs, I believe that it is vital that home daycare Providers and Center Owners, offer parents a Full-Day Preschool Program.

Furthermore, parents want their kids in an educational environment and they love the convenience of having all their kids (including their infant-toddlers) in the same place.

Today I am going to share with you 10 ways to Build a Preschool Program in your Home or Center:

  1. Implement a Research Based Curriculum in your Preschool Program. Ideas: Creative Curriculum, High Scope or even Project Construct, High Reach and that’s just to name a few. You can even check out my Curriculum Club. (12 month membership club)
  2. Provide daily activities that stimulate the minds of preschoolers such as: Art, science, music, handwriting, dramatic play, manipulative and even some opportunities to cook.
  3. Plan your day with a daily schedule that offers a variety of active & quiet activities. Click here
  4. Keep track of each child’s development by assessing the children’s development on a quarterly basis. Download Developmental Assessment forms.
  5. Hire Teachers with early childhood education or if you are a home provider, consider taking some early childhood classes.
  6. Set up an environment that is fun and enriching for preschoolers. Moreover, the environment should include Learning Centers: Blocks, dramatic play, Art. Science, reading center, sensory table, etc. ( Home providers, see my article How to Create a Preschool in your home)
  7. Provide parent-teacher conferences at least once a year. At your conference, be sure to share feedback about each child’s progress and get feedback from parents. (click here)
  8. Send home weekly progress reports for parents. This is a great way to inform parents of their child’s progress in your preschool program.
  9. Create a Preschool Supply List! Parents love the idea that their little ones are going to school. Here are a few items that you may want to put on your Preschool Supply list: Markers, Crayons, Tissue, Nap time linen, Writing journal, extra clothes for Cubby, hand wipes and back pack.
  10. Market your Preschool Program. Be sure to include your preschool program on your website, on your brochures, flyers and banners. For more marketing ideas, grab my Marketing 101 toolkit!

Bonus: Find out what other preschool programs in your area are offering parents and do something different!

That’s all for now and It’s time for you to get to work on your preschool program! I want to hear from you, so be sure to leave your comments or questions about this post. Talk to you soon!


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I just emailed Lesson Plans for the month of May to the members of my Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club. If you are not a member of my Curriculum Club, download sample lesson plans below and I hope to see you in the club!


Download Your Sample May Lesson Plans Now!

Week 1- Preschool Lesson Plan
Week 1- Toddler Lessons

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The Child Care Business Owner Institute Webinar Series


The Child Care Business Owner Institute Webinars have been created to empower and inspire you to be a Successful Family Home Child Care provider and Center Owner with online training in the form of a Webinar. If you miss the webinar event dates, don’t worry, you may register for re-plays. For upcoming webinars click here.

Upcoming Webinar Events


Home Daycare Success Strategies 3-Day Webinar Event

Webinar Topics include:

Day 1
Marketing Your Daycare
Developing Your policies
Includes a parent hand book
Dealing with Difficult parents

Day 2
Developing a Daily Schedule for mixed ages
Caring For a Mixed Age Group
Tips for an environment that kids love
Implementing a Curriculum In Your Home Daycare

Day 3
Managing Your Money ( Budget tips)
Record keeping
Bonus: Taking Care of you!

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*Webinars may only count for clock-hours in Missouri. Certificates are emailed on the last day of the webinar event!

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The Child Care Business Owner Institute Webinar Series Registration will be open soon…..


Upcoming Webinar Events


Home Daycare Success Strategies 3-Day Webinar Event

Topics include:
Day 1
Marketing Your Daycare
Developing Your policies
Includes a parent hand book
Dealing with Difficult parents

Day 2
Developing a Daily Schedule for mixed ages
Caring For a Mixed Age Group
Tips for an environment that kids love

Day 3
Managing Your Money ( Budget tips)
Bonus: Taking Care of you!

Registration will be open by March 27th!

I invited a group of ladies to attend my Doing Business by Faith Prayer Circle on Saturday March 11, 2017. My Child Care Business Journey has been fun and came loaded with lots of challenges. However, I have learned from my challenges and I look forward to inspiring other Business owners with my story.

At the Prayer Circle I shared my Start-up Story and by my surprise my daughter captured a Video of my talking about how my poor credit score had an impact on the amount of money that banks would lend me. Moreover, I made the best out of what the banks and local lenders gave me and moved forward by Faith.

Watch the video now and I look forward to your feedback below.

This video clip is only a 5 minute clip of my Expansion challenges, however, I have expanded successfully several times and I wrote a book about how to effectively expand a Child Care Business.

If you desire to expand, I want to invite you to check out my Child Care Business Expansion Guide.





Getting parents to follow my rules was not always easy for me. In fact, when I first opened my Child Care Business, parents were my #1 Challenge. Not any more!

Furthermore, I have discovered how to build a healthy relationship with my parents  and I also believe that you can to!

Moreover, I believe that parents will have respect for your rules when you do the following:

1. Upon enrollment, you must take some time to go over your program policies with your parents and issue a Parent handbook. Do not trust that parents will read the entire handbook, so be sure to discuss the policies  that will affect parents on a weekly basis such as: tuition, sick policy, etc.

2. Post very important reminders where parents can see them daily and update posted signs regularly.

3. Be courteous and Polite when you are in a position where a parent is trying to challenge your policy. For example. I had a parent to ask me to apply skin cream on her child. I told her that my policy stated that parents must provide a Doctor statement or a prescription for skin cream. She tried to debate the policy, however, I told her, if she gets a statement or a prescription from her child’s Doctor; I would apply the skin cream. She said, OK! Mrs. Morgan.

