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What Does Your Child Care Business Have That Parents Need or Want?

I have recently been fighting a really bad cold and cough. In fact, my goal is to nurture my body back to health  by only consuming what my body needs, some nutrition. Furthermore, this means that I have been looking for supplements that have what I want.

Moreover, today I want to inspire you to think about creating a Child Care Business that has what parents truly need or want for their children.

Do you know what your parents really want? Have you asked them lately? The secret of a successful business is this one thing: Offer a service or a product that your customers want or need!

Check out this spontaneous video that I recorded as I sat at my Kitchen table.  Be sure to leave your comments below!

To Your Success,

Shiketa Morgan

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The Brochure

Your brochure is a reflection of your Business. In fact, it is a great way to market your program. Moreover, a high quality brochure makes a great impression on parents.

Many years ago, I used to create my very own brochures on my home computer (using color paper), then (several years ago) I decided to get my brochures professionally printed on glossy paper. I must say that getting my brochures professionally printed was money well spent.

As a home provider I was working with a very limited budget and I could not afford to have my brochures professionally printed;  So I created my very own brochures to handout to parents.

However, that was over 10 years ago for me and since then, I have found very affordable ways of getting high quality brochures.

Furthermore, now that I own a center, I have more slots to fill and I have a larger marketing budget and I notice that parents love to read my brochures.

Today I want to share with you 5 key pieces of information to include in your brochure:

  1. Your Philosophy or a brief synopsis about your program
  2. Programs that you offer, (Infant/toddler care, preschool, before/after care,etc)
  3. Your logo
  4. Website
  5. Contact Information

If you already have brochures; be sure to carry brochures with you along with business cards; insert your brochure in  your enrollment packets, have extra brochures on hand, in the event your supply gets low and issue brochures to parents.

Need brochures? I recommend that you try your local Office Depot or Vista print; they have worked for me and are very affordable!

Bonus tips:

  • Purchase a brochure holder to display your brochures where parents can easily see them in your program.
  • Create colorful brochures

With Your Child Care Business in Mind,


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