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5 Easy Ways To Effectively Market Your Summer Camp

Are you planning to have a Camp this Summer? If so, now is the perfect time to start marketing your Camp.

However, if you have been too busy to market your camp; it’s never to late to start today!

The summer time is a great season for the business of Child Care. In fact, school-age children are out of school and parents need a fun and enriching place for their children to be.

Today I want to share with you 5 easy ways to market your summer camp:

1. Create a festive Flyer about your camp on your computer. Be sure to include the dates of the camp, events along with field trip information. Include a registration form with the flyer.

2. Start Marketing your Summer Camp now On Your Social Media Pages; using summer related images that include a link to your website or your phone number.

3. If you own a center, display Summer Camp banners on your playground fence or in your windows. (If allowed in your municipality)

4. Send flyers and information to families that attended your camp in previous years.

5. Plan lots of fun theme based activities along with field trips and be sure to market all that you have planned for your camp! 

6. Market your camp on your website and provide downloadable camp forms! ** be sure to disclose Covid 19 precautions.

Much Success to you!


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Keep Growing and Keep Evolving

I thought I would use this fun photo of my grandson in our pre-k room having fun to inspire you to get excited about taking your childcare business to another level in 2022.

As I Logged onto Facebook this morning, I noticed that that name of Facebook has changed. I also noticed that I no longer had to log onto Instagram to post a photo onto my Facebook page. I loved the fact that I could post onto my Instagram page from Facebook.

Furthermore, as I reflected on the changes, I was inspired to record a podcast and write this blog post.

In fact, I was reminded that nothing stays the same and if you want your business to keep thriving and evolving, it is vital that you keep doing new things in your business. Let me ask you a question? Have you done anything new in your business this year so far? Do you plan to do anything new? Have you developed a growth or improvement plan?

Today I want to inspire you to keep doing new things in your business, because a business that is always growing and evolving is a successful business. A business that stays the same, will eventually be stuck and left behind, while other businesses are moving forward.

Here are some examples of new things that that you can do to cause your business to grow and evolve:

  • Make over your logo.
  • Add a fresh paint color to your walls.
  • Buy a new logo mat for the front entry way.
  • order new uniform shirts for your staff
  • Increase your rates so that you can afford to pay a higher salary and attract more qualified applicants.
  • Makeover your office.
  • Make over your playground
  • Make over your website
  • If you desire to expand, start working on it now.
  • Add extracurricular activities for your preschoolers.
  • Advertise with a new platform to increase your business exposure.

I think you get the point, keep growing and doing new things. If you keep doing things the same old way, you will keep getting the same results!

With your Success in mind,


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