Be consistent, flexible when you can, and Be professional. Parents will follow your rules, if they know that you are serious about them too. After all, you made your rules for a reason, so enforce them.

I have also discovered that some parents may not respect your rules at all and this is when you must make a decision to deal with that parent or not.

Much Success to you!

Shiketa Morgan

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Image result for boss

The first step to becoming an Amazing Boss is making the decision to Become an Amazing Leader!

Anyone can be a boss, however, you must intentionally become an Amazing Leader.

When you grow as a leader, you will bring the best out of your team and you will be the kind of boss that your team loves to be around.

Moreover, Amazing Leaders build Amazing Teams!

3 Ways to Grow as a Leader and Become and Amazing Boss:

  1. Read Leadership Books (I recommend Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell)
  2. Develop Your people skills. Work on Your interpersonal skills. Get to know your staff and your parents. Show them that you care.
  3. Intentionally develop your staff. Invest in your Staff by Mentoring and Training them to be their best.

For more information on how to Become an Amazing Boss and to find out How to build an Amazing Team? Check out The Inspired Child Care Center owner Audio Coaching Series!

Get Yours Today!!


With Your Success in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan


The Definition of the Law of reciprocity: When someone gives you something, you feel an obligation to give something back.

Many businesses have implemented this law into their business and this is why you will see ads with the following statement“Try it before you buy it, claim your free gift or take a trial run.”

Also, when you browse the web, you will find many websites that offer a free gift for their visitors. Offering a free gift to potential customers is a great way to gain influence and increase your chances of closing a sale or in childcare terms……Building Enrollment!

When I first discovered the Law of Reciprocity I introduced the Law of Reciprocity to the members of my 21-Day Mastermind e-Club and I immediately decided to offer a free gift to parents who visit my center.

After implementing the Law of Reciprocity in my childcare business, I saw an increase in enrollment. In fact, every parent that I gave a free gift to…. enrolled their child.

Today I want to inspire you to implement the Law of Reciprocity in your childcare business. Here are three ideas on how to implement the Law of Reciprocity;

  1. Offer a Free Gift upon touring the program, such as; a toy or a book from the dollar store or  even a home-made gift.
  2. When parents join your email list on your website, create and offer a free e-book. You can create a simple 3-5 page e-book using Microsoft word on your computer on the one of the following topics: parenting, activities at home, how to choose quality childcare, etc. Be sure to add your website and phone number to the last page of the e-book.
  3. Offer a Trial Day! Let them try it before they enroll.

As you begin to implement the Law of reciprocity, keep in mind that when you offer something free, you increase your chances of building enrollment!

For more business management tips, I invite you to subscribe to my 7-Day Child Care Business Management eCourse. Click Here

To Your Success,


Be sure to check out the Marketing 101 Toolkit!

Marketing 101 Toolkit

To be sure that you are prepared for tax time or in the event of an audit, it is vital that you effectively manage and maintain your tax records. Every year at the end of the year, I take a look at how I have been keeping track of my business income and expenses for tax purposes.

In fact, I perform a personal audit by reviewing my bank statements, check books and reviewing the receipts that I have filed away in my records.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, after you file your tax return you will have many records that may help document items on tax return. Moreover, you will need these documents in the event your return is selected for examination. Here are Four easy ways to manage your record keeping:

1. Use manila folders or 3-ring binders to keep track of business expense and tax records for the current year. Be sure to create a folder for: income, business expenses, payroll, quarterly tax returns, Business loans,etc.

2. Store a way all old tax and personnel records and keep them for up to 10 years.

3. Store all personnel and records with sensitive information such as; social security numbers in a locked file cabinet.

4. Get a back-up system and invest in a computerized bookkeeping software to keep track of your income and Business expenses.

For more record keeping tips, click here.


For more business management tips, subscribe to the 7-Day Child Care Business Management eCourse, click here.

“The Child Care Center Owner Coaching Series for Success”

“It’s Time To Get Inspired and Empowered!

 Do you Own or Aspire to Own a Child Care Center? Are you having difficulties managing the staff? Are you struggling with managing the Budget? Are you frustrated with your Child Care Business? Ready to Grow your Business?

If so, I want to tell you all about my new Audio coaching series for Center Owners. I recorded this audio series to provide you with valuable insight on how to build a successful Child Care Center. For more information on my Audio Coaching Series, click here.


I hope to hear from you soon!

Shiketa Morgan


Recently, I have been asked the following question by many Child Care Business Owners: How do I get parents to pay on-time?

This is a tricky question, because it takes many different strategies to get parents to pay on-time and today I want to share one strategy with you that I use every week to let parents know that I am serious about collecting payments on-time and that is by posting a Tuition Due sign!

Every Monday I display my Tuition Due sign on the sign-in table where parents can see it. Also in small print you will see the words: If you have already paid your tuition for this week, please disregard this notice.

Having a Tuition Due Notice displayed on your sign-in table is a great way to enforce your tuition policy and also a great way to remind parents that payment is due.

To create your sign, simply type your notice using a Microsoft word program (use a very large bold font) and be sure to print the notice on a piece of yellow or orange paper. Then insert the notice in a plastic sign holder stand and display on your sign-in table. (you will find sign holders at your local Office Supply store)

Handling Delinquent Families
In the event that a parent fails to pay you after leaving the program, you have a right to send that family to collection or even collect your fees in small claims court. However, be sure that your failure to pay terms are clearly defined in your childcare payment agree and that you verbally tell parents about your collections procedures upon enrolling their children.

