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Follow-Up Is A Vital Part of Building Enrollment


Follow-up is a vital part of sales and enrollment building. In fact, I have discovered that when I fail to reach out to potential clients; most of the time, the parent may choose another daycare because they needed child care right away.

Furthermore, when you do not follow-up with potential clients, you are losing potential Business!**This is called..leaving money on the table!

Moreover, I have discovered many steps to effectively following up with parents and I have found that they work!  Here are 3 easy ways to follow-up with parents and build your enrollment :

  1. Create a visitor log that ask for the parent’s name, phone number and email address
  2. Collect contact information from parents when they call your home or center.
  3. Follow-up with the parent within 24-48 hours of calling or visiting your program

**This blog post is an Excerpt from my 12 Day Enrollment Building ecourse in my Marketing 101 toolkit!

With Your Success in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan


Marketing Monday: Your Business Maintenance Plan


Your Marketing plan will either make or break your business. In fact, a Successful Child Care Business has a  marketing plan that consists of the following:

  1. Conducting tours on a regular basis
  2. Marketing via social media
  3. Has a Website that has current information
  4. Passes out brochures and business cards on a regular basis

My list can go on and on, however, I think you get the point. Another aspect of marketing that I think we ( busy Child Care Business Owners) tend to leave out of our marketing plan is The building maintenance!

Yes! When parents visit your home or your center, they will check out your Building maintenance.

Please allow me to share my marketing story about the broken door knob. Listen now!

Shiketa Morgan

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