Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

My Center Directors and I just finished planning our Summer Camp for 2023. It was so exciting. We planned our weekly theme, fun Friday events and fieldtrips. 

Are you planning to have a Camp this Summer? If so, now is the perfect time to start marketing your Camp.

However, if you have been too busy to market your camp; it’s never to late to start today!

The summer time is a great season for the business of Child Care. In fact, school-age children are out of school and parents need a fun and enriching place for their children to be.

Today I want to share with you 5 easy ways to market your summer camp:

1. Create a festive Flyer about your camp on your computer and share it as a reel on socialmedia. Be sure to include the dates of the camp, events along with field trip information. Include a registration form with the flyer.

2. Start Marketing your Summer Camp now On Your Social Media Pages; using summer related images that include a link to your website or your phone number.

3. If you own a center, display Summer Camp banners on your playground fence or in your windows. (If allowed in your municipality)

4. Send flyers and information to families that attended your camp in previous years.

5. Plan lots of fun theme based activities along with field trips and be sure to market all that you have planned for your camp! 

6. Market your camp on your website and provide downloadable camp forms! ** be sure to disclose Covid 19 precautions.

Much Success to you!


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The key to building a successful and profitable childcare business is found in your ability to effectively market your business. In fact, I have learned over the years that families would come only if they know that you are there!

Online Marketing is the #1 way to market a business today. In fact, 20 years ago, it was the yellow pages or through flyers. The internet has literally provided business owners a platform to market their businesses for free or for an upgraded affordable fee.

  1. Do you struggle with enrollment building?
  2. Are you intimidated by online marketing?
  3. Do you need assistance with online marketing?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I want to help you makeover your marketing plan and empower you to build enrollment through your business marketing plan!

I know what it feels like to have low enrollment and it is not a good feeling. Also, low enrollment has a major impact on your child care business budget. However, having a high enrollment gives you financial freedom and it also gives you a peace of mind.

This month, the theme of the Child Care Leaders Club is Marketing that Builds Enrollment. I want to invite you to join the club today and gain access to proven marketing strategies. Most of all, I want to empower you with tools that will help you sell your Child Care program online and compel parents to call your childcare business today.

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I have discovered that if I am not inspired, it is impossible for me to inspire my team. In fact, if I am not inspired, I find some inspiration before I go around my team.

Your team need your motivation and inspiration. Furthermore, you may not know it, but some employees may even show up because you inspire them to do what they do.

If you want to build a winning team, it is vital that you bring lots of inspiration to the team. Do you have a friend or a family member that you call when you need to be inspired?

If so, I want you to think about how that conversation inspired you and pass it forward, because an inspired team is a winning team, and the inspiration begins at the Top!

If you want to discover what it takes to become an inspirational leader, I want to invite you to join my Inspired Child Care Leaders membership club.

In my new club, you will gain access to weekly inspirational leadership insight, resource links, along with audio coaching episodes.

During the month of February, we are wrapping up our series on how to build a winning team and during the month of march the topic is: Marketing that builds enrollment!

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This week I kick off Week 6 of the Inspired Child care Business Leaders Club and I am enjoying every week of Empowerment.

This week’s topic is all about the importance of being a Great coach for your team. In fact, I believe that a winning team has a great coach.

Do you view yourself as a Boss or a coach? There is truly a difference in bringba boss vs a Coach. A boss dictates and a Coach Inspires!

Furthermore, I’m not a big sports fan, however, when I do watch sports; I pay attention to the coaches and how they motivate the team to win.

With that in mind, I want to ask you several questions:

1.Have you developed the coach within you?

2. Do you find your self dictating to your team in stead of motivating them?

3. Have you truly developed the leader within?

Your answers are indicators of your leadership style.

Furthernore, If you need assistance with your coaching style and most of all, help with building a Winning Child Care Team, I want to invite you to join my Childcare Leaders Club. Sign up today!

Building a Successful Child Care Business, begins with you having a Winning Team. Along with having a winning team, it is vital that the team has inspirational leaders on site. Moreover, it is vital that you know how to pick and retain a winning team.

It took me about five years to truly discover how to build a winning team. In fact, when I first opened my Child Care Center in 2003, I hired all the wrong people, my turnover was high, and I did not know how to inspire my team.

Once I discovered that I needed to grow as a leader and I really needed to focus on what I looked for in employees, I began to build a winning team. In fact, once I discovered how to build a winning team, my team treated one another like family.

Are you happy with your team? Could you use some team building strategies? Do you have a great team and just want to gain some new insight on building a winning team? Is there unity amongst your staff? Is there a Family like culture in your center?

If you answered “NO”to any of the questions above, I want to invite you to join my new membership club, The Inspired Child Care Leader’s Club.

