Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

Back in April 2010, my Millionaire Mindset group leader (Cheryl Robinson) gave me a suggestion to start a website that educates other Child Care Business owners. In fact, Cheryl thought that my years in the business of childcare qualified me mentor & coach others.

In May 2010, I launched the Child Care Business Owner blog and my first blog post was, “Quality Care is Interaction.” It was not a very long blog post, however my goal was to share information that promotes quality childcare.

Why I Started The Blog

I started the blog because I developed a love of teaching and empowering others. Also, in this business, I learned from my mistakes, because I did not have a mentor in the beginning days of my child care business.

Moreover, I have years of experience building a quality childcare business and I want to share with other providers; the steps to build a quality childcare business. ” Parents want quality and nothing less.”

The Relationships That I Have Built

Over the last 2-years I have met some wonderful childcare business owners online and in my state. In fact, many of my coaching clients have become good friends and I am most grateful for the opportunity to play a role in helping other childcare business owners build a successful business.

Moreover, many of the childcare business owners that follow the Child Care Business Owner Network, also follow me on Facebook and are welcome to inbox me at anytime. ” I want You to Succeed”

Blog Contributors

I may have lots of experience, however, I do not have all the answers and this is why I invite experts to contribute to the Child Care Business Owner blog. Also, periodically I feature other childcare business owners to share their expertise on the blog.

I want to give a special thank you to the following Expert Contributors and Featured Child Care Business Owners:

Featured Businesses

Busy Bees Child Care

Sugar Plum Daycare

Carlton Kids

Lion’s Den Daycare

Tuggys Tots

Komfy Playhouse

Myra Saboor

Akeba Academy

Little Angels Learning Academy

Featured Experts

Linette Daniels (Youth Success)

Colin Johnson (Safety)

Dr. Bisa Lewis (Infant Care/Curriculum)

Tom Copeland (Taxes/Home providers)

Benita Tyler (Taxes)

Kaylee Davis (Crib Safety)

Deborah Francis (Legal/Money)

Cathy Abrams (Curriculum)

Please forgive me if I forgot to add you to the list. However, I am so grateful for your contributions!

What I see for the Child Care Business Online

My goal is to continue to inspire and empower childcare business owners online and my goal is to one day take the network offline by creating a magazine or publication that I can send to childcare business owners all over the world.

Also, to give you what you asked for (Via survey) more e-books, blog post and e-Courses that empower you to succeed!

$2 Sale During the month of May

During the month of May 2012, all of the Child Care Business Owner resources are on sale for $2 (in honor of the 2-year anniversary.) This is a great opportunity to invest in your business! Check out the ebooks, eCourse and membership clubs today!

Thanks for allowing me play a role in your Child Care Business Journey and I look forward to reading or comments and meeting you soon!

To Your Success!




Shiketa Morgan

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