I hope this tip has inspired you to get diligent about collecting payments on time and you can start by creating  a Tuition Due sign. On-time Payments= Consistent Cash Flow in Your Business.

For more Tuition Policy tips, subscribe to my Tuition Policy Makeover eCourse. Also, be sure to subscribe to my Business Owner Makeover Tips eNewsletter, click here

Happy Tuition Collecting…..


Follow-up is a vital part of sales and enrollment building. In fact, I have discovered that when I fail to reach out to potential clients; most of the time, the parent may choose another daycare because they needed child care right away.

Furthermore, when you do not follow-up with potential clients, you are losing potential Business!**This is called..leaving money on the table!

Moreover, I have discovered many steps to effectively following up with parents and I have found that they work!  Here are 3 easy ways to follow-up with parents and build your enrollment :

  1. Create a visitor log that ask for the parent’s name, phone number and email address
  2. Collect contact information from parents when they call your home or center.
  3. Follow-up with the parent within 24-48 hours of calling or visiting your program

**This blog post is an Excerpt from my 12 Day Enrollment Building ecourse in my Marketing 101 toolkit!

With Your Success in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan


The Law of Priorities 

“A Leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree,
surveys the entire situation, and yells, “Wrong jungle!”
~Stephen Covey

The Pareto Principle 20/80 Rule

When you focus your attention on the activities that rank in the top 20 percent in the terms of importance, you will have an 80% return on your efforts. Examples of the 20/80 Rule:

  • Only give 20% of your employees 80% of your time
  • If your to-do list has 10 items, only 2 of the task will give you 80% of the results
  • Spend 80% of your training dollars on the top 20% For example:(Directors, Lead Teachers)
  • Pass on 80% of your less effective work to an assistant.

I think you get the point. Focus on those task that give you the greatest reward such as building enrollment and hiring great employees!

In fact, do more of the task that you love and delegate the task that are in your weak zone.

With Your Success in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan



Your Marketing plan will either make or break your business. In fact, a Successful Child Care Business has a  marketing plan that consists of the following:

  1. Conducting tours on a regular basis
  2. Marketing via social media
  3. Has a Website that has current information
  4. Passes out brochures and business cards on a regular basis

My list can go on and on, however, I think you get the point. Another aspect of marketing that I think we ( busy Child Care Business Owners) tend to leave out of our marketing plan is The building maintenance!

Yes! When parents visit your home or your center, they will check out your Building maintenance.

Please allow me to share my marketing story about the broken door knob. Listen now!

Shiketa Morgan

The reality is that changes are coming. …
They must come. You must share in bringing them.
– John Hersey

Have you ever tried to implement change in your business and it was resisted by a parent or an employee?

If  so, just know that as you strive to go to another level in your business, there will be someone or a group of people that may resist your changes.

Moreover, dealing with resistance to change will be a great opportunity for you to implement the strategies that you will hear in today’s audio coaching clip.  Click here

With Your Success in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan



The child care field is known for having a high turnover rate. In fact, research has indicated that the high turnover is due to low wages and many other work place issues that I don’t want to waste your time covering in the blog post.

However, I do want to  share with you that I have found that wages is not the only reason that employees leave.

In my 14 years of being an employer, I have found that employees leave for the following reasons:

  1. They want more money
  2. Employees tend to leave because of issues with management
  3. Issues with their co-workers
  4. They are not happy working for you

Today I want to share with you 6 easy ways to  reduce your turnover rate and strategies that will empower you to create a great place to work.

  1. Grow as a Leader. When you grow as a Leaders, you change the way that you lead your team. In fact, you will improve your leadership skills.
  2. Edify your staff daily. I challenge you to intentionally say something positive about their performance daily. We all need encouragement. (A Positive word is as medicine to the soul)
  3.  Increase What you do for your team. Every year I evaluate what I’m already offering my team and I increase what I do for my team. (If you think that doing more will cost you; it will cost you to keep losing good employees. For example: If you already buy your team lunch once a month; now it may be time to buy lunch twice a month. I think you get the point.
  4. Coach Your Team. Investing in your team is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your staff. Look at it this way: when you coach your staff, they feel that you value them and that they are worth your time. Be a coach, not a Boss!
  5. Offer incentives. Your employees work for you because they love what they do and they also want to get paid for a job well done. However, it is always a nice bonus to work for a boss that offers incentives. Incentive ideas: Perfect attendance, enrollment referral incentives, job referrals, special gifts for a job well done, etc. Incentives are a great way to motivate your employees!
  6. Build a Culture of Family. I treat my employees like they are my family. I care about what goes on in their lives and offer my assistance when they face difficult times.  I celebrate their birthdays and celebrate special events in their lives. Moreover, I believe that creating a Family like culture will cause your employees to be loyal to your business. When you show your employees that you care, they will be loyal to your Business! Make people your first priority!

I have implemented all five of the strategies above in my Child Care Business and it works! In fact, I have recently heard employees tell me that they want to retire from Learning Days and their feedback inspired me to offer a Retirement plan in 2017!

If you are having issues with employee turnover or having trouble managing employees, contact me today for a One-hour Child Care Business Management Coaching Session. Click here

Be sure to subscribe to my 7-day Child Care Business Management ecourse.

To Your Success,

Shiketa Morgan

(This post was previously published in 2012)

Are you ready for more organizational tips and ideas? This week, I thought I would inspire you with some photos to give you some organizational ideas.

As I have mentioned before; I can be a bit anal when it comes to classrooms being organized. However, I must confess that I am still working on organizing my office.