During the month of February, the Empowerment topic is: Building a Winning Team. Are you ready to build a winning Team? If so, you don’t want to miss all the empowerment. I will be sending out my next email to the club members and it includes an audio on how to build a winning team!

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Goal setting is a major part of building a successful child care Business. Also, having systems in place is a sure way to assure that your business goals are met.

Let me ask you several questions?

1.What are your goals for 2023?

2. Have you ever had a issue with staff not following your systems?

3.Do you have challenges with meeting your business goals?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I want to invite you to join my Inspired Child Care Leaders Club.

This week, I am coaching the members through how to reach their goals and how to assure that staff follow systems that are in place.

It is time to start getting results and reaching your goals. Systems Implemented = Goals Met!

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Shiketa Morgan


I was scrolling through old memories on my Facebook Page and as I looked back at the photo above. As I looked at the photo above, I realized that setting goals attracts what you desire for your Business!

Nine years ago on this day, I was desiring to have 40 children enrolled in my Child Care Center and that same year Learning Days doubled in capacity by moving into a bigger location.

In fact, on 1/4/14 my facility was licensed for 40 children and I only had 30 children enrolled.

In August 2014, I found a facility that was 3 times the size of my current facility. We moved into that new location on December 1, 2014!

By the Summer of 2015, that new location had over 90 children enrolled with a waiting list and today my second location has over 40 children.

I challenge you today to write down your goals for your business and post them.

Your goals will not only attract what you need, but they will lead you to Business Growth!

With your Business in Mind!


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At the beginning of every business year, I remove my old business expense folders and create new folders for the upcoming business year.

This may be a old system, however it works and it has me to keep all of my receipts in a organized manner.

I want to encourage you to get organized and take the time to create your business expense 📂 folders.

Here’s an example of business Expense files that will make it easier for you at tax time and help you maximize your business expenses:

  1. Payroll expenses
  2. Utilities
  3. Vehicle Expenses
  4. Business cell phone
  5. Business credit cards
  6. Home office expenses
  7. Insurance
  8. Supplies
  9. Marketing
  10. Travel
  11. Health expenses

That’s just a small list of expenses that you can claim on your business taxes.

If you need Assistance with your taxes, please be sure to contact your tax advisor or click here for my featured Tax professional.

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Most of all, I want to encourage you to join a club that will ads value to you and your Child Care Business!

Its time to Get Ready for 2023 and Get Inspired to keep Growing!

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With Your success in mind,

Shiketa Morgan

On November 28, 2014, My husband and I packed up and moved out of our 1st Child Care center and moved into our Dream location.

The excitement that was on my face was so real. That first location taught me so much about staffing, money management and It literally took me 12 years to get ready for that next level.

I want you to know that it doesn’t have to take you 12 years to prepare for that next level.

It took me 12 years to develop my leadership skills, master the art of running a successful center and it took me 12 years to get my mind ready for Business Growth.

In fact, I want you to know that with coaching and mentoring, you will not waist years getting prepared for your next level. Once I hired a coach, I was empowered and motivated to grow!

Here are 5 ways to get ready for that next level:

  1. Get a business coach. In fact, Get a Coach that has been where you want to go.
  2. Grow as a leader! I suggest reading John Maxwell Leadership books.
  3. Get focused on your Dream and become a goal oriented business owner.
  4. Read books by Successful Entrepreneurs.
  5. Plan your success by writing down your weekly and monthly plans. ** Get my new Success Planner at

This is the time to get Prepared for that next level!

With your next level In mind,

Shiketa Morgan

When I left my career as a medical assistant 23 years ago to start a Family home childcare business, I wasn’t sure if My daycare business would even be a profitable business. However, I knew I was called to it and so I did it by Faith.

In fact, every time that I thought about expanding, I did it with very little money, I was scared, but I had lots of Faith!

If you have a desire to take your business to New levels, I want to invite to invite you to download my Doing Business by Faith ebook Empowerment bundle.

This ebook Bundle will provide you with Faith principles for business success, Strategies on how you can build by Faith and how to Lead your team by Faith!

Download your bundle today and get the inspiration that you need to keep taking your business to new levels! click here

Here’s to bigger Faith for Business Success!


I began business Journaling back in 2003. In fact, business Journaling forced me to reflect and put my thoughts on paper. Back in 2003, I was a new center Owner /Director and I struggled with leading my staff. Most of all, I had many stressful days.

As I grew as a leader, I would journal about my progress and periodically look back over my business Journals to see how far I had come in business.

The day before I wrote this blog post, I was feeling uninspired and blah. So, I began to look through my business Journals to find some inspiration. I am so happy and inspired today because of a prayer that I wrote in one of my business Journals from 2006.

