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Featured Child Care Business Owner: Sherry Bolds, Owner of One to Grow On

545261_10200305529111056_1456166370_nSherry Bolds, Owner/Director (Located in Florissant, Missouri)

Sherry Bolds contacted me back in August to Coach her through the Accreditation Process. In fact, in our recent telephone conversations, I could tell that Sherry wanted to set a higher standard for her staff and she was ready to take her school to another level.

Operating a Licensed Child Care Center is required, however, Operating an  Accredited Child Care Business is a choice.

In fact, when you decide to go through the Accreditation process; you decide to do the work that it takes to build a high quality Child Care Business for young children.

My first visit to Sherry’s center was so exciting. Moreover, I was amazed at her sign in front of her building.  Moreover, Sherry’s sign is colorful, bright, bold and it stands out.

Also, before you enter the building, you will see Mrs. Sherry’s nice Child Care bus out front. (see pictures below)


Upon entering Sherry’s center, you must be buzzed into the building, which is a great way to keep children safe and monitor visitors.

My Accreditation Coaching Journey With Sherry’s Center…

I have been working with Sherry and her Staff since August 12, 2013 on the self-study process of Accreditation. The teachers are very eager to learn new information and work to improve their classrooms. Moreover, I really enjoy the weekly coaching calls and providing the staff with resources to improve their classrooms.

Sherry and I talk on the phone every day and text at least once a day. We talk about the Accreditation process, any discuss challenges, we laugh and sometimes disagree, however, our ultimate goal is to get One to Grow on Accredited.

My observations of Sherry…

I Love how Sherry is hands- on with her business;  Her office is near the front door, she has an open door policy for her staff and is busy all day long. (with the exception of nap time)

Sherry has a large center, however, she is able to manage the staff, talk with parents, answer phones, monitor video cameras, mentor staff and work on meeting Accreditation requirements. Now that’s a busy Child Care Business Owner!

What we have accomplished so far…

Over the course of 3 -weeks, I have been able to access One to Grow on in the following areas:

  • Child/Teacher Interactions
  • Health/Safety practices
  • Physical Environment (in process)

In an Accredited center, the teachers must interact with the children based on Accreditation standards and some of those indicators are as follows:

  • The teachers must frequently move around the classroom as needed to interact with the children
  • Teachers must use a nurturing reassuring tone of voice when talking with the children

When you walk into One to Grow on classrooms, you will see the indicators above. The staff have already evaluated their health/safety practices in their classrooms and ready to work on their physical environment. Some of the Accreditation Quality practices that you will see at One to Grow on includes:

  • The children have access to drinking water in their classrooms
  • All materials and equipment are in good condition
  • Sick policy in place
  • Children wash hands before/after water play and so much more!

I just issued Physical Environment Recommendations and so far, the teachers have clearly defined learning centers in their classrooms and are working on other areas on their self-study.

The Accreditation journey is just beginning for One to Grow on and I believe that One to Grow on is on their way to being an Accredited Child Care Center.

I want to say Congratulations to you Mrs. Sherry; thanks for choosing me to be your Coach and I look forward to seeing you hold your Accreditation Certificate in your hand!

Below are photos of Mrs. Sherry’s Center.


I just love this foyer area. Nice leather benches for parents to relax while waiting to pick up their child. (3 weeks ago their were coat racks in this area.)


This corner used to be a computer corner in the 4-year old Class and Ms. Charlene created a cozy reading corner.


I love this bulletin board! In fact, this wall used to be filled with photos, now parents are welcomed with this wonderful fall related board.


I just love all the space that Sherry has on her playground! She will be adding sand boxes soon.


Computerized Sign-in area and tuition box.


Ms. Karen is the 2-year old teacher and she was showing me her wall collage near the dramatic play area.


This bulletin board is found right outside the office and I love the framing on the board.


I just love open ended art (no right or wrong way) just be creative.




The center signs that you see above were recently added to the classrooms, to clearly define the learning centers. I love the fact that the learning objectives are added to the signs.


999454_10200305529511066_430217700_nBe sure to Like One to Grow on Facebook Page

I hope that you have been inspired by Sherry’s feature and I look forward to joining the discussion below.


If you would like to find out more information about my Child Care Business Coaching, click here.