Moreover, I feel that the children’s play space is the first thing that parents see and I wanted to inspire you to get your classrooms and play space organized by sharing these photos with you.


Source: Harrisburg Early Learning Center

I love the organization in this block area!

Source: Me and Marie Learning

 Loving the creativity and organization here! It’s simple clean and I bet kids love to explore this space!!

Source: Hello Little

Source:Teach Preschool

This bulletin board caught my attention. It looks very organized and it inspires parents to take a look at the posted information.

Source: Park Place Child Care Facility

You really do not need much in a bathroom other than soap, tissue, paper towels, sinks, toilets and according to this restroom…a little color! Love the colors in this bathroom.


Check out the organization in this foyer/sign-in area.  (Click the image for a larger Picture)

Have you been inspired to get your classroom space, parent sign-in area, bulletin boards and other spaces in your program organized? If so, how has this post inspired you and what do you plan to get organized in your childcare business?

Shiketa Morgan

For More Child Care Business Management tips, click here.


staff meeting

When I opened my first child care center back in 2003, I was so afraid to hold staff meetings. In fact, I believe that my fear and insecurities had an impact on my leadership in the center and it had a major impact on how I communicated my Vision.

Fourteen Years later, I have mastered how to conduct productive, short and fun meetings. Furthermore, I enjoy having meetings now and have decided to keep it short and sweet!!

If you want to be sure that your team knows what you really want and if you desire to build a Successful Child Care Business with a team that is excited about your vision; I challenge you to consider holding a weekly 20-minute power meeting!

Are you ready to discover how to Conduct Successful 20-minute weekly “power” meetings?

  1. Have a purpose for your meetings. In fact, think about what you want to see improve in your business or what you want to achieve and plan your meeting according to the purpose that you want to attain.
  2. Plan meetings at a time when key players on your team are available  for the meetings, such as: Lead Teachers or Supervisors.
  3. Consider your child to staff ratio when planning meetings while the children are on-site.
  4. Once you decide the topic of your meetings, type the agenda and issue to staff.
  5. Hold your meetings on a Monday to kick-off the week with a purpose.
  6. Require staff to stand (instead of sitting) during the meeting. This keeps the staff from getting comfortable.
  7. Tell the staff to hold questions til the end of the meeting to maximize your time.

Here is a sample agenda for a 20-minute-“power meeting:”

  • Start off the meeting with Positive news
  • Share your goal for the week
  • Talk about what the staff must do to meet your weekly goals
  • Get feedback from staff and follow-up to see that the staff is working on your required goals.
  • End the meeting by getting the staff feedback and sharing the agenda of upcoming meetings.

The ultimate purpose of 20-minute ” Power” meetings is to be sure that everyone is on one accord and to be sure that the staff is aware of what you expect in your Child Care Business.

Furthermore, I believe if you meet with key team members every week, this will build unity on your team;it will also improve the communication between you and your staff!

With Your Child Care Business Success in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan

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I was scrolling through old memories on my Facebook Page and as I looked back at the photo above. As I looked at the photo above, I realized that setting goals attracts what you desire for your Business!

Three years ago on this day, I was desiring to have 40 children enrolled in my Child Care Center and that same year Learning Days doubled in capacity by moving into a bigger location.

In fact, on 1/4/14 my facility was licensed for 40 children and I only had 30 children enrolled.

In August 2014, I found a facility that was 3 times the size of my current facility. We moved into that new location on December 1, 2014!

By the Summer of 2015, that new location had over 90 children enrolled with a waiting list and today my second location has over 40 children.

I challenge you today to write down your goals for your business and post them.

Your goals will not only attract what you need, but they will lead you to Business Growth!

With your Business in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan

Please allow me to share my Business Start-up story with you…I was in my basement doing my laundry and I heard the voice of God say, Open a Day Care.

Then, I said to my self; I am not watching no bodies kids!

I decided to be obedient to the voice of God. I gave my boss a 6 week notice. My boss at that time was a cardiologist, Dr.William Hinkle.

Dr. Hinkle bought me a bag of coloring books, and gave me a $200 Christmas bonus. He former boss wished me well and told me to always sign my company checks.

I used a $600 pay check to buy my equipment for my home daycare and I opened on Monday December 27, 1998 as an unlicensed Child Care Provider with 4 children. I was so scared, but I am so glad I did it!

I would have never imagined that I would be operating two families with over 20 employees and running a coaching Business.

If you desire to start a daycare or expand your business, I want to inspire you to do it. I have several resources that will help you:

Download my 10 steps to starting a Child Care Business eBook

Download my ebook, the Art of owning a Center

Sign-up for my Start-up or Expansion Coaching Today!!

I wish you much success in 2017 and I want to encourage you to keep dreaming Big for your Business, because you never know how Big the Business could Grow!!


forms_copyForms Galore for Child Care is Now Available!!

I decided to create this ebook after receiving so many email request for Child Care Business Forms!

The forms that you will find in the Forms Galore e-book; have been used in my very own Child Care Business for over 10 years and now they are available online!!

Download your copy today and gain access to classroom forms, child care business management forms and bonus forms!

Click here–>
To Your Success!!
Shiketa Morgan

Success is goals and all else is commentary….

 One week prior to writing this blog post, I had 6 openings in my infant and toddler unit. I was really eager to fill those spaces. So,  I asked my secretaries not to focus on anything else but filling those enrollment slots.


Here is what we did to fill those enrollment slots:

  • We followed up with families that had recently stopped by the center.
  • We called families on the waiting list for at least 30 days.
  • We reached out to families that were recently at the center for a tour.

