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Conducting Tours in a Child Care Center


I love giving tours of my Child Care Center. In fact, I can hardly wait to meet with families that are seeking to enroll their children in my center. In fact, it is my opportunity to sell my program to the families that toured the facility.

Moreover, I believe that the key to conducting great tours and building enrollment is all wrapped up in the following principles:

  • Your ability to connect with the parent (with strong eye contact)
  • Listen to what the parent is looking for and point it out in your program
  • Having a warm smile and spirit

The most important step is to end your tour with a bang and ask for the sale! Yes, tours are all about building enrollment and winning the sale.

You may be thinking, “I am not a sales person!” However, you must put on your sales person hat when you conduct tours, because if you want to have a center full of kids, you must develop the art of conducting tours.

If you are shy and not great at tours, designate someone else to do the tours.

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To Your Success,

Shiketa Morgan


Finish Your Tours With a Bang

Photo Credit: Link Child Care Center

According to Jon Gordan, a best-selling author and keynote speaker, “Whatever your job or business add some fireworks to your work. Think of ways you can create a grand finale and leave a lasting impression. Finish your speech or sales presentation with a bang and give your audience a reason to clap at the end. Give your customers something positive to talk about as they walk out the door.”

“Fireworks don’t have to occur just on the 4th of July. You can create a fireworks experience every day by finishing strong and making people say… “Wow.”

I shared this excerpt from Jon’s ( July 2, 2012) weekly e-newsletter with you to inspire you to (intentionally) finish your tours with a bang.

Prior to reading Jon’s e-newsletter, I noticed that when I end my tours by giving parents  a “Free” gift (Law of Reciprocity) for visiting the program or by simply having a great conversation at the end of the tour; it usually resulted in the child enrolling in my program.

However,  I found that if I was tired while conducting a tour and not really focused on closing the sale or not focused on ending the tour with a bang, I wondered if the parent would even call me after the tour. Parents choose your program based on how you present yourself to them and your business.

Tip: If you are tired, go outside to get some fresh air, listen to something motivational or do not give the tour.

Today, I hope that you have been inspired to end your tours with a bang and continue to strive to develop that salesperson within you. Moreover,  Conducting tours is all about being  a great sales person and if you want to build enrollment, it is vital that you end your tours with a BANG!

Think about how you feel after watching the grand finale of a firework show….that’s the feeling you want parents to get as you wrap up your tour with them. View Jon’s e-Newsletter, Fireworks and Finishing with a Bang!

With Your Enrollment in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan

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