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Ideas for a Fun and Safe Playground Experience

Children love to play outdoors and your role is to provide children with  a fun and enriching experience  while on the playground. Moreover, I believe that the playground is an extension of your indoor environment.

In fact, going outdoors is a great way to take indoor activities outdoors; enjoy some fresh air; explore the items that are on the playground and explore nature.

Furthermore,  going outdoors for at least one-hour a day is a great way to encourage gross motor development, such as: running, jumping, climbing, skipping, paddling, digging and so much more.

There are a variety of  ways to encourage gross motor play and outdoor exploration by simply providing a playground experience that the children in your care will enjoy.

Check out the fun & enriching  playground activity ideas below :

Gardening Tools

Children love to dig! Having gardening tools will encourage the children to dig for worms, explore or to start an outdoor garden. Be sure to establish safety rules for the gardening tools and that the children are closely supervised while digging with gardening tools.

Water Play

Along with having a water table outdoors, bring out some pails of water with sponges and encourage the children to wash the playground equipment or bikes; this will keep the children very busy!

Side Walk Chalk

If you have a black top or patio area, having chalk outdoors is a great way to promote handwriting and creativity. So the next time that you go outdoors, don’t forget the chalk.

Outdoor Spray Art

Ahead of time, fill some small spray bottles with water and paint; hang large pieces of paper along the fence with clothes line pins.  Encourage the children to spray the paper with the water bottles. The children will love this colorful outdoor art experience. *This activity will be messy, so request that parents send a shirt for painting.

Sea Shells in the Sand

Adding sea shells to the sandbox will provide the children with a beach like experience. Sea Shells can be purchased at the local Walmart or arts & craft store.

Bring Dramatic Play Outdoors

Do you have a picnic table on your playground? This will be a great place to promote picnic fun or simply pretending to enjoy a meal outdoors.

Outdoor Construction Play

As the children are playing with the gardening tools, you may have some children that may want to move the soil to another area of the playground. Adding toy dump trucks will be great way for the children to role play as construction workers.

Don’t forget the Bubbles!

Children love to blow, chase and play with bubbles. So be sure to always take the bubbles outdoors with you!

Playground Rules

To assure a fun and safe outdoor experience you must develop a set of safety rules for the children and review them before going outdoors. Here is short list of playground safety rules:

  • Go down the slide on our bottom
  • The sand stays in the sandbox
  • The bikes are for the black top or patio area
  • We do not climb on the fence, we climb on the climbers
  • The gardening tools are for digging

Before going outdoors, conduct a playground safety checklist. Also, be sure to conduct a head count before going outdoors and before going back inside the home or building.

With a Fun Playground Experience in mind,


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5 Ways to Keep Children Cool and Hydrated on the Playground

Children love to play outdoors and they seem to care less about the temperature outdoors. In fact, they just want to play outdoors. However, it is your responsibility to make outdoor time a fun, safe and healthy experience.

Moreover, it is very important that you assure that children stay hydrated when they are playing outdoors, because children can dehydrate easily.

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Children Cool and Hydrated on the Playground:

1. Provide a shaded area for the children to relax and get out of the sun. Consider adding a tent or umbrella on the playground.

2. Take the water and cups outdoors. Having water available for the children will assure that children stay hydrated while outdoors.

3. Set-up a  water table on the playground. Playing in water helps to keep the body cool.

4. Go outdoors before 10am or after 4pm.

5. Turn on the sprinklers on extremely hot days!

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