In 2006, the center was struggling financially, and I was ready to quit. However, on that particular day, I found the courage to keep going and I wrote a prayer that I believe moved the business into a realm of growth and increase.

Seeing that prayer motivated me and I was truly inspired to share that inspiration with you!

I shared this post to say this, your business will only move in the direction of the words that you speak and the prayers that you pray. Furthermore, I want to challenge you to find the time to Journal, because Journaling just may inspire your next business decision!

Also, I want to encourage you to finish the year strong by Journaling about this year. Here are a few examples:

  • Journal about your successes
  • Journal about any failures and what your learned from the failures
  • Write down your goals and aspirations for the upcoming business year.
  • Write a prayer for your business from your heart.

Much Success to Your,

Shiketa Morgan

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Do you have enrollment slots that need to be filled? Have you set a goal to enroll more children by a set date? If so, I want to show you how to reach your enrollment building goals?

When I moved into my new location on December 2014, the building was licensed for 99 children and I only had 25 children on my opening day. To make a long story short, by the spring of 2015; I had over 85 children enrolled!

Want to find out how I did it? I want to share with you 5 easy ways to reach your enrollment goals:

  1. Get a dry erase board and post your enrollment goals. When you can see your goals, it motivates you to stay focused. Focus is the key to Success!!
  2. Post pictures of the children engaging in educational activities. You don’t have to announce that you have openings on Facebook: Simply market what you are doing in your program and you will entice new families to Check you out
  3. Tell Parents you have openings. If your parents are happy with your services, they will tell other parents about you. ** Be sure to offer a referral incentive.
  4. Follow-up with parents that call you or that have stopped by your facility. Set aside everyday just to do follow-up! You will be surprised at how many parents are delighted that you took the time to call.
  5. Get those enrollment packets ready. In fact, your expectation will attract what you desire. So, get prepared for the increase that is about to come your way!

It’s time to get to work and don’t stop until you reach your goals! Be sure to Check out my Marketing 101 toolkit!


“Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.”- John Maxwell

Your business success is solely dependent on your ability to lead a team or other leaders. In 2017, I took on a second location and at that time, I had two Directors and 20 employees. Back then, I realize that I could not be everywhere at the same time, however, I had two wonderful Directors, that could see what was happening on a daily basis in the facilities.

This is when I decided to do a weekly leadership meeting to stay informed on what was going on in the facilities and I also, utilized Leadership meetings as a way to inspire my Center Directors. I must be quite honest with you, it is one thing to lead yourself and hold yourself accountable, but when it comes to holding others accountable, that’s a whole new ball game.

Do you have a Center Director? Do you have multiple locations? Do you frequently leave someone in charge of your home daycare or center?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I want to challenge you to hold a weekly Leadership meeting to be sure that your Leaders know what you expect, and it is a great way to set goals together for Business Success!

Here is a Sample Leadership Meeting Agenda:

Date: Time:

Start your meeting with a funny story or Prayer.

List a leadership Quote on the meeting agenda.

Be sure to indicate the date and time of the meeting.


  1. Safe playground practices
  2. Getting prepared for an upcoming licensing visit.
  3. Address Parent concerns.
  4. Our goals for the week.

Look ahead together and discuss upcoming events, etc.

I hope that you are inspired to empower those Leaders around you to assure that your Dream is carried out by Leaders that you took the time to inspire. Also, I want to encourage you to download my Art of Owning a Center Coaching Series or my Book 7 keys to Successfully Managing multiple Locations.

Please take a moment to let me know if you are a Center Owner with one or more Directors on your team. I am working on a membership club for Child Care Leaders.

With your Success in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan

I have been inspired to create a 30- day Inspiration Challenge! In fact, I’m certain that this has truly been a busy year for you and I know what it feels like to lose inspiration at the end of a busy business year.

When you are not inspired, it is difficult to be motivated to finish the year strong and it is vital that you rest up, pour into yourself and get recharged.

*Are you feeling uninspired?

*Are you feeling tired?

* Having trouble getting focused?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I want to encourage you to take 30-days and find your inspiration again, so that you can come into 2023 with a refreshed mindset and lots of Inspiration!

Are you ready to start that Inspiration Challenge today? If so, click here and claim your downloadable copy of my 30- day challenge!

With your Success in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan

I almost let fear stop me!

I waa browsing my Facebook page memories and came across the photo that you see in this post. Infact, As I look at the photo, I thought about the fear that I had in my heart before I signed the lease on that location back in 2014.

I was so worried about filling the center with 99 kids and I was worried about having a larger team.

Further more, After opening the center, I realized that I worried fir nothing. We had no trouble getting kids and I had an amazing team.