When the parents called us back, we let them know that we had limited slots open and if they paid the registration fee, their children could start the program within 2 weeks.

I am so happy to announce that all 6 of those slots were filled in one week!! In Fact, I am a firm believer of setting goals and focusing on your goals until you get results!!

What do you need to accomplish in your Business? Do you have enrollment slots to fill? Do you need to hire more staff? Do you have a goal to grow your Business? Whatever, the need may be, set your goals, focus on those goals and expect results!!

With Your Business Goals in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan

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Several Years ago I was listening to an audio series by Bob Harrison (Doctor Increase). Mr. Harrison ran a successful car dealership in California for many years and now he travels the world and teaches success principles.

One of the principles that I learned from Mr. Harrison was this: Manage Your Business by walking around ! In fact, he called it a MBWA in Business!

I use that principle today in my child care facilities. I manage my facility by walking around. Moreover, you could let the video monitoring cameras do the work, however, nothing can take the place of good old fashion walking around and observing your staff.

Today I am going to share with you 5 things that you should look for when observing your staff and what to do with the observations.

  1. Is the teacher interacting with the children.
  2. Observe to see that the children are engaged in the activities.
  3. Does the room look safe?
  4. Is the teacher following your center or program classroom policies?
  5. Is the teacher of aware of the needs of the children in care?

Now that you have done the observation, you must do the following:

  1. Schedule a time to give the teachers  your feedback
  2. Share what you loved about the observations
  3. Share areas that need improvement.
  4. Get feedback from the teacher
  5. Plan a follow-up observation to look for improvement, then schedule a follow-up meeting.

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With your Success in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan

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To Your Success!!
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As I was preparing for an upcoming training with my new staff members, I was searching the internet for ditto sheets.

I was not looking for the ditto sheets to be used in my child care program, however, I was looking for samples of ditto sheets to use in a hands-on-training with my new staff members.

Furthermore, as I was looking for sample ditto sheets, I came across a great website titled: Pre-K

On the website, there was an article titled: Teaching Without Worksheets!

Moreover, I thought the article was very insightful and gave clear reasons why teachers should re consider using work sheets in their classrooms.

I have not used work sheets in over 13 years in my preschool classrooms and the article above, reassured me that I made the right decision.

I want to encourage you to take a moment to visit the website, because it is loaded with a wealth of teaching resources and I thought this would be a great resource for Home providers and Center Staff!

Check it out today!! Click here

“I would love to hear from you!! Simply reply to this email and tell me how things are going in your Business!”

Shiketa Morgan

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Childcare care center-

Deciding to expand your child care business is a big step and it can be a very scary step. Also, I want you to know that it is vital that you have a marketing plan, so that your Expansion is a Success!

I remember when I opened my first child care center back in 2003. I opened with one student and I believe that was due to me not having a marketing plan.

When I expanded my center 12 years later, I had a marketing plan, more marketing knowledge and I opened my second center with over 30 new enrollments!

Within 60 days of my second expansion, we were at 50% capacity and I want to give most of the credit to my Marketing Plan!!

Today I want to share some of my expansion and start-up Marketing secrets with you!

  1. Use the power of social media. Share updates about your expansion online 2-3 days a week.
  2. Post the expansion on your website. This includes posting photos of the building and classroom space. (share your Journey with the world)
  3. Once you have secured a lease on the building. Display a Coming soon banner outside the building. (Vista print has great banners).Be sure the banner includes your Business Phone number and website.
  4. Plan a open house to invite the community to stop by to see the facility and enroll their children.
  5. Get hundreds of flyers made and drop off at surrounding businesses.

I wish you much Success and I welcome your expansion questions or comments below!

Shiketa Morgan

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I absolutely love beinggood-boss a boss lady! In fact, I love providing jobs and I love my role as a leader in my Child Care Facilities. Most of all, I never take my role as a boss lightly. In fact, I find it a privilege to be a boss lady.

Moreover, it is not always easy to be a Boss. As a boss you are constantly giving, serving others, dealing with challenges, mentoring and supporting others. Furthermore, I am certain that you have many days where you feel drained.

Are you ready to become a Better Boss? Have more Energy? Communicate Better? Lead with Love? Hire the right people and so much?

If you answered yes to the questions above,  I want to share an article with you titled: 27 ways to Be a Better Boss. Read the entire article, by clicking here.

Have a Happy Boss Day!!


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I want to inspire you to finish this business year strong!

In fact, several weeks ago I decided to finish my year strong by getting organized. Also,  I want to invite you to follow my organizational tips in my 100 Day Get organized Group on Facebook. If you desire to join me, click here.

Moreover, this year I have taken on the challenge of owning and operating two child care facilities, I have been very busy with my coaching business, travel plans and I find that being organized helps me to manage it all.

Furthermore, As I work on organizing my life, I have discovered there are 3 ways to finish the year strong and they are as follows:

  1. Reflect. It is vital that you take the time to reflect on what has worked for you this year and what has not worked. Then decide what you want to do differently in the upcoming Business year.
  2. Get organized. Get organized for your taxes, organize your record keeping, organize classrooms, your office space and throw away what you no longer need; to make room for what is to come in the upcoming business year.
  3. Gain New Information. New Information applied will create a new season for you. In fact, as you read new business books, you will gain new insight and new inspiration for your business. Moreover, Coaching is another great way to gain new insight. So if you are feeling stuck and ready to get unstuck for a new Business year; be sure to contact me today and schedule a coaching session soon. Click here

To your Success,

Shiketa Morgan

If you are not a member of my Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club, I have provided one week of sample lesson plans for you for the month of October.


