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It’s Time to Change How We Do Business!

1378884_10203583732824100_1697272836321419097_n Several hours before writing this blog post, I took a trip to the Grocery store and to the Post office.

In fact, As I began to check out at the grocery store, I noticed there was tape on the floors to promote social distancing between each customer and I saw COVID 19 signs all over the store. Then I thought, COVID 19 has truly changed How we Do Business! 

Seeing  all those yellow signs all over the store and yellow tape on the floor inspired me to think about what I needed to do differently to protect my employees, children and staff.

Then after leaving the grocery store, I went to the post office and I saw red tape on the floors and plexiglass in front of the help counter. When I saw that plexiglass, I thought: that’s a great idea.

So, I immediately called my husband and I asked Him if He could install  some hanging plexiglass in front of our receptionist desk at our center to protect the health of our office staff.

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced that we cannot continue doing business as usual. In fact, this is the time to implement new practices that will reassure your parents that you care about their well being and their health. Most of all, you must protect your very own health as well.

My center closed for 2 weeks and while we are closed, I have been thinking of ways to prevent the spread of germs during this COVID 19 Pandemic.

We have a upcoming summer camp and I’m wondering how this pandemic is going to affect where we go on field trips. Furthermore, I am already considering having a private preschool graduation with just the kids and staff and go Live on Facebook for the families to see our ceremony.

Whatever you decided to do, please remember to keep the health and wellness of your families in mind.

I would like to ask you a question? What have you decided to do differently to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus? Please share below.

I look forward to your response.


10 Websites That Every Child Care Provider Must Visit

As a childcare business owner, you may have discovered that keeping children safe and providing a healthy environment is an ongoing task. In fact, it seems to be the #1 focus of a childcare provider.

There are 10 websites that are loaded with health, fitness, nutrition and safety information that I believe every childcare business owner must visit and they are as follows:

  1. American Academy of Pediatrics
  2. The ask the Mediatrician
  3. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention
  4. Fit Source
  5. Head Start Body Start
  6. Let’s Move
  7. My Pyramid for Preschoolers
  8. Preschool Education from PE Central
  9. Safe Kids USA
  10. The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission

I know that may seem like a wealth of information in one blog post, however, I suggest that you visit at least one of the sites a day. You may also choose to follow the above organizations of social media or subscribe to their e-newsletters.

With Health & Safety in mind,


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