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A Lunch Time That Kids Love!

25tips_kidsLunch time can be a very busy time of the day and the time of day that the kids Really Love!

Today I am going to give you some ideas on how to have a smooth transition into lunch, how to get the kids involved and most of all some healthy meal ideas!

Lunch time is a great time to promote self-help skills and there many ways that you can get the children involved, including:

  • Selecting a child to help you clean  and set the table
  • Place the food in serving bowls to encourage the children to serve themselves and to serve the food Family style. (be sure to use child size serving utensils)

Also, Children love to sing songs and what a great way to start lunch time by singing a lunch time song. Here’s a lunch time song:

I smell lunch, I smell lunch,

(rub your tummy) um um good. um um good.

I can smell the______ (name the food) I can smell the_______ (name the food)

um um good um um good.

Then repeat!

According to the Missouri Eat Smart Childhood obesity and Missouri’s Eat Smart Guidelines for Child Care, “Overweight is now the most nutritional disease of children. Preschool children who are overweight are almost 5 times more likely to be overweight as young adults.”

Missouri Eat Smart Guidelines for Childcare also concludes that children may get 50%-75% of daily food needs in childcare. This is why it is vital that childcare programs serve nutritional balance meals.

Here are Five Healthy Lunch Ideas for your menus:

Day 1

Turkey Slices

Whole Grain Bread



Low Fat Milk

Day 2

Tuna Salad

Whole Grain Crackers

Tossed Salad

Apple Slices

Low Fat Milk

Day 3

Turkey Meatballs

Mashed potatoes

Orange slices

Whole Grain Bread

Low-Fat Milk

Day 4

Beef Stew (with vegetables)

Whole Grain Cracker

Fruit Cocktail

Low Fat Milk

Day 5

Chicken & Rice Broccoli Casserole

(Boil the rice, drain the water when fully cooked, add canned chicken & cream of chicken, broccoli and cheese)


Low Fat Milk

**Menu ideas meet the Child Adult and Food program Guidelines

Need more menu ideas, be sure to download your copy of my Healthy Child Care Menus ebook.

With Healthy Kids in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan

Caring for Children with Asthma

Caring for children with special needs seems to be trending in the Child Care Industry. In fact, caring for children with asthma seems to be in great demand .

Moreover, I believe that if parents know that you accept children with special needs; you will stand out among the facilities that may not market that they care for children with special needs.

Furthermore, parents want to know that you are knowledgeable about their child’s special need and if you care for children with asthma, I want to inspire you to learn all that you need to know about Asthma in Young Children.

I have been caring for kids with Asthma since 1998 and I must say that it is vital that you have an Asthma action plan on file for children in your care with a diagnosis of Asthma. Also, it is important that you talk with parents on a regular basis about how they manage the asthma at home and what you can do to help manage the onset of asthma attacks.

According to the Massachusetts Public Health Guide: Caring For Children with Asthma, “Good asthma management helps children live full healthy lives and stay out of the emergency room. There are four parts to successful asthma management:

1.Monitoring the child’s symptoms (such as breathlessness) so treatment can be provided before an asthma attack occurs.

2.Providing medication as prescribed by the child’s doctor.

3.Removing asthma triggers from the childcare environment.

4. Educating everyone who cares for the child so they understand how to manage the child’s asthma – including recognizing asthma symptoms, identifying and removing triggers,and providing the correct treatment.”

For more information about Caring for children with asthma, download the Massachusetts Guide of Caring for Children with Asthma.

With Quality Care in mind,

Shiketa Morgan

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