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Week 1- Preschool Lesson Plan
Week 1- Toddler Lessons


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Do you accept checks as a form of payment in your child care business? If so, it is vital that you read this blog post very carefully. In fact, today I want to share some check writing policy tips with you that will protect your business cash flow.

I can remember how I felt when I received my first returned check about 10 year ago from a parent.  When I received the returned check notice from my bank, I was furious. In fact, I could hardly believe that a parent (who sees me everyday) would do such a thing.

Moreover, I can honestly say that 10 years ago I was only in the business of childcare about four years and was not quite sure how to approach a parent about a returned check.

Now…keep in mind; I was also upset about this issue and wanted to call the parent…

View original post 326 more words

building blocksThe year was 2007 and I thought I was ready to expand into two locations. So, I began to look for a second location. I found a building that was about 15 miles from my current child care center at the time.

I called my license specialist, I set up a time for her to view the building. The building and the location was perfect, however there was one issue; I was not mentally ready to manage two locations grossing in over one million dollars in revenue.

In fact, I had only been operating my first Child Care Center for only four years and I was struggling with managing staff.

So, I decided to not open that second location in 2007 and I decided to increase my knowledge in Business and pursue a business degree.

In 2010, I completed my Business degree Online at the University of Phoenix and I am proud to say that was the best business decision I could have ever made.

I have been empowered to do business on a larger scale!  Moreover, I am in no way saying that you need a Business degree in order to manage Business growth.

However, I am saying this; get the information that you need to manage a larger Business. This could include, getting a mentor, reading books on staff & business management. Whatever your plan may be, get prepared before you consider expansion.

Four years after completing my Business degree, I knew in my spirit that it was time to expand. My massage therapist told me about a vacant building that was only 1o -minutes away from my current location.

So, I stopped by to see the building. When I walked on the property, I knew that was my second location.

My Twelve years of experience operating a center along with getting that Business Degree; prepared me to manage a 6,000 square foot building that would be licensed for 99 children with 20 plus employees.

Also, within two years of moving into that location, I opened another location. Now, my vision of having multiple locations has become a reality!

It may not take you 12 years to prepare for Business Growth, however, I  am so glad that I didn’t expand back in 2007, because I believe it would have drove me crazy or drove me out of Business!

Today, I want to share with you, 7 Insightful ways to get Prepared for Business Growth:

  1. Evaluate the State of your Business Financial status. Are you doing a great job managing the budget? Is it vital to your Business, that you expand? Do you have the funds to grow your business?
  2. Evaluate your Business Management Skills. How are you doing managing the current Business? Do you feel like you are a great business manager? Do you feel that you can handle more?
  3. Get a Coach. Do you have the knowledge to operate on a Bigger scale? If not, get a coach or a mentor?
  4. Learn from other Business Owners that are doing Business on a Bigger scale?
  5. Believe you can do it and Trust your Instincts!
  6. Develop a Plan to grow as a Leader. If you are not developing the leader within, you could literally destroy your Business Growth & Success!
  7. Get Organized! The more that you have to manage, the more organized you will need to be.

I want to hear from you! What’s stopping you from growing your Business? Are you ready to grow your Business? Let’s talk….


Recommended books:

Child Care Business Expansion Guide

The Art of Owning a Center

staffThis blog post is an excerpt from my Director’s Handbook.

Creating a winning team is a vital part of providing quality child care care.

In fact, a winning team starts with having a great coach, “The Director.” You are the coach of the team and you call all the plays. When you fail to call plays, the team does not know which way to go.

It is your role to communicate with the team on a regular basis and make sure that all the players are doing their part on the team, because what one player does not do, affects the entire team.

Teamwork is birthed

When you concentrate on

“ We” instead of “me.”

~ John Maxwell

Tips for Building a Winning Team

  • Stay focused on the Big Picture…your center’s goal
  • Be sure that your staff members are positioned where they have the most value
  • Deal with the weak links…immediately
  • Inspire your staff to make things happen
  • Give your staff direction and confidence
  • Keep bad apples by themselves, if possible or get rid of them
  • Hold staff members accountable
  • Communicate…Communicate and interact!
  • Keep the morale high by having fun
  • Promote unity with social gatherings
  • Reward your staff for their efforts
  • Show them you care and challenge them to be the best

For more tips on how to effectively manage your team or your Child Care Center, download my Director’s Handbook!

Shiketa Morgan



I love giving tours of my Child Care Center. In fact, I can hardly wait to meet with families that are seeking to enroll their children in my center. In fact, it is my opportunity to sell my program to the families that toured the facility.

Moreover, I believe that the key to conducting great tours and building enrollment is all wrapped up in the following principles:

  • Your ability to connect with the parent (with strong eye contact)
  • Listen to what the parent is looking for and point it out in your program
  • Having a warm smile and spirit

The most important step is to end your tour with a bang and ask for the sale! Yes, tours are all about building enrollment and winning the sale.

You may be thinking, “I am not a sales person!” However, you must put on your sales person hat when you conduct tours, because if you want to have a center full of kids, you must develop the art of conducting tours.

If you are shy and not great at tours, designate someone else to do the tours.

Need tour ideas or a tout checklist, download my Art of Owning a Center ebook! click here

To Your Success,

Shiketa Morgan


building blocks

Are you struggling with building enrollment? Have you tried everything that you possibly can to grow your business?

Today I want to share 7 inspirational principles with you, that I have used for over a decade to grow my business.

I owned a home daycare for 5 years, expanded into a small center for 12 years and now I own 2 facilities. I honestly believe the principles in my Inspirational Enrollment building guide will motivate and inspire you and empower you to increase your enrollment!

