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How to Create a Positive Work Place


Being positive doesn’t just make you better. It makes everyone around you better. ~Jon Gordon

Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to create a positive place for my employees to work. In fact, having negative employees inspired me to promote more positivity in the work place. After all, I believe that children need to be around positive people!

I recently created a Code of Positivity to post in my Child Care Center and I have decided to share it with you. (click here)

Are you wondering how I created a positive work place for my employees? Take a look at the following tips below:

  1. Be Positive!  If you have a positive attitude your employees will be a reflection of your attitude.
  2. Create a No Gossip Policy. Gossip can destroy your business and it brings down the moral. So never Gossip with your employees and don’t allow them to gossip in your Business.
  3. Talk Positive. At my monthly team meetings, the team is required to say 2-3 positive things about each other and at the end of our meetings, the energy level is exciting!
  4. Model friendliness. People love to do business with friendly people. Smile at your employees and smile when you greet your parents. You will be amazed at how being positive will brighten up your Work Place.

Several hours before writing this blog post, a parent stopped by my Child Care Center for a tour. She told me this: “I love this place; its clean, and everyone is friendly.”  See…I told you! People love to do business with friendly people.

To your Success!


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How To Mend Emotional Distances Between You and Your Staff

Leading from the soul means bonding with others so that

they want to share in your vision and be fulfilled through your shared success.

~Deepak Chopra

I recently received inbox messages on my Facebook page from center owners who recently took over centers that were already fully staffed. I can imagine that taking over a fully staffed center is quite challenging, because people are very slow to change when a new leader comes on board and this is why it is vital that when you take over a new center, I recommend that you do the following:


**If you are a home provider, the tips in this post will be very helpful when dealing with your assistants or parents!

Moreover, I was glad that the childcare center owners consulted me about how to get their staff members to go with their flow of leadership and to understand why they are making changes.

In fact, in my 10 plus years of being an employer; I know first hand that it is not easy to connect with all of your employees, however, it is vital to have influence with the top 20% of your staff, (this should include the Lead Teachers).

Furthermore, I have discovered that some of my employees truly love me, while others have questioned my every move. Moreover, it has been quite a journey being an employer and a challenge to my leadership abilities. However, I always love a good challenge and that is why I want to share 10 principles with you today, that I discovered in a book that I bought one week prior to writing this blog post.

I was recently shopping for leadership books in Barnes and Nobles (book store)  and I discovered a book written by Deepak Chopra, titled: The soul of Leadership.

The moment that I saw the title of the book, I grabbed the book off the shelf. After browsing several of the chapters I decided to buy the book.

In fact, I bought the book, because connecting with employees has been one of my very own biggest struggles as a center owner. However, as I continue to grow as a Leader, I must say that I have built a strong team and my staff members seem to really enjoy working at my center.

So with that said…let’s dive right into why I wrote this blog post and that is so that you can discover how to mend the emotional distance between you and your staff.

Five Ways to Mend Emotional Distance Between You and You Staff (As recommended by Deepak Chopra)

1. Point out you staff members strong points and talents

2. Compliment him or her on getting better

3. If the heat gets too much, walk away and come back when you are in a good mood

4. Never bring up sensitive issues in front of other staff members

5. Find out one thing every day to forgive a staff member for

6. Praise your staff members without expecting praise in return

7. Go along with your staff member wishes when it feels right in their heart

The tips above have really helped me to think before I respond and check my emotions quite often. In closing, I believe that’s what leading from the soul is all about!

I love to hear your feedback and how you plan to implement any of the tips that you have found in this blog post.


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When I consult center owners, I always address their level of leadership. Today I am going to share the handout with you that I use to evaluate your level of influence and how to steps to creating positive change. Influence and Leadership Handout

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