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Is Your Hiring Process Working For You?

For many years I had a very strategic hiring system in place. That system included the following steps:

  1. I required the applicant to apply online
  2. An onsite interview was scheduled
  3. A classroom observation is required
  4. After the classroom observation, I would talk with the staff member that was in charge of observing the applicant
  5. We contacted the former employer to check the applicants track record
  6. Then I would gather all the information that we had and made a hiring decision

Once we hire the employee, we hold an onsite orientation which included completing all personnel forms, introduces the new employee to the team and giving the employee a tour of the facility.

This entire week I have been busy doing telephone and Zoom interviews. One thing that I discovered is this: I absolutely love doing Zoom interviews. In fact, I can see the applicant as if we were in the same room and I can also feel the applicant’s energy via zoom.

Furthermore, after doing multiple Zoom interviews this week, I was able to weed out some applicants and select the best candidates for the center.

Also, I recently decided to create a new virtual orientation video to provide the new employees with a on demand orientation that saves us time and energy. I must say that the potential applicants loved the convenience of watching a video from home.

So, with all the above in mind, I must say that my old system was no longer working and I have been inspired to go to a more virtual hiring process. After all, it can be exhausting doing all those face-to-face interviews, the applicant can save gas money and you can save lots of time with a virtual hiring process.

How is your hiring process? Do you prefer face to face interviews? Do you love to do zoom interviews? Do you have an orientation process? Have I inspired you to make any changes?

If you are a Center Owner, I want to inspire you to download a copy of my Directors handbook; a step by step guide to managing staff and you will also find my Art of Owning a Center Coaching series very inspiring.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Does The Ideal Employee For Your Child Care Business Exist?

 Does The ideal Employee Exist?

I believe that most Child Care Business Owners with employees wonder if the ideal employee exists. To be realistic, the answer is this: You must create your ideal employee!

It took me 11 years to realize that if I want the ideal employee, I must create the ideal job offer that offers growth. The perfect candidate has very little room to grow and employees love a company that offers growth.

My center is Accredited and there are very strict qualification guidelines for new employees and I find that many potential applicants may not meet those guidelines.

In fact, because of my challenges of finding the ideal employee for my center, I decided to change the way that I seek out potential applicants. Furthermore, I decided that I must create my very own Ideal employee.

Take a moment and write down what you believe would be the ideal employee for your Child Care center, then evaluate if you have the ideal employees for your Business. Feel free to share below:


For more employee management tips, grab a copy of my Director’s Handbook or Art of Owning a Center ebook.

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