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10 Ways To Have a Fun and Safe Summer


I had a great time with my staff at our Annual Summer Safety training/meeting.  I believe that quality care is safe care and a few years ago, I have made it a tradition to start my Summer Camp off with a Safety Training.

After the training, I feel that my team is empowered to have a fun and safe Summer.

 I share many of my Summer Camp secrets in my Summer Camp Planning guide, however, today  I want to share 10 ways to have a fun and Safe Summer with you!

1. Be sure to plan lots of fun and exciting activities and field trips
2. Create a first aid kit for field trips and for the van
3. Invite parents to send sunscreen, sunglasses or sun hats for outdoor time
4. Take the water play outdoors this summer!

5. Be sure that you have at least 2 people on site, who are trained in first-aid & CPR.
6. Do not take children outdoors if the weather is above 90 degrees.
7. Refrain from using wading pools and if you have a filtered pool, be sure that there is a trained life guard on site.
8. Be sure that the ratio on field trips is at least 1-to-5 for preschoolers and 1-to-8 for school age children. (Exceed state ratios on field trips to assure a safe and fun time)
9. Create a van check list for field trips that instructs staff on head count procedures, etc. Always double-check vans, even after you have counted all the children.
10. Take the water pitcher and disposable cups on the playground so that children will have access to drinking water at all times.
Have a Safe & Fun Summer!

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Staffing Your Child Care Center This Summer

Every summer my enrollment increases and this creates a demand  for more staff during the summer time.  In fact, as the enrollment increases during the summer, I see the importance of assuring that my staff is trained on field trip safety, Playground/Water safety and are effectively supervising young children.

Has your enrollment increased? Are you fully staffed? Don’t know where to find qualified applicants? I want to share with you where I find the majority of my teachers……Craigslist!

Craigslist is free and it is an easy and quick way to post your job openings. However, I must say that you must be very specific about what you are looking for in an applicant. For example: Be sure to indicate the amount of pay; education required; hours; if the position is for the summer only; the age group that the applicant will be working with; be sure to list licensing requirements; and request that the applicant sends you a resume.

Before wasting your time scheduling interviews, I find it to be easier to schedule a telephone interview with the top three applicants and screen for the following:

  1. Recent Experience working in a childcare center
  2. Education in early childhood or youth development
  3. Passion for working with children
  4. Classroom management Style and knowledge of health/safety of young children
  5. Positive Attitude!

If your center is not already fully staffed for the summer, I encourage you to give Craigslist a try and my hope is that you find the perfect teachers for your summer program!

With Quality Staff in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan

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