Featured Business Owner: Darlene DeStratis Owner of Kids Christian Preschool

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I recently talked with Darlene Destratis (Owner of Kids Christian Preschool). Darlene has a desire to start a small center and she contacted me about the process of becoming her very own Director. I must say that this was one of the most inspiring coaching calls that I have ever done. In fact, Darlene is such a sweet woman and has a passion for caring for young child. Moreover, I could hardly wait to share her story with you. After a Coaching call with Darlene, I invited her to share her story with the readers of the Child Care Business Owner Blog (CCBO). Check out the interview questions and Darlene response below:

CCBO Blog: Tell me about your childcare experience?

Darlene DeStatris: I have been doing Childcare for 25 years. I have done Family Home childcare for 20 years and worked as an Infant/Toddler Preschool Teacher in 2 Daycare centers for 5 years. I have worked with children of all ages. I also teach Preschool age children at our Church in Auburn Ma. I run a Christian Preschool that teaches a Bible base Curriculum and a school readiness program that prepares children for school.

CCBO: How many children you care for and  number of workers?

Darlene DeStratis: I am licensed for 10 children in the state of Ma. I have 7 children enrolled actively at the moment and 3 more coming as soon as they are processed and all paperwork is completed. (Ages infants – 5 yrs)

CCBO: Tell me about your recent room expansion and Why did you decide to build on to your home daycare?

Darlene DeStratis: In the last year to year and half we were running out of room in the home.  So after looking at different options to try to add more space , we decided to add more space by adding on a 4 season sun room to accommodate my preschool age children; plus use the smaller room for my 3 infant slots.

CCBO Blog: Describe any Challenges you have faced and how you over came them?

Darlene DeStratis:  Some challenges I have had along the way; Keeping enrollment full at all times, Finances to keep business going, Running a Quality Preschool that parents and children would be excited about. Lastly being a Faithful, trust worthy, dependable provider that parents can count on and trust to care for their children.

CCBO Blog: Tell the readers about Your dream to open a center and why you prefer a small center?

Darlene DeStratis: I always dreamed of owning my own center. In 1999 my husband was on a leave of absence from his job for a medical reason. While he was home during that month we work talking and praying for some direction for the daycare.

Darlene’s Vision: My husband shared with me what he had seen. That same night I had a dream similar to his vision. God showed me a building and as you entered the building their was a gold chandelier hanging /red carpet and a large painting on the white wall with Jesus with the children and the scripture underneath of Mark 10:14 which says Let the little children come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of God. I also saw a long hall way with doors to many rooms. End if Dream.

I shared this with my husband the very next day; we both felt that God want(s) us to work together and open up a center for the children. We did work together for 1 year after that and then I hired my Christian friend to come work with me and my husband got a full time job with a Christian friend from church.In the meantime Tragedy came in our midst when my husbands dad became ill. They would not let him come home unless someone could take care of him.

We knew what we needed to do. So I closed my daycare and we sold our house to move in with him and take care of him til he got well. we stayed for a little over a year. Dad got well and basically wanted us out. so we moved to an apartment just down the street from him. I got a job working at a daycare center just a couple of miles from my house; worked their for 31/2 years then left due to some problems with some of the employees. I went to work at another daycare for a while and filled in as a substitute teacher in different classes until I was  hired full-time. I worked for the following summer after that. In the meantime my husbands Dad got sick again and was in and out of the hospital many times. He did end up passing away and we moved into his house.

After a few months I decided It was time to reopen my daycare. Rename it and see where God leads me. I haven’t thought about opening a center for a while. All of a sudden I been thinking about it a lot. I saw a building I thought God was showing me but it was sold and a business moved in. So I let it go until now. So now I am looking into my dream of owning my own center again. I see God is opening some doors for me that were closed for a while and I am trusting in him to lead and guide me and prepare the way.

 I like small groups. I think they are  easier to manage. So I have a dream of maybe 20-30 children for my center but who know what God has in store for me.

CCBO blog: The steps that you are taking to see that dream come to pass?

Darlene Destratis: The steps I am taking to make this dream come true is through prayer,Trust in God, help from reliable sources, looking for classes and steps that EEC requires to become a director, and begin to look and watch for a building God might be showing me that will be where my center could be. God is a BIG God and he can fulfill BIG Dreams!

End of Interview

Do you desire to expand your home daycare to a center or start a chain of centers? Whatever your goals may be, I hope that Darlene’s story inspired you to start taking steps toward your dreams!

If you want to start a center, I inspire you to join my upcoming 12-week mastermind club that will be forming in January 2013. Send me an email if you are interested. contact me at Until then… prepare your more for a larger business in the 21-Day Mastermind eClub.


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