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Planning Events For The Month of May

The month of May is a very busy month!

In fact, the month of May is a big month for graduations along with Mothers Day, Teachers appreciation day, Cinco de mayo and Memorial Day.

I don’t know about you, but I have to start planning early for the month of May to avoid that overwhelming feeling that comes with planning too many events.

Several years ago, As I wrote my Curriculum Club lesson plans for the month of May, I included a bonus form that provided the members of my club with planning ideas for the month of May.

My Event Ideas included:

  • Cinco de mayo activities
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Muffins and Mom
  • Year end/Preschool Graduation planning ideas

As a gift to you, I thought I would share this link with you: Tips for Planning May Events For Your Child Care Business

I hope to see you in my Curriculum Club Soon and I look forward to reading your comments about this blog post.

With Your Success in Mind…


How to Plan a Fall Open House

Holding an annual Open House is a great way to invite the parents to tour your program/classrooms; open up your program to the community and introduce a back to school theme!

So let’s start planning for a fun, exciting, enriching and informational open house.

1.Get Organized/De-clutter 

Several weeks before the open house, start to De-clutter classrooms and office space. This includes, dusting, removing items that does not need to be seen by visitors. When families tour a childcare program, they look at every detail. Be sure to post Lesson Plans!

2.Create a Festive Flyer 

Using Microsoft word or office publisher, create a flyer that announces your open house including the date, location of your program, time, activities and events. This will also be a great to time promote enrollment specials, such as: Free registration or 50% the first week.  Invite parents to help plan the open house and volunteer to help serve food or issue information about the program.

3. Signs/Banners 

Creating a banner to place inside and/or outside your home or center draws attention to the event and compels parents and kids to come to the Open House. Yard signs also catch the eyes of traffic driving by your business.  Hanging colorful Balloons on the fence surrounding your playground or signs draws attention to the Open House event.*Check with your local municipality regarding signs.

4. Open House Activities 

The night before open house add pencils, back packs with school supplies, toy school buses, books about school and  back- to- school bulletin boards to the environment. This will create a Back to school environment. When the children arrive, invite them to find all the new back to school items.  *Here is a link to  back to school Coloring pages to enhance the back to school theme.

5. Give-a-ways 

To liven up your open house, give away prizes every 15-20 minutes of the Open House! Some of the prizes could include: toys for the kids, books, tuition coupons for parents and donations made by local businesses in the community. * 30-60 days before the Open House, invite other businesses in the community to donate give-a-ways for the families.

6.Information for Parents 

Open house is the perfect time to show parents every aspect of your program, from daily schedules, toys in the play areas. Having a self guided tour check list for parents is a sure way to get the parents to view all areas of your program. Be sure to issue parents any new policies, parent handbooks, calendars, enrollment forms (for new families) and fundraising information. ** This is also a great time to incorporate new Tuition Policies!

7. Serve light refreshments 

Refreshment ideas include: Lemonade and cookies or Cake and Fruit Juice. You will also need plenty of plates, napkins and cups to serve the refreshments to the families.

Have a Great Open House!

Shiketa Morgan

Download a Sample Open House Check List

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