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Curriculum Club


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About The Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club
The Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club was created to provide Family Home Child Care Providers and Center Staff with Fun, Enriching, Simple to Follow and Educational Pre-planned lessons via a monthly membership club. The lesson plans in the club are also toddler and mixed age group friendly.
If you don’t have time to write your own lesson plans or just simply have no clue how to write lesson plans; don’t worry, the work is already done for you!
Lesson plans includes ideas and/or Activities for:
  • Circle Time
  • Stories
  • Outdoor time
  • Interest Areas or Learning Centers
  • Small Group Time (promoting more one on one time)
What you will get in the Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club
* 4 weeks of Pre-Planned Theme Based and Educational Lesson Plans (January-December)
* Theme Based Developmentally Appropriate Activities for children ages 12 months-to-5 years of age
* Curriculum Newsletter For Parents
* Bonus Forms such as: Coloring pages, Progress reports, Charts, toddler forms, templates, sample word wall cards,etc
* Ideas for Events
* Planning & Preparation notes
Give it a Try!!
 (Join today to get Fun & Educational Lesson Plans for your Summer program)

Free Lesson Clip art

To Gain Full Access to this month’s Lesson Plans, Upcoming Lesson Plans along with Bonus Preschool Forms;

Join the CCBO Curriculum Club today for only $9.97/month!

Overall I think you are on to something very beneficial; centers and home will enjoy your curriculum and ideas!
~Loura McRae, All Gods Children
I really like that the lessons follow what I typically do which is more hands-on learning versus worksheets and table work. I also like that you tailored the lesson planning to mixed ages and discussed what you would do during each activity to provide the same, or similar, activity for the younger children.~Michelle Roeszler, Curious Kids Childcare
The curriculum overview is very comprehensive. I like that there is a letter a week and both a shape and color each month. I feel like there is a substantial amount of activities to fill the day and teachers would not be scrambling to find additional things. I also liked that you included a link to some music that could be used.
                                                        ~Renee Nielsen
Yes, Its very detailed and well thought out and
is a great price for all you are offering!!
~Aimee Nester
I think that the curriculum is wonderful, all of the time as well as the work that you have done
Vanessa Carter, Blessing Sent Child Care Center
Before you join the club please note the following.
  1. All content is sent via email, (not via a website) so be sure to check your email for lesson plans upon signing up for the Curriculum club and check for weekly club updates & tips.
  2. After making your payment (via Paypal, wait to be redirected to the sign-up form for to access the Curriculum Club.
3.Gmail account holders check your promotional tab for lesson plans or club emails
See you in the Club!!!


For Only  $9.97/month

Comments on: "Curriculum Club" (18)

  1. if you join can you cancel later


  2. I would like to say my children really enjoyed the “Beach Week” theme and it has only been the first day. The lessons are very easy to follow. The children were so excited and wanted to complete all of the activities for the week. Tomorrow we will create beach artwork on white T-shirts. This is a great curriculum at a great price. There is no reason why you should look any further. Join the curriculum club it will be money well spent. Thanks again for sharing your expertise Mrs. Morgan.



  3. Need info please 🙂


  4. I signed up on August 6th for September curriculum. When do I get charged for October and when will the curriculum become available? I like to get an early start planning for the following month. Thanks!


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  7. Is there other things to print? I joined but don’t know how to login.


  8. hi, I would like to know, once I subscribe to this and can I cancel this once I don’t want to continue?


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