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Caring for Children with Asthma

Caring for children with special needs seems to be trending in the Child Care Industry. In fact, caring for children with asthma seems to be in great demand .

Moreover, I believe that if parents know that you accept children with special needs; you will stand out among the facilities that may not market that they care for children with special needs.

Furthermore, parents want to know that you are knowledgeable about their child’s special need and if you care for children with asthma, I want to inspire you to learn all that you need to know about Asthma in Young Children.

I have been caring for kids with Asthma since 1998 and I must say that it is vital that you have an Asthma action plan on file for children in your care with a diagnosis of Asthma. Also, it is important that you talk with parents on a regular basis about how they manage the asthma at home and what you can do to help manage the onset of asthma attacks.

According to the Massachusetts Public Health Guide: Caring For Children with Asthma, “Good asthma management helps children live full healthy lives and stay out of the emergency room. There are four parts to successful asthma management:

1.Monitoring the child’s symptoms (such as breathlessness) so treatment can be provided before an asthma attack occurs.

2.Providing medication as prescribed by the child’s doctor.

3.Removing asthma triggers from the childcare environment.

4. Educating everyone who cares for the child so they understand how to manage the child’s asthma – including recognizing asthma symptoms, identifying and removing triggers,and providing the correct treatment.”

For more information about Caring for children with asthma, download the Massachusetts Guide of Caring for Children with Asthma.

With Quality Care in mind,

Shiketa Morgan

Assessing The Developmental Needs of The Children in Your Care

Assessing the Developmental needs of the children in your Child Care program is a great way to determine if your program is meeting the Developmental needs of the children in your care.

According to Zero-to-Three Organization, “A developmental assessment is a process designed to deepen understanding of a child’s competencies and resources, and of the care giving and learning environments most likely to help a child make fullest use of his or her developmental potential.”

At the beginning of every preschool year I require that parents send a 3-ring binder  to preschool with  their children. We call that 3-ring binder a Portfolio. A portfolio is an organized way of keeping track of a child’s developmental progress.

In each child’s portfolio, we store samples of: class work (art, handwriting,etc), classroom observations, photos and developmental assessment forms. We review the portfolio with the parents in the form of a parent-teacher conference in November of every preschool year.

If you are not already conducting developmental assessments, I want to inspire you to start now. Developmental assessments, adds a sense of  purpose to learning and play in your program.

In fact, you will find that parents will appreciate you and your staff for taking the extra time to assess their child’s developmental progress.

Do you need a sample assessment form? Here is a link to a sample developmental assessment form, click here.

Also, it is important that you plan activities that are Developmentally Appropriate for each age group. Planning Developmentally appropriate activities, helps children to progress accordingly.

Do you Need Developmentally appropriate lesson plans? If so, join the Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club!

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