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How to Inspire Parents to Build a Library at Home


As you may already know, reading to a young child build’s his or her vocabulary and prepares them for school success. Also, having a variety of books for on hand for young children, creates a love for reading and enhances a child’s imagination.

Moreover, this is why it is so important that you inspire parents to build a library at home for their children.

One way that you can do this is by subscribing to Scholastic book and send the book order forms home (once a month) with your parents, so that they can order books for their child(ren) at an affordable rate. Also, sharing literacy articles with parents (on a weekly basis) is a great way to inspire parents to read to their children.


I’ve been receiving Scholastic book orders since 2003 and I have built a very large collection of books in my childcare center, just from receiving free books from parent scholastic book orders. Moreover, the parents at my center love to order books for their kids and my hope is that they are building a library at home for their children.

You may already be a subscriber of scholastic book, however, I want you to know that you are in a  position to inspire parents to start a library in their home(s) for their young child(ren).

Need more inspiration? Check out this quote:

” A Nation that reads much..knows much.” ~Thomas Jefferson

In summary, in my recent research of school readiness, I read a quote from a Kindergarten teacher and she wrote: ” The best way to prepare a child for kindergarten, is by reading to him or her.”

Here are some great articles to Share With Your Parents


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Is Your Child Care Business Preparing Children for School Readiness?

Ensuring that children are ready for successful school experiences is one of the most pressing issues in early childhood policy and practice. `NAEYC

One of the top questions that parents ask me is: “Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?” And I simply reply, Yes!

In fact, I can honestly reply with a confident YES, because in my preschool program we are always focusing on meeting the developmental needs of each child and taking the necessary steps to prepare children for school readiness.

If you are worried that your program may not be preparing the children in your program for school readiness, I suggest that you contact your local school district and review their kindergarten requirements.Also, check out this article on School Readiness by NAEYC, Click here

However, it is more important, to be sure that the children in your care are provided with developmentally appropriate experiences, because this is a step to assuring that the children in your program are be prepared for school success!

Furthermore, now when parents ask you if your program prepares children for school, you can honestly answer by saying… Yes!!

Check out this video below

(The video speaks to the parent, however, it’s a great video for the caregiver as well)

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