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At the end of every business year, I clear out the clutter and make room for new things. In fact, As I write this blog post, we are only 4 days into a new business year.

So, if you have clutter in your office, get rid of it! Clutter causes you to feel all over the place. More over, it’s difficult to focus in a cluttered space and clutter impacts how you feel as a Business owner.

Today is a great day to remove the clutter so that you can think clearer,  get focused, and get ready to have  a fresh vision for 2020.

During the month of January,  I will be preparing for my Doing Business by Faith Master Class ( that empowers business Owners to Build their Faith For Business Success), working on my new location in Atlanta and working in being focuses in 2020!

When you have a Clear Vision, a Clear Direction with a focused mind nothing is impossible for you.

Have you been feeling stuck? Have you been feeling un- inspired? Ready to Grow your Business? Do you feel that there is another level for you to reach in Business?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I want to invite you to join my Doing Business by Faith Master Class.

Registration Opens soon! Sign-up at

Much Success to you in 2020!!

Shiketa Morgan

I’m Just a phone call away. If you need coaching, sign up today!

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