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As a Child Care Business Owner, it is vital that you plan to take some time away from your Business. In fact, if you rarely take vacations, you are only increasing your risk of hitting Burnout!!

Furthermore, time away from your Business, will help you to get re-energized. Moreover, when you are away from your Business, you have more time to relax and think clear.

If you are a Family Home Child Care provider, it is vital that you tell parents upfront about your Vacations plans.

The best way to inform parents of your Planned vacations, is via a Parent handbook and be sure to post a reminder at least 60-days prior to your Vacation.

Also, if you plan to charge fees for your vacation time, this information should be included in your Parent Contract.

When I was a home provider, I always closed my daycare the last week of the year and during the summer months, I planned weekend trips with my family.

Now that I am a Center Owner, I never shut my center down; with the exception of holidays and when I am away; one of my lead teachers handles my office duties.

Are you planning to take a Vacation soon? Do you feel guilty when its time to take a Vacation? Have you hit Burnout and need a vacation?

I want to hear from you….



Comments on: "Planning Your Vacation Time" (2)

  1. My husband and I opened our center in January of this year. We have worked ourselves TO DEATH and just recently took our annual family vacation. We didn’t realize how burnt out we were. On the first day at the beach, we literally soaked up the sun and rest. Throughout the week, we were able to regroup and think more about where we want our center to go in the future. We promised ourselves 3 vacations a year. 2 with family and 1 for just ourselves. We’ve realized the hard way that we need time away to keep the center and ourselves in a healthy place.


    • Congrats on your new center! Im so happy to see that you have plans to travel, to get some rest and relaxation.Travel has inspired my business Journey. In fact,as I write this comment, Im on the road coming back from a weekend trip! Thanks for your feedback…


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