Download your copy now!


To Your Success!
Need more marketing tips? Check out my Marketing 101 toolkit!

This post was published five years ago, however, it still has very valuable information for today!!

2011 was a very busy year for me. I was busy writing e-books and creating e-Courses. Due to my busy schedule, I failed to keep my office organized. In fact, my busy schedule resulted in my office b…

Source: Getting Organized and Attracting Success with Feng Shui

If you are like me, you work hard and you play hard!

Every one pretty much knows that working hard is the key to building a Successful Business.

However, playing hard is the key to lasting in Business!!

Now your kind of play may be different from mine. My play is Travel, fun weekends and spa days!

Today I want to challenge you to play as much as you work. Being a Child Care Business Owner can drain you physically and emotionally. Furthermore, if you have been a Child Care Business Owner for at least 3-5 years, you may have already experienced burnout!

Several weeks ago I was inspired to plan a spa trip to one of my Favorite cities; Chicago! So I went on-line and googled the words: Spa in Chicago. After lots of research I chose a spa!

Four days before I wrote this blog post, my husband and I checked into the Dana Hotel and Spa. After my spa day, shopping, sight-seeing, fine dining and getting lots rest; I feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the upcoming Business Week.

Before I took a 4 day trip to Chicago, I was very tired and fatigued. In fact, my body was yelling..”Its time to rest Shiketa! **Always listen to your body and follow your intuition.

I am so glad that I listened to my Body. Now I am a happier Business woman and I am ready for a week of Working hard and having fun!

Are you working too hard? Is it time for you to take a needed break? Are you easily agitated? If you answered yes to at least 2 of the above questions, It’s time to Play more and cut back on working hard!

A tired Business Owner has very little creativity and is un-inspired. A Rested and revitalized Business Owner is creative, excited and inspired!

Are you having difficulty managing your time or finding balance between home and your Business? If so, Contact me today for a one-hour coaching session.


Banner with Child_Shiketa

The Child Care Business Owner Blog turns 6 Years old this month and I am excited about the new look of the Logo!

I was inspired to start the blog 6 years ago by one of my mentors. She pushed me to share from my Journey as a Child Care Family Home Child Care provider and a Center Owner.

And…Boy do I have a lot of information to share!

I started the blog in August 2010 with the intent to share information that would empower you. Then came the ebooks, ecourses and Coaching Services!

I have really been enjoying sharing from my Successes and my Struggles in the Business and I would love to know how the Child Care Business Owner Blog or any of the resources has empowered you?

Please leave a comment below! Your feedback just may inspire future ebooks and blog post!

With Your Success in Mind!


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 quality service

When parents enroll their children in your program, they trust that you will keep their children safe. This is why it is vital that your childcare program is a safe place!

Let us take a look at 3 Core Areas of Keeping Children Safe In Your Care:

Child Supervision

It is vital that you develop good child supervision skills. In fact, if you care for infants, never leave them alone.

In recent news, a childcare provider left a infant alone in a room and when she returned to check on the infant, she found the baby choking on his formula. Tragically, the baby died. So, be sure to never leave infant/toddlers unattended, this will assure that they have constant direct supervision.

At mealtime, plan to sit at the table with the children, to monitor meal time practices. Also, in the event a child chokes, you are in close proximity of the children. If you work with toddlers and preschoolers, frequently scan your play areas to assure that you always know where the children are. When children know that you are looking at them, they may be reluctant to behave inappropriately.

Do you transport children in a van? If so, be sure to conduct head counts before and after entering the van. This will prevent a child from being left unattended on the van, which could lead to the death of a child.

Playground Safety

To be sure that children in your program are having a fun and safe outdoor experience, you must be sure that the playground is free of harmful items by conducting a daily playground safety check.

Moreover, while supervising children on the playground, practice moving around to interact with all of the children and stay in close proximity of the children to prevent  injuries. It is also a good idea to create a set of simple safety rules for your playground and discuss the rules with the children before going outdoors.

Do you have bikes or cars on your playground? If so, designate an area for bikes and riding toys only. Also, recommend that parents send their children wearing tennis shoes for outdoor play.

Indoor Environment

It is vital that you conduct an indoor safety check before children enter your program every day. Here is a list of things to check for daily:

  • Covered electrical outlets
  • Remove damaged toys and equipment
  • Dangerous materials, medication, toxic plants and cleaning supplies must be out of the reach of children
  • Toys less than 1 ½ inches in diameter must be inaccessible to toddlers
  • Crawl the space to look for dangerous items that infants/toddlers may put in their mouth
  • Remove cribs away form blind cords to prevent strangulation
  • Install safety gates where needed

More Safety Tips

Are you CPR & First Aid Certified? If not,  I inspire you to get CPR & First Aid Certified (through your local Red Cross), to assure that you are trained to handle life threatening situations.
Furthermore, be sure that proper ratios are maintained in your program. When ratios are maintained, children are adequately supervised. * See your local state licensing ratio guidelines

Time to Reflect

What did you learn about keeping children safe in your care? What improvements do you plan to make?

For more supervision tips, check out my Child Supervision eCourse:
How to Effectively Supervise Young Children e-Course
Until next time….Be Inspired!


Several weeks before I wrote this blog post, I was presented with an opportunity to buy a second location.

I really had to pray about that decision because I know how much work it is to run a child care facility.

With prayer and much reflection on the fact that my Current facility is  filled to capacity with a waiting list, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to expand again.

However, 17 years ago when I incorporated Learning Days, I had a vision of owning multiple locations.

