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I believe that children should be in an environment that is filled with natures beauty!

A week prior to writing this blog post, I post the following status on the Child Care Business Owner Facebook page: Every Child Care Business Needs a Garden. Do you have a garden?

Cheryl Frankowski  Owner of  Bizzy Bee’s Family Child Care replied to the post and I invited Cheryl to submit photos of her garden. Check out the photos of Cheryl’s indoor and outdoors garden at her home daycare.

Cheryl Frankowski wrote:

“Oh my butterflies – how inspirational this little project has been! Short story – took a garden with kids class, a friend brought milkweed and the rest is history. I planted milkweed about 4 years ago and finally found monarch caterpillars this past summer. We hatched 6 over all – 1 male, 5 females. The last one died coming out of its chrysalis. We pick a stem off and bring them in the house to watch. They eat and eat and eat!! and they poop. a lot. They are in the kitchen window by the sink so dish washing is a lot more enjoyable! These are random pictures from last year.

The one up side down is going into his J and will soon go into his chrysalis. Very fascinating to observe the whole cycle. Truly I feel like I have witnessed a gift from God. The black chrysalis – about a day before they hatch, their jade green chrysalis turns transparent and the black is the butterfly. Up close you can see the orange as well. The butterfly has just come out and his wings are still crinkly. He will pump all the bodily fluid into his wings to straighten them out.

The last pic is of a chrysalis that was on the ceiling. The caterpillars wander around til they find their place. And once they have attached their button you have to let them finish out where they are or it will kill them to move it.”









Cheryl Frankowski wrote:

Pumpkin – we grow pumpkins every year – some with more success than others! It is so much fun to literally see the growth day to day and watch the color changes. The kids each plant one in a container that we can see the roots growing, and then they take them home to transplant.
Tomatoes – a perennial favorite – one little boy will just pick them off and eat them! It is always a great surprise to life a bunch of branches and leaves and see that peek of bright red!
One of our garden areas – about 14′ x 4′ We usually plant tomatoes, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cilantro jalapeno, green peppers, and our little herb garden at the far end with parsley, chives, basil, mint, thyme, oregano and sage. The kids like to go and rub the leaves and then smell their fingers!
Are you inspired to create an indoor/ outdoor garden? Don’t know where to start? Need some inspiration? Check out this video.

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