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Where are the Business Grants????



Have you ever said, ” Where are the Grants!!!”  Moreover, have you applied for a grant and was denied?

 If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, it’s time to position yourself to have access to grant funds; to avoid applying for bank loans and being a servant to a bank for the next 5-10 years.

After browsing the internet, I found a great article that defines the significance, functions, types, benefits, considerations and warnings about business grants.

 Check out this article, All About Grants.

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Grants for Daycare Centers

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The top question that  many childcare care business owners ask me is:

Do you know of any grant opportunities.”

Having access to grant funds has many benefits, including:

  • Having  funds to expand your childcare business
  • You will be able to purchase needed equipment and materials
  • Funds for Professional development & Training
  • Making needed Physical Improvement to the building
  • And many other improvements to your childcare business without borrowing money

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to apply for a grant for your childcare business, you may have noticed that it is a very competitive process.  When a grant opportunity becomes available, there may be thousands of childcare businesses applying for the same grant and only a handful of providers will be awarded the grant.

I know from experience that the grant writing  and selection process may not seem fair to providers who are in desperate need of funds for their childcare business. In fact, I wish  there were more grant opportunities available each year to help to improve current childcare businesses and not just for new childcare business start-up.

If you are a childcare business owner, I’m sure that you may agree that the income that you receive from parents or from subsidized childcare payments, is simply not enough to make needed improvements for your business throughout the year. Moreover, there is usually very little funds left over to purchase new learning materials as often as you desire.

According to Sarah Norris of Total Child Care in Wilmington, “For profit centers, grants are almost nonexistent. It’s very hard to find many grants that are for profit centers and so you have to be very astute in trying to find ways of raising money for your center because you cannot charge parents what the true cost of quality is.”

Check out this video of Sarah discussing Grants for Daycare Centers:
Grants for Daycare Centers: How to Own a Daycare |

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