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19 Ways to Build a Successful Business (Get Your Free Audio)

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Kicking Off 2014 With The Right Business Mindset by Erika Schmidt

The following post is a guest post by Erika Schmidt.

In every business venture, small-scale or big league, having the know-how of what you’re getting yourself into isn’t enough. Sure, to be equipped with viable knowledge on the matter is crucial to get you through crunch time, but even the smartest and most capable businessmen have lost millions because they’ve overlooked an aspect so tiny it’s often been taken for granted—possessing the right kinds of attitude for business.

Entrepreneur, a business bible used by novice and veterans alike, is home to countless tips and strategies to help those interested in making their ideas flourish into a profitable kind. Their article, one that focused on “success being all in the attitude” caught my eye.

 As 2014 brings in a newfound sense of hope, you too can use this opportunity to reinvent and take on a bigger, bolder approach in your childcare business—not only in your carefully laid-out strategies and techniques, but in the way you set your entrepreneurial mindset to help set you apart from the millions of serious competition out there. Allow me to take a leaf out of their book and share with you tidbits of useful wisdom:

 1.       PASSION

We’ve often heard people say that “if you love what you’re doing, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”—and I couldn’t stress the importance of this saying. You have to fall in love with your work. Passion gets you through those times when you feel like quitting because things don’t seem to work in your favour. When the going gets tough, those who are passionate about their craft are the ones who get going.

 2.       TRUST

It takes time to build reputation. For starters, it takes a lot of hard work—not to mention years of the intense and grueling kind. Carving a name for your brand and making sure that it resonates trust amongst your clients is only possible if the service you give is consistently good. Consistence leads to trust and if they can see that your brand delivers all the time, they wouldn’t hesitate to invest in you—bonus points if they spread the word too!


Be flexible enough to be able to immediately adapt to change. After all, it’s the only constant thing in this world. With the fast-paced times that we live in, innovation is a common occurrence and we have to adapt if we don’t want to get left behind. But, never compromise your values in the process or even lose sight of your goal.


Who doesn’t fear businesses going bankrupt? Or their supposedly “brilliant idea” turning out to be a flop? No one. Yet as inevitable as this can be, this unpleasant feeling shouldn’t stop you from pursuing and taking a risk. The mistakes can be incredibly huge, but it also gave you two things in return—experience + valuable lessons learned.

5.       DECISIONS

In the article, one is encouraged to make “timely” decisions. While it is good to think it out first sometimes as opposed to making decisions on a whim, too much procrastination will only lead you to accomplishing nothing.


Simple. It’s YOU. You’re the driving force behind your company. Your people will look up to you. Be the best you can be.

 7.       EGO CHECK

Cockiness is good—but up to a certain level. If your ego is detrimental to your company, you’ve got to keep it under control. No one likes a big-headed boss. Unless you want them to leave or find a way to kick you out themselves.

8.       BELIEVE

You’ve got to have faith in yourself, your people, your brand, and of course—your company. If you don’t believe in them, who will?


Criticism helps and can go a long way. Take critique with a grain of salt especially if it is vital to your growth and the growth of the company. Admitting your shortcomings can be the key to success. Don’t let pride get in the way.


Your people will follow your lead. It’s crucial to have your a-game on at work.


A failed attempt isn’t the end all and be all of things. If it didn’t work out, as painful as the loss can be, it’s the perfect time for you to reflect on the things that went wrong and see how you can turn them into something better.


Risks can be good. This bold move can mean more doors opened, more opportunities, growth, and the company’s improvement. Innovation takes courage, and you have to embrace it wholeheartedly.

 There is no definite rulebook when it comes to succeeding in a business. What may work for others may not work for you. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you handle all the good and bad that comes with it. Wherever you go, attitude can make or break your shot at success so it’s crucial to keep yourself in check once in a while.


 About Kids World Kindy:

Erika_SchmidtKids World Kindy Child Care Centres and Preschools: is privately owned and operated. The first Kids World Kindy Centre was established in Western Sydney in 1985, management has more than 17 years experience in providing high quality care and educational programs.

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