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One of my goals for 2012 was to create an earth friendly program. When possible, we strive to reduce waste by using recycled materials for activities, adding plants throughout the building, so that the children are in an environment that is filled with the beauty of  nature and to expose the children to a better quality of indoor air.

Also,  I am researching all natural cleaning supplies to use in my facility; throughout the day we open the doors to allow fresh air to flow in the building, to prevent from turning on the Air Conditioner. The children must re-use their water drinking cups ( marked with their names)  to use throughout the day when they get thirsty,to prevent waste in the classrooms.

This is just a small list of things that we are doing at my child care center to create an earth friendly program and I thought I would encourage you to join me on this journey to becoming an earth friendly childcare program.

According to the National Food Service Institute, Creating a healthy environment for children involves plenty of active play, rest, and of course, healthy meals. A healthy environment is also one that embraces good stewardship of the earth. By practicing and teaching green habits in your home or center, you will contribute to a healthier planet.

Are you ready to contribute to a healthier planet and create a healthier place for young children? The National Food Service Institute has great tips to empower you to take the necessary steps to moving toward and Creating an Earth friendly Child Care program, including:

  1. Ideas to serve less Process Foods
  2. How to use less water
  3. Tips for using light bulbs that use less energy
  4. How to combine shopping and errands into one trip to save energy
  5. The three “R’s”

Download the entire Business Practices Grab and Go Lesson Color it Green! Moving Toward an Earth-Friendly Child Care Environment Guide!


To An Earth Friendly Child Care Program,

Shiketa Morgan

Need ideas for Creating menus that include more Raw Fruits & Vegetables with less process foods? Check out the Healthy Child Care Menus e-Book.

Comments on: "Steps To Becoming An Earth Friendly Child Care Business" (2)

  1. myrasaboor said:

    Good Morning Shiketa, What an excellant topic to begin the spring with. When I opened in 2008, I started as a “green” daycare, and we continue to implement an earth-freindly child care environment. Most of our learning materials & projects are made with recycleables. I utilize all items that come through my home. Currently, we are collecting paper tubes and we will be creating amazing sculptures. We participant in a community recycling program. Every East Point City resident was given a large mobile container, a bi-annual calendar and a website resource: www which allows paricpants to earn points for recycling that can be redeened for rewards. The bin really helps because storage can be challenging. When we need items or need to discard, we use the bin. I recently redeemed points for a voucher that can be applied toward purchasing marketing materials and office supplies. I love to share resources.

    Myra Abdus-Saboor,
    Child Care Business Owner and Professional


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