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Fun Earth Day Ideas

earth day

The earth is what we all have in common.

— Wendell Berry

Every year in April I look forward to earth day events!In fact, I look forward to all of the gardening projects with the children at my Child Care Center and so much more.

Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection and Earth Day is observed on April 22nd each year.

Also, Earth day is a great day to teach young children how to be earth friendly with fun enriching activities. Need some Earth Day ideas? Check out the Activities below:

Take off Shoes! If you have a grassy area in your yard or on your playground; encourage the children to take off their shoes and feel the grass in between their toes.

Look up at the Sky!Encourage the children to lay down in a grassy area and look up at the sky. be sure to ask the children the following question; “How does that make you feel?”

Turn Our the Lights! On Earth Day, open the blinds and turn off the lights. This is a great way to save energy!

Clean-up Your Neighborhood! Consider taking the older children on a walk around your home or your center to pick-up trash in the neighborhood. * Be sure to carry business cards with you. On the back of the card write the words, ” We are an earth Friendly Child Care program.”

Want more ideas? Check out this blog post: 100 Ways to celebrate earth Day.

With the Earth in Mind,



5 Ways To Green Your Kids by Myra Abdus-Saboor

According to the Owner and Director of Teach Children Early Learning Center, “The warm weather is here and the kids are excited about all the fun activities they can during the summer. Your pocket is saying: Humm!

Think about all of the items you purchase regularly, that can be reused, recycled, save your family money, keep your kids happy and busy during the summer months.
Many families spend thousands of dollars on toys and activities that can be made simply and inexpensively. With just a few supplies on hand and for purchase at your local discount stores, you can create and make your own toys, games and fun summer activities”

If you desire ways to “Green Your Kids” here are some ideas to get started, Green_Your_Kids(1)

Thanks Myra for sharing such a wonderful resource. I can hardly wait to download my copy and share with my staff! Be sure to check out Myra’s Website at

Do you have an Earth Friendly resource or ideas to share with other Child Care Business Owners? If so, email your idea to me at

With an Earth Friendly Child Care Business in mind,

~Shiketa Morgan

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