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How do you keep in touch with parents that visit your website? If your website does not have a feature or a way that you can collect parent information, you could be missing out on prospective enrollment. Follow-up is key to winning a sale or enrolling a child.

In most cases parents are simply visiting your website to check out your program. Some of the information that they look for includes:

  • Rates
  • Curriculum Information
  • Enrollment process
  • Calendar of Events
  • Photos

Also, some families are not ready to enroll right away, however, it is a great idea to keep in touch with them. Do you have a way to collect email addresses from parents that visit your site?

Using Mail Chimp is a great way to collect prospective customers information. Mail Chimp provides you with free sign-up templates to insert on your website, provides you with tips on how to grow your email list, email marketing tips and simply is a great tool to use as a way of collecting  customers email addresses.

What to do with the Email Addresses

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your current and prospective parents. As  you collect email addresses, be sure create email list  that will help you to organize email addresses and communicate with parents accordingly. Create a list of parents that currently have their children enrolled in your program and a list for prospective parents.

Some of the information that you may want to send to parents includes:  parenting tips, notify parents of your events and/or enrollment specials. Furthermore, sending email saves you the cost of postage and keep parents informed about your Child Care  Business!

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  1. ivonne said:

    Great idea , i’m go in to the follow , thanks for share


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