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7 Keys to Successfully Operating Multiple Locations

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“Proven Center Management Strategies for Child Care Center Owners”  

7 Keys to Successfully operating Multiple locations book provides Center Owners with Proven strategies and Keys for operating Multiple Child Care Centers.

The Success Keys that you will find in this book includes:

Key #1: Selecting the Right Staff

Key #2: Hiring the Right Leaders

Key #3: Developing Effective Systems

Key #4: Maintaining Quality Care

Key #5: Team Building Strategies

Key #6: Money Management Systems

Key #7: Think like a Fortune 500 CEO

Book Reviews

This book is great!

I love it! It will help you if you have one or six locations! Each strategy will inspire you to start and survive as a center owner.

 Sherry Bolds, Owner of One to Grow on in Florissant, MO

” The entire read was heartfelt. As I read, it seemed as if you were holding my hand through the process. This book provides the crucial tools needed for leadership and growth. I would recommend this book to both new owners and seasoned professionals.”

Adrienne Pennington, Owner of A Child’s Heart Learning Center in St. Louis Missouri

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