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Excuse me, business owner, got cash flow?

Proper management of the cash flow in your business will determine the long-term success of your company. A business that is not cash flowing is considered a hobby, and we all know hobbies cost money. If you are a business owner and there is a cash flow issue, you will need to do a complete analysis of your business model from top – down. 

Do you have a blueprint for success for your business? Got cash? Cash is King in Business. When cash is flowing in a business, it gives the business an opportunity for expansion, such hiring new team members to take the business to the next level, or maybe expanding the business to an international market. Many first – time business owners fail at properly managing cash flow, instead of reinvesting back into their business they take the cash and spend on it on personal use. I have seen this happen many of times with people who make that transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur. They are so use to having a paycheck coming in on consistent basis that when their business starts to cash flow they eat the first fruits from the tree instead of planting the seeds to grow a bigger tree.

Cash flow management is essential for businesses that succeed. Cash flow is one of the key elements to taking your business to the next level. A business that does not cash flow can cause a great deal of stress to first time business owners. Now with some businesses it may take some time to start generating a cash flow, and this is okay. But you must determine how much time you are willing to invest in a business that is not cash flowing? Is your team willing to stick and stay?  If you are interested in laying a foundation for a profitable business currently and into the future, you must inspect what you expect. Put it all in writing so you can have it before you. If you need help analyzing the number seek counsel from someone who has experience in running a successful business. The objective for your business is to track your income and expenses so that you put your business in a position to prosper. And you do want to prosper, correct?

You must realize that your business is an asset that will thrive when you analyze where your business is currently and then move into the mode of creating a cash flow projection, Savvy business owners know how to create and come within the constraints of a cash flow analysis based on a weekly, monthly, yearly and long-term (5 year, 10 year etc.)  projections. This will help you to retain modes of doing your business that are lucrative. It will also empower you to take action in your business to create innovative solutions to needs for your products and services in the marketplace. When you have been in business for a few years a review of your company cash flow patterns will help you to evaluate any areas that need to be amplified so your business can go to the next level. For more knowledge in the area of taking the capital that your business gains seek the advice of  leaders in your industry, business bankers, and business financial planners that have attained high levels of success and are willing to empower you to reach your goals.

  Deborah Francis, Co-author of CA$H ONLY: The Universal Language, the Key to Unlocking Wealth.

 Blog Financial Advice Disclaimer 

The information from this blog will provide information on many financial topics; however it is of a general nature and cannot substitute for professional financial advice. Always seek the advice of competent counsel with any questions you may have regarding a financial issue. As financial advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each individual and/or business entity. 

 About the Author:

 Deborah Francis is one of the co-authors of CA$H ONLY: The Universal Language, the Key to Unlocking Wealth.  Deborah is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and serves as the Chief Operating Officer of CA$H ONLY PRODUCTIONS.  Deborah Francis is the CEO of Real Estate & Investment Solution Partners, which is an investment firm that specializes in commercial properties. She also sits on the board of numerous corporations including The Joy of Healthy Living LLC, Rich Life Investments LLC and Innocence of a Child Illustrations.  She obtained an undergraduate degree in English from Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  Deborah later went on to pursue a Master’s degree of Secondary Education in English at Lehman College, the City University of New York.  Deborah served as an educator for over 15 years, expanding the thought process of our youth spanning grades K-12.  Determined and motivated describes Deborah’s focus toward helping others master their lives by planning their destiny.  She knows that empowerment resides in the minds of those who seek solutions and put them into action

  About Cash Only Productions LLC:

 CASH ONLY Productions, LLC would like to help you accomplish your wealth-building goals by developing a life plan that addresses your unique needs. CASH ONLY PRODUCTIONS provides resources and educational products for all who desire to live by the CA$H ONLY Principles. We are making a declaration to help 1 Million Families earn financial freedom and live a CASH ONLY lifestyle by 2016. 

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