So with my vision in mind, I had to press pass my doubts and fears and  embrace the fact that my dream has manifested!

Today I want to share with you what the process has been like….

I recently purchased a facility that was already operating. The facility is fully equipped with employees, equipment and children.

I must say the transition has been exciting, somewhat stressful, but after 3 weeks of owning 2 locations; the process keeps getting better!

One of the challenges that I have faced is managing my time between both locations.

Furthermore, to keep my days from being so stressful, I plan my entire week and I only deal with tasks on my priority list.

Between both locations, I now have 20 employees and honestly I am enjoying getting to know my new employees. **My fear of having 20 employees was only  a negative thought. The reality is, I love it! I get to inspire more people and provide more jobs!

I have learned to never over stimulate your employees with too much information, so every week, I am gradually implementing my policies and practices.

My top priorities now is to hire a Director that shares my vision at my new location, pour my vision into my new employees, create positive change and build a child care business that families love.

Most of all, having 2 locations provides the families that we serve with options and it also provides my employees with more opportunities.

The most challenging part of Expanding again was preparing my mind for all that comes with more employees and managing multiple sites.

In fact, since I have decided to go forth with the expansion, I have delegated more duties to my team and i must say that you can do anything when you have a dependable and loyal team!

As always, I want to share with you what this expansion process has taught me ….

  1. You can do anything if you just get over your self!
  2. Don’t rush the process. Rushing only makes the process stressful.
  3. Allow yourself 60-90 days to take over ownership or to get the facility licensed.
  4. If the business already has employees, meet with the employees and get to know them.
  5. Develop a financial plan and don’t expand if you do not have a financial plan.
  6. Begin marketing your expansion right away.
  7. Work on improving the morale among the employees if you are purchasing a business that’s already operating.
  8. Find out what the requirements are for changing ownership in your local municipality and with licensing.
  9. Keep your staff and parents informed as you go through the expansion process. Parents are always excited with Business Growth, as long as it does not inconvenience them.
  10. If you are buying a  Child Care Business from someone else, allow some time for the previous owner to work with you to make the process much smoother.

It has only been 3 weeks since I received a license for my second location and I know the best is yet to come. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

For more expansion tips, or if you would like to find out how I manage my centers,  be sure to download a copy of my Child Care Business Expansion Guide and The Art of Owning a Center ebook. click here

With Business Growth in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan


Every year, I plan a Summer Camp safety meeting for the following reasons:

  1. To discuss my  summer camp curriculum theme with my team.
  2. Talk about how to keep the children safe.
  3. And….to have some Pre-Summer team fun!

In fact, my theme for the summer camp is: A Summer of Fun and Learning!

If you have an assistant or a team of teachers; I want to challenge you to have a Summer Safety meeting before your Summer Program begins.

It has been my observation that kids are normally left in the vans during the summer months; kids are exposed to extreme temperatures during the summer months and kids may be away from the daycare more, during the summer months.

So why not be proactive and plan a safety meeting that will empower you and your team to keep children safe.

Would you like to see my meeting notes? If so, you can take a peek at my Summer Camp Safety meeting agenda to get some ideas.Summer Safety tips.

For more summer safety tips, be sure to download a copy of my Summer Camp Planning Guide.

Your Coach,

Shiketa Morgan




kids with sunglasses

The Summer is almost here! Have you started planning activities for the month of June? Need some activity ideas?

If so, check out the sample lesson plans (for the month of June)  that I have provided for you from the Child Care Business Curriculum Club!

Download Your Sample June Lesson Plans Now!

Week 1- Preschool Lesson Plan
Week 1- Toddler Lessons

For more lesson plans and Bonus Forms:
Join The Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club Today!


Five years ago it seemed to me that I had the worse childcare team ever! In fact, there was gossiping, a lack of teamwork, poor morale and some of the teachers could not stand to work in the same room together.

Moreover, I was getting tired of putting out fires amongst the staff and quite frankly, I was getting tired of all the drama on my team. That’s when I decided to read the following books written by Leadership Guru John Maxwell:

  • The Laws of Teamwork
  • Winning with People

After reading both of those books, I was empowered to build the unity on my team, I developed a zero tolerance for gossip and the Status Quo change to—> Teamwork, Unity and Positive attitudes or work somewhere else!

Also, I decided to hold monthly staff potlucks and this really helped to  create more unity amongst the staff. In fact, I noticed that the team appeared to care for one another and they began to work well together as a team.

If you are not already holding a staff potluck for your team, here is a great way to get started:

  1. Set a date for your potluck
  2. Hold the pot-luck when all staff are able to attend
  3. Create a sign-up sheet to invite all the staff members to bring their favorite dish
  4. Develop a staff code of: “Whatever we discuss at our potluck…stays at the pot-luck.”
  5. As you all enjoy food together, encourage the staff members to share something about themselves or their families. Most importantly, get them to laugh together!

Potlucks are also a great way to informally welcome a new staff member to your team. Be sure to only hold the pot-luck for a minimum of one hour and bring a sign-up sheet for the next pot-luck.

If you are not able to hold a monthly pot-luck, consider holding a potluck at least 4-6 times a years to give the staff a chance to fellowship and get to know one another. Bringing your staff together is a great way to re-build or maintain the unity on your team!

After all….for your peace of mind, it is very important that you promote unity and teamwork. If you are having difficulties managing staff, I have the perfect solution for you:  Download my ebook, The Art of Owning a Center or a copy of The Director’s Handbook.

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to

dwell together in unity.

Psalm 133:1

With Your Child Care Business in Mind,


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