Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

The Inspired Child Care Business Leader Club

The Inspired Child Care Business Leaders Club launches January 1, 2023!

In the Inspired Child Care Leaders Club you will receive a weekly inspirational and empowering email that includes downloadable audio coaching recorded by me on one of the following topics:

* Staff management strategies

*Marketing and Enrollment Building strategies

*Money management tips

*Leadership resource Links and downloads

*Business growth strategies and so much more!

Moreover, in my Inspirational Child Care Leaders Club, I will share proven Leadership strategies that I have used in my very own childcare business for over 24 years.

The monthly membership fee ( $39.95) is tax deductible, and it is affordable.

In fact, this membership club is like having a coach on demand that provides you with weekly inspiration and audio downloads that will help you to build a successful childcare business.

Most of all The Inspired Child Care Leaders Club is a membership club that inspires and motivates you as a Child Care Business Leader! ( See 2023 empowerment topics below)

Sign-up today for only $39.95/month!

When you Sign up You will Gain access to the Following:

  • 3 Coaching Audios from the Art of Owning a Child Care Center Coaching Program
  • A free download of my 2023 Business Success Planner
  • Access to my Build Your Business by Faith ebook Empowerment Bundle

Listen to Week One Coaching Audio

Get ready to Grow as a Child Business Care Leader!

” Your business will only rise to your ability to Lead”

                           " See You in the club"

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