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Several months ago,  Andrea Dickerson (Owner of Akeba Academy) told me about a website called, “Animoto.” In fact, I saw a cool video of her program on her Facebook page that was created on the Animoto website.  After viewing Andrea’s Video, I decided to use Animoto to market my program and events.

In fact, I  just created a cool video of my preschool graduate on the Animoto website.  Today I am going  to share  with you; how to create a cool video of your Preschool Graduates.

1. Go to to create an account.

2. Choose your “Free” video template

3. Add words to you slides

4. Upload photos of your graduates

5. Share the video with parents

6. Be sure to upload the video to your website.

Check out my video!

Your parents will love the fact that you took the tag to create such a memorable treasure!

With Your Preschool Graduates in mind,


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