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Tips For Sharing Your Business Card

This blog post was inspired by one of my Facebook friends, Christina Margolis. The day before I published this blog post, I made a bank deposit and as I made the deposit, I decided to share a few of my business cards to the bank teller.

I waited for the teller to greet me after my transaction reached the inside of the bank and he said: “Good evening!  I replied, Hello! (with an exciting tone of voice), Good evening to you as well… then I said,  I own a center not too far from here, if you know someone looking for child care or preschool, please share my card with them. The teller said, Sure! Then I replied, thank you and you have a great day!”

I shared this moment with you, because I want to inspire you to get in the habit of telling others about your Business. In fact, if you are shy, that’s OK….just keep practicing and you will become more comfortable with sharing your Business cards. I’m introverted by nature, however, over the years, I have come out of my shyness and I tell others about my business on a regular basis.

The next time that you are in the grocery store or  out shopping and you see a mom or dad with children,  that’s a great opportunity for you to gain a potential client.

For example: Slowly walk over to the parent, (smile) and say, “Excuse me ma’am or sir , I see that you have some beautiful children and I was wondering if your children are enrolled in childcare or a preschool program?”  If the parent says no, consider Offering  the family a trial day in your program and give the parent  a few  of your business cards. Then say, “It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!”

If the parent already has childcare, you could simply say: ” I was just wondering if you were in need of childcare, because I own a Child Care Business and if you are ever seeking to make a change in your child care provider, feel free to give me a call (hand the parent your Business card). Thanks for taking the time to speak with me and you have a great day.”

I look forward to reading your comments about today’s blog post. Be sure to leave your comment below.

To your Success!



Choosing a Business Mentor



Are you having challenges with your Child Care Business? Thinking about expanding or Starting up a Child Care Business? If so, I want to suggest that you seek out a Business Mentor. Business mentoring is a great way for you to gain new Business insight and effective mentoring will help you to get unstuck!

When I decided to open my Child Care Business back in 1998, I was very frustrated, because I could not find someone to help me to get the Business Started other than the Child Day Care association. In fact, a Representative from the CDCA stopped by my home, gave me some toys and some books to read and I was still stuck!

So, I decided to buy books on the Business of Child Care. The books were helpful in the area of paper work, however, when it came to managing staff, I needed more help!

I eventually found a great mentor and she still gives me great advice right now today! In fact, she encouraged me to mentor other Child Care Business Owners and I’m glad that she did…because I love it!

Today I want to share 5 effective ways to seek out a Business Mentor.

1. Choose a mentor that has a proven track record or who is willing to openly share his or her business successes or failures.  Furthermore, a true mentor will never hold back vital information.

2. Offer to take your potential mentor out to lunch or offer to pay for his or her time. If you want to go to another level, be willing to pay the price. What we pay for…We tend to value more!

3. Choose an experienced mentor. For example. If you want to start a chain of childcare businesses, it’s not a good idea to seek business advice from someone who has only been a business owner for 1 year.  Unplug, from groups of complaining Child Care Business Owners and get a Mentor or  a Coach!

4. I do not suggest, that you stop by local daycare’s for start-up advice. Child Care Center owners are very busy and I suggest that you call or send an email, inquiring about mentoring. Here is a sample Mentor ship Invitation:

Hello (Your prospective mentor name)

My name is (your name) and I really admire the way that you run your Business and I would love for you to be my Business mentor. In fact, I’m sure that you are busy and I was wondering if I could take you out to lunch and discuss the possibility of you being my Business mentor.

If you are not available to meet me for lunch, I would love to offer ($______) for 1-hour of your time.

My goal is to open a __________________ and I need some direction. I look forward to hearing from you soon and I can hardly wait to meet with you.

Your name

I can remember when I wanted to expand my Child Care Business and I reached out to a local Business Owner (who owns a Fortune 500 company). She was too busy to mentor me and referred me to one of her business partners. That’s when I decided that some business owners are too busy to mentor other Business owners and there is always someone else that is willing to share with you what you need to know.

I currently have 2 Business mentors: One for my Online Business and One for my Child Care Business. Furthermore, I encourage you to choose a Business Mentor, because having wise business counsel is a vital part of your Business Success.

To Your Success!


If you are seeking out a Business Mentor, I would love to mentor you. Click here

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