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Finding Inspiration Through Business Journaling

I began business Journaling back in 2003. In fact, business Journaling forced me to reflect and put my thoughts on paper. Back in 2003, I was a new center Owner /Director and I struggled with leading my staff. Most of all, I had many stressful days.

As I grew as a leader, I would journal about my progress and periodically look back over my business Journals to see how far I had come in business.

The day before I wrote this blog post, I was feeling uninspired and blah. So, I began to look through my business Journals to find some inspiration. I am so happy and inspired today because of a prayer that I wrote in one of my business Journals from 2006.

In 2006, the center was struggling financially, and I was ready to quit. However, on that particular day, I found the courage to keep going and I wrote a prayer that I believe moved the business into a realm of growth and increase.

Seeing that prayer motivated me and I was truly inspired to share that inspiration with you!

I shared this post to say this, your business will only move in the direction of the words that you speak and the prayers that you pray. Furthermore, I want to challenge you to find the time to Journal, because Journaling just may inspire your next business decision!

Also, I want to encourage you to finish the year strong by Journaling about this year. Here are a few examples:

  • Journal about your successes
  • Journal about any failures and what your learned from the failures
  • Write down your goals and aspirations for the upcoming business year.
  • Write a prayer for your business from your heart.

Much Success to Your,

Shiketa Morgan

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When I Changed My Mindset, My Child Care Business Grew

For many years I experienced low enrollment and lack in my business. In fact, many of my heart’s desires did not manifest because of my mindset. However, once I discovered that the thoughts in my mind and the words that I spoke over the business; determined what I saw in the business.

” Change Your Words,

Change Your Thoughts,

Change Your Business”

Furthermore, once I began to change the words that I spoke over my business, began to read books written by successful CEO’s and worked on my mindset, my business began to grow.

Can you relate to my story? Do you feel like your business is stuck? Are you frustrated with your business success? Are most of your business decisions fear based?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, I want to inspire you to get a copy of my new book, Pivoting from a Poverty Mindset to a Millionaire Mindset today.

In my new book, I share the steps that I took to transform my thinking from Lack based thinking to thinking like a Millionaire. I want to invite you to visit my website today, download the ebook or order a hardback copy of my book on Amazon and get ready to Think Bigger as you enter into a new Business year! click here

With Your Business Success in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan

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