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Tuition Policy Make-Over

Tuition Policy Makeover

Do you frequently have problems getting parents to pay you on-time? Is this issue causing a cash flow problem in your Child Care Business? Are you frustrated ?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it is time for you to take control over your tuition policy; get the solutions that you need; eliminate tuition collection frustrations and get practical solutions and strategies in the Tuition Policy Make-Over eCourse!

Many childcare business Owners ask me how do I get parents to pay them on-time and My answer is always as follows:

  1. You have to be very diligent about collecting payments on-time
  2. Parents must know that they must pay you on-time or choose another provider
  3. Be assertive about collecting payment, because being passive about your money, will only lead to delinquent accounts
  4. Finally,  if you know that you provide a great service and then you know that you Deserve to get paid for it!


The Tuition Policy  Makeover was great! After 23 years as a home provider, I’ve found that since the recession, I’ve had more difficulty with this issue and needed to change the way I collect from clients. It was easy to follow each step that was outlined each day. It was worth every penny! I plan to use it as I transition from Family Childcare to a Center.”
Terri Rash
Miss Terri’s Little School
Pocatello, Idaho
“I Love it I could not wait for each email to come in. Each day was put into action as you sent it. Thank you for making my Job a lot easier. Thank you so much for being a part of Growing my business!”
~Zelma Johnson

Watch the video Below

During the Tuition Policy  five-day eCourse, we will be cover the following topics and you will be provided with Practical Solutions in the following areas:
  • How to Create a Tuition Policy that works for you
  • How to enforce your tuition policy
  • Sample Signs to Post
  • Sample Tuition Payment Reminders
  • Hand written or Computer Generated receipts
  • Payment options: Cash, Check, Credit Cards or Paypal options
  • Check Writing Policy
  • Sample Child Care Contracts or Payment Agreement
  • Developing your prices and where to display your prices
  • Weekly, monthly or bi-weekly payments
  • The payment box
  • The Tuition due sign
  • How to Handle Delinquent Families
eCourse  Requirements
  • Check your email daily for the next five days
  • Download all forms
  • Print each e-course for your records
  • Create a Plan an Action
  • You will see results!


You are just one-click away from making over your Tuition Policy!

(After entering your payment information, be sure to wait to be directed to your sign-up page)


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