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A Successful Child Care Business Has a Winning Team

Building a Successful Child Care Business, begins with you having a Winning Team. Along with having a winning team, it is vital that the team has inspirational leaders on site. Moreover, it is vital that you know how to pick and retain a winning team.

It took me about five years to truly discover how to build a winning team. In fact, when I first opened my Child Care Center in 2003, I hired all the wrong people, my turnover was high, and I did not know how to inspire my team.

Once I discovered that I needed to grow as a leader and I really needed to focus on what I looked for in employees, I began to build a winning team. In fact, once I discovered how to build a winning team, my team treated one another like family.

Are you happy with your team? Could you use some team building strategies? Do you have a great team and just want to gain some new insight on building a winning team? Is there unity amongst your staff? Is there a Family like culture in your center?

If you answered “NO”to any of the questions above, I want to invite you to join my new membership club, The Inspired Child Care Leader’s Club.

During the month of February, the Empowerment topic is: Building a Winning Team. Are you ready to build a winning Team? If so, you don’t want to miss all the empowerment. I will be sending out my next email to the club members and it includes an audio on how to build a winning team!

Join today and gain access to Inspirational coaching audios/downloads and weekly empowerment for Business Success in 2023!

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Hope to see you in the Club!


Is Your Hiring Process Working For You?

For many years I had a very strategic hiring system in place. That system included the following steps:

  1. I required the applicant to apply online
  2. An onsite interview was scheduled
  3. A classroom observation is required
  4. After the classroom observation, I would talk with the staff member that was in charge of observing the applicant
  5. We contacted the former employer to check the applicants track record
  6. Then I would gather all the information that we had and made a hiring decision

Once we hire the employee, we hold an onsite orientation which included completing all personnel forms, introduces the new employee to the team and giving the employee a tour of the facility.

This entire week I have been busy doing telephone and Zoom interviews. One thing that I discovered is this: I absolutely love doing Zoom interviews. In fact, I can see the applicant as if we were in the same room and I can also feel the applicant’s energy via zoom.

Furthermore, after doing multiple Zoom interviews this week, I was able to weed out some applicants and select the best candidates for the center.

Also, I recently decided to create a new virtual orientation video to provide the new employees with a on demand orientation that saves us time and energy. I must say that the potential applicants loved the convenience of watching a video from home.

So, with all the above in mind, I must say that my old system was no longer working and I have been inspired to go to a more virtual hiring process. After all, it can be exhausting doing all those face-to-face interviews, the applicant can save gas money and you can save lots of time with a virtual hiring process.

How is your hiring process? Do you prefer face to face interviews? Do you love to do zoom interviews? Do you have an orientation process? Have I inspired you to make any changes?

If you are a Center Owner, I want to inspire you to download a copy of my Directors handbook; a step by step guide to managing staff and you will also find my Art of Owning a Center Coaching series very inspiring.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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