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Where are the Business Grants????



Have you ever said, ” Where are the Grants!!!”  Moreover, have you applied for a grant and was denied?

 If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, it’s time to position yourself to have access to grant funds; to avoid applying for bank loans and being a servant to a bank for the next 5-10 years.

After browsing the internet, I found a great article that defines the significance, functions, types, benefits, considerations and warnings about business grants.

 Check out this article, All About Grants.

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Steps To Having Increase In Your Child Care Business?

The Child Care Business is full of financial ups and downs, including: Low enrollment seasons.  Has there been times when you looked around your business and you really want to upgrade, but you didn’t have the funds? Also, have you wondered, where are the grants or should I get a bank loan?

These are all valid questions and  I believe that if you are asking these questions, you want your childcare business to succeed.  Having financial increase assures that you are able to supply your business with the things that it needs and to also supply you with financial increase.

In 2005, I experienced some financial lack in my business. It was devastating. My enrollment went from 40 to 10 children. I was forced to cut my employee hours and I was in the process of selling my business to another childcare center that was thriving.

After much prayer and thought, I found the faith to keep going. I reviewed my marketing practices, I evaluated the books that I was reading, I sought spiritual advice and I changed my mindset about my business.

Some of the things that I did to transform the financial status of my business included:

  • I bought an audio series titled” Increase” by Bob Harrison. This changed the way that I looked at my business and transformed my thoughts to increase thoughts. I stopped thinking lack, and started thinking increase.
  • I started speaking increase over my business. Instead of talking about the lack of enrollment, I started talking about the kids that were to come.
  • I expected the enrollment to increase!

After applying all three of these steps, my enrollment increased, my employees were more confident in my leadership and I do not speak lack words over my business any more. Moreover, I constantly meditate on increase thoughts and speak increase daily over my childcare business. Furthermore, I get rid of slack when I see it, because slack also leads to financial decrease.

My experience  has motivated me to share with you that a childcare business can be a wealthy and thriving business if we think increase, have increase behavior and expect increase.

Examples of Increase Confessions and Thoughts:

  • My Business will thrive
  • I am expecting more finances
  • Looking forward to grant opportunities
  • I need to be prepared for an increase in enrollment
  • I am expecting a Great Fundraiser to purchase needed materials

If you know of any grant opportunities or fundraising programs that will help other providers increase funds in their childcare business, feel free to share them by commenting below.


To Your Success,

Shiketa Morgan

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