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As I researched playground equipment recalls, I was quite surprised at the number of  recalls on playground equipment. Some of the playground equipment recalls included below:

  • Equipment with Pressure treated wood
  • Playground equipment with chipping paint (could pose lead risk)
  • Swing safety, slides, see-saws and gliders
  • Recall on Draw string shirts and jackets, due to playground injury

If you have any of the above equipment on your playground, be sure to check out the US Consumer product safety commission recall list. Moreover, if you find that any of your playground equipment is on the recall list, it is in your best interest and for the safety of the children in your care to  remove the equipment as soon as possible.

Your playground may not have recalled items, however, you must be aware of the public playground recalls in the event you want to take the children on a field trip to a local park. Many of the equipment dangers were found at public playgrounds.

Before taking the children on the playground, please remove drawstring from hooded shirts or jackets, to prevent injuries.  Over the past 20 years there has been 23 deaths due to draw strings becoming entangled on playground equipment. Read more about it.

I encourage you to take some time to review the recall list above and require that parents do not send children in clothing with drawstring.

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Shiketa Morgan

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  1. eleshaj said:

    As a mom, it’s very important to me that any playground my kids’ play on is safe. One way to do that without going crazy is by using


  2. I wonder how many unsafe places out there which may harm the children.


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