Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

Tell me about your business?

Sugar Plum was started in April 2011 and is owned by Eboni Allen. We are a small family home childcare service located in Tacoma’s North End neighborhood. Our hours are convenient for parents with busy, crazy, irregular schedules and for shift workers.
We are open Monday through Saturday from 6:30am to midnight! Meals and snacks served are as organic as possible. We even use a non-toxic/green cleaning spray and dishwasher soap. All these great features with affordable rates for your child.
What inspired you to start a childcare business?
Having a child of my own inspired me to open my skills, home and heart to other children. I wanted other wonderful babies and kids to have a homey atmosphere to be in during their day. It is tremendously hard for a parent to leave their beloved children for 8 hours or more per day and I wanted to make that as easy on them as possible. It’s tough juggling family & finances, so I strive to make families feel like they are dropping off at a family or friend’s home.
What do you think is the key to a successful childcare business?
Patience & assertiveness is vital! With patience you can withstand many ups and downs of being a busy business-owner. And with assertiveness you can minimize conflicts. Set the expectation and stick with it. It is so, so, so hard but very worth it. Most important, network! Get your name out there any way possible.
Your advice for new childcare business owners

Make time for yourself. It is easy to burn out quickly. Secondly, don’t over think it. Decide on a business model but don’t be afraid to make adjustments to make your life easier and enjoyable. Lastly, make it fun!

Incorporate your own responsibilities and interest into their learning experience. Listen to music, dance, sing. It doesn’t always have to be a kiddie song! Fold towels, match socks, wipe down equipment and toys.

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