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It is common for childcare providers to hit burn-out. In fact, many childcare providers hit burn- out and begin to lose interest in their role as a childcare provider.

There are many reasons why providers will hit a season of  burn-out including: working 12- hour days, caring for a variety age group of children, not taking enough days off and many other reasons. Whatever the reason may be for burn-out, you know you are at a point of burn-out when the passion that you once had for your business is starting to fade away.

There are many steps that a childcare provider can take to prevent burn-out and they are as follows:

  • Only conduct childcare business during the hours that your business is open, with the exception of routine store errands.
  • Relax when the children are resting. This include reading a book or listening to relaxation music.
  • Plan your day and don’t overload your day with a long to do list. Do what you must do today.
  • Get 30- minutes of excercise a day. Exercise helps the body to naturally fight off stress.
  • Have fun with the kids.  Tip: 15- minutes of pounding and squeezing playdoh is a stress reliever and it gives you a mental break.
  • Take a 1-week vacation a year or several 3-4 day weekend vacations a year. A vacation is a great way to take a break from the business of childcare and it will allow time for more creativity to flow for new childcare business ideas.
  • Schedule regular Pamper me days such as: monthly massage appointments, nail salon visits or spend a day with your friends at the mall for some retail therapy!

The tips above are simply suggestions and are meant to help you to avoid burn-out. When you choose to start incorporating many of the suggested tips above, you will last longer as a childcare provider and you will have more fuel to feed your passion for young children. 

Shiketa Morgan

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  1. […] Furthermore, having unexpected situations has helped me to learn how to think fast and it also caused me to realize that you must be at your best self emotionally and physically in this Business or you will easily burnout. […]


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