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Fun Earth Day Ideas

earth day

The earth is what we all have in common.

— Wendell Berry

Every year in April I look forward to earth day events!In fact, I look forward to all of the gardening projects with the children at my Child Care Center and so much more.

Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection and Earth Day is observed on April 22nd each year.

Also, Earth day is a great day to teach young children how to be earth friendly with fun enriching activities. Need some Earth Day ideas? Check out the Activities below:

Take off Shoes! If you have a grassy area in your yard or on your playground; encourage the children to take off their shoes and feel the grass in between their toes.

Look up at the Sky!Encourage the children to lay down in a grassy area and look up at the sky. be sure to ask the children the following question; “How does that make you feel?”

Turn Our the Lights! On Earth Day, open the blinds and turn off the lights. This is a great way to save energy!

Clean-up Your Neighborhood! Consider taking the older children on a walk around your home or your center to pick-up trash in the neighborhood. * Be sure to carry business cards with you. On the back of the card write the words, ” We are an earth Friendly Child Care program.”

Want more ideas? Check out this blog post: 100 Ways to celebrate earth Day.

With the Earth in Mind,



Activity Ideas For an Earth Friendly Child Care Program

On Friday April 13, 2012, my staff and I were preparing the upcoming theme of “Earth Day” at my childcare facility. Our objective for the theme is to teach the children how to become earth friendly. I thought I would share some of those ideas with you and the activities are as follows:

Circle Time

During circle time pose an earth friendly question of the day such as; Why do we need trees? Be ready for creative responses and ideas!

Sensory Table

Add water, boats, fish and people to water. This is a great way to promote outdoor water activities such as: fishing and pedaling boats. Idea: Ask the kids if it is better for the earth to use a boat with gas or a boat with pedals?


Add a picture of a windmill and discuss how the windmill creates energy! To save energy, consider opening the blinds and having the children to work with only light that comes in from the outside. We do this every year on earth day and the kids love it!!


Create an globe by encouraging the kids to mix blue and green play dough together!


Post  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle signs. May be a good idea to add a recycling bin in the classroom.


Take the older children outdoors for a walk to clean up trash around your home or childcare center.


Create an Earth Friendly word wall that consist of the following words: Water, Energy, Soil, Trees, etc.

Dramatic Play

You will need some large paper bags. Cut holes in the side of the bags for the kids arm to fit through the openings and on the front of the bag write: I am an Earth Friendly Kid (with Green Paint).

I would love to read your feedback about today’s blog post. Be sure to leave your comments. For more Earth Friendly Kids ideas, check out this Lesson plan idea, click here.

With Creating an Earth Friendly Child Care Business in Mind,


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