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How to Create a Mind Stimulating Environment For Young Children


According to the National Centers for Education in Maternal and Child Health, “Environments that are stimulating for babies and young children up to age 5 are filled with safe objects to explore, allow freedom of movement, and provide a variety of experiences. A stimulating environment can be created in one room of a home, in a home child care setting, or in a center-based environment. Moreover, the most important aspect of a stimulating environment is a caregiver (or caregivers) who can create inviting, challenging play spaces in which to interact with babies and young children, can set limits and be emotionally available to babies and young children, and can read babies’ and young children’s cues and support them when they become overstimulated, fatigued, or bored. “

Today I want to inspire you create a space or classroom (s) that stimulate the mind of young children. In fact, if children are not allowed to freely explore the materials in their environment and are not able to reach the materials in their environment; their minds are not being stimulated.

In my 14 years of setting up environments for young children and studying brain development, I know the importance of having a mind stimulating environment.

I have discovered that when a child’s mind is stimulated, he or she is very engaged in learning. However, if a child’s mind is not stimulated; he or she is bored and disinterested.

So with my discoveries in mind, I want to encourage you to provide a stimulating environment and I have provided some great articles to give you so mind stimulating ideas!

Lets take a look at what a stimulating child care environment looks like, click here

With Quality Care in mind!


Check out this article, click here


This Week’s Featured Child Care Business Owner, Maren Fine Owner of Carlton Kids


This week I decided to feature Carlton Kids daycare because I was so impressed with their twitter bio: “I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator. I run a Reggio Emilia inspired, home based, child care for children ages 3-5 years.”

I am a big fan of the Reggio Emilia curriculum and I was so impressed when I viewed Maren’s website and saw her Reggio inspired environment. As you can see in the photos, the environment is so organized and filled with so many enriching materials.

Including: award-winning twist on plastic blocks, drama centre, creative area, color frames, cognitive area and so much more. View more of Carlton’s kids photos online.

Maren Fine Business Feature Interview

Tell me about your Business?  

 Carlton Kids is a Reggio Emilia inspired, home based, child care for children ages 3-6 years located in Omemee, Ontario, Canada.

Award winning twist on classic blocks by Fat Brain Toys

What inspired you to start a childcare business?  

I have had the pleasure of working with children of all ages for 20 years.  We bought a home on the river last year, with a beautiful walk out basement and the space was perfect for creating my dream daycare!

Creative area

What do you think is the key to a successful child care business? 

 Open communication with parents and caregivers.

Dramatic area

What are your goals for your Business? 

 To have 5 full-time children by November, 2011.

Your advice for new child care business owners? 

Make sure you know all the laws relevant to your location and  consult an accountant and a lawyer.

How to Carlton Kids:


Facbook Page: Playcare at Carlton Kids

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