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Several hours before I wrote the blog post, I was enrolling a new child in my Childcare Center.

The mother had previously been in my center for a tour and expressed to me that she really loved my preschool program. Well, 60-days later she returned to my program to enroll her son.

As we sat at the table to talk about the enrollment forms, she expressed to me that she loved how organized my center was and she really appreciated my professionalism.

I was elated at her compliment and it inspired me to write this blog post. Later that evening, I logged into my childcare business Facebook page and noticed a friend request from the parent. After accepting the friend request, I went to the parents Facebook page to thank her for visiting my center.

Moreover, I couldn’t help but to noticed that she checked in on her Facebook page when she stopped by my center. So I decided to comment on her check- in by thanking her for visiting us!

Then I realized that social media can be so powerful in helping to promote your childcare business and building your brand!

Moreover, I want to inspire you to encourage your parents to connect with your Childcare Business Facebook page and also invite families that visit you to connect with your Facebook page.

I hope that you have been inspired to keep social media as a way to connect with parents, because you never know when a parent my share your childcare business via social media!

With Online Marketing in mind,

Shiketa Morgan

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