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Building Your Child Care Business (New Book)

41jQC0gyfPL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgBuilding my Child Care Business has been a Journey full of ups and down. In fact, growing my Child Care Business took years of dedication, commitment, sacrifice, personal growth and so much more.

Furthermore, over the course of 20 years, my child care business has grown from a home daycare to multiple locations and I believe the business grew as a result of principles that I wrote about in my new book.

Do you desire to grow your Child Care Business? If so, My new book is written for you!!

Watch the video below:

It is Time To Get Prepared For That Next Level

IMG_20190830_080840_748As I reflect on this photo ( taken 6 years ago) I was in a season where I was so exhausted and my CenterĀ  wasn’t doing to good. The enrollment was low, I was barely able to pay my bills and I was tired of struggling in business. Also, I was uninspired and ready to quit.

However, I didn’t know that God was preparing me for that next level of Increase. I didn’t know that within a year, I would be moving into a new location that was prosperous and to be honest, I still fell like I hit the jack pot today!

So, if you are in a season like I described below, it’s may not be time to quit; you just may have outgrown where you are and it’s time to move onto another level that God has prepared for you!

I want to help you get prepared for that level. There is nothing worse that going into your harvest and not being prepared!

I would love to coach you into that next season. Sign up today!

Much Success to you,


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