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This video has inspired me to incorporate Eco-friendly practices in my facility.  In fact, I have been inspired to add wicker baskets, incorporate more organic  foods, reduce the amount of paper products that we use, use more recycled materials, add more items from nature and so much more.

After watching the video below, be sure to share your thoughts below. Check out the video.

What are your thoughts about the video? How has the video inspired you to become more earth friendly?

Comments on: "Inspiration to Become an Earth Friendly Child Care Program" (4)

  1. Thanks do much just read your reply. Keep doing what you are doing it is GREAT! We need more people like you ! Stay blessed


  2. Good morning you have so many great ideas. I will be losing some kids due to school starting in August. Business has slowed down due to economy. Can you give me some tips on advertising? I have always been full and it was due to word of mouth. I am great full for that but now I am worried that I will not be able to stay filled. Please give me some suggestions. Thx


    • First of all do not worry. I believe that worry attracts loss. After 13 years in the business of childcare, I have come to the conclusion that we will have seasons of lack. I suggest that you prepare now. Market your business online (facebook, twitter, craigslist and offer incentives for parents.) August is 4 months away and you have time to fill slots now. be encouraged. Also, search my blog for marketing tips.


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