That expansion taught me that worry is only self doubt and the question I should have been asking was this:

What if I Succeed? Fear is only a feeling and if you listen to fear, you will miss a opportunity to grow!

Is Fear stopping you from going bigger? Are you ready to expand? if so, I want to coach you through your fears and inspire you to go to that next level.

Sign up for business expansion coaching today! Click here


Are you having any challenges in your childcare business? I would love to provide you with the answers and strategies that you need to succeed. Simply click the contact us image in this blog post or on the Child Care Business Owner Institute Website, then send your questions.

Also, if you would like to receive email updates about upcoming events or new resources, please subscribe to my Email list! Click here

With Your Success in mind!

Shiketa Morgan

For many years I had a very strategic hiring system in place. That system included the following steps:

  1. I required the applicant to apply online
  2. An onsite interview was scheduled
  3. A classroom observation is required
  4. After the classroom observation, I would talk with the staff member that was in charge of observing the applicant
  5. We contacted the former employer to check the applicants track record
  6. Then I would gather all the information that we had and made a hiring decision

Once we hire the employee, we hold an onsite orientation which included completing all personnel forms, introduces the new employee to the team and giving the employee a tour of the facility.

This entire week I have been busy doing telephone and Zoom interviews. One thing that I discovered is this: I absolutely love doing Zoom interviews. In fact, I can see the applicant as if we were in the same room and I can also feel the applicant’s energy via zoom.

Furthermore, after doing multiple Zoom interviews this week, I was able to weed out some applicants and select the best candidates for the center.

Also, I recently decided to create a new virtual orientation video to provide the new employees with a on demand orientation that saves us time and energy. I must say that the potential applicants loved the convenience of watching a video from home.

So, with all the above in mind, I must say that my old system was no longer working and I have been inspired to go to a more virtual hiring process. After all, it can be exhausting doing all those face-to-face interviews, the applicant can save gas money and you can save lots of time with a virtual hiring process.

How is your hiring process? Do you prefer face to face interviews? Do you love to do zoom interviews? Do you have an orientation process? Have I inspired you to make any changes?

If you are a Center Owner, I want to inspire you to download a copy of my Directors handbook; a step by step guide to managing staff and you will also find my Art of Owning a Center Coaching series very inspiring.

I look forward to hearing from you!


For many years I experienced low enrollment and lack in my business. In fact, many of my heart’s desires did not manifest because of my mindset. However, once I discovered that the thoughts in my mind and the words that I spoke over the business; determined what I saw in the business.

” Change Your Words,

Change Your Thoughts,

Change Your Business”

Furthermore, once I began to change the words that I spoke over my business, began to read books written by successful CEO’s and worked on my mindset, my business began to grow.

Can you relate to my story? Do you feel like your business is stuck? Are you frustrated with your business success? Are most of your business decisions fear based?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, I want to inspire you to get a copy of my new book, Pivoting from a Poverty Mindset to a Millionaire Mindset today.

In my new book, I share the steps that I took to transform my thinking from Lack based thinking to thinking like a Millionaire. I want to invite you to visit my website today, download the ebook or order a hardback copy of my book on Amazon and get ready to Think Bigger as you enter into a new Business year! click here

With Your Business Success in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan

Several days before writing this email I received a Email from my Human Resource specialist. She asked me if I needed any assistance and I responded, yes! We need mote staff!

She replied, “This has been a very difficult year for most of our clients. In fact it has been hard to staff during this great Resignation.” That email also included suggestions to help lower turnover rate:

  1. Pay a competitive salary
  2. Do exit interviews to assess why staff are leaving

After reading that email, I decided to do some research on the term: Great Resignation and I found this forbes article and here is a quote from this article:

“This Great Reshuffling caused salary demands to explode, leaving many smaller companies struggling to fill roles. Current unemployment rates are near an all-time low of 3.8%, but in February 2022, there were over eleven million unfilled positions in the U.S., the largest number ever recorded.

For any hiring manager or recruiter not armed with FAANG-sized compensation budgets, this period has been a challenge. And although it may seem like the “Great Resignation” is still roaring ahead, there are several massive shifts happening under the surface that I believe will turn the Great Resignation around.”

So as you can clearly see the big picture, it is vital that you as an employer stay creative during this time and pay close attention to the needs of your employees. Moreover, strive to create an work environment that supports the needs of your staff.

Has your Child Care Business seen a high Resignation rate? If so, How has it affected your business?

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Hello There,

How has this business year treated you? Have you met any of the goals that you have set? Did you get the same results that you had last year?

Are you ready to take your Child Care Business to another Level? Ready for Expansion? Ready for something new?

Whatever your answers may be, I want to encourage you to take some time to reflect on what you have accomplished this year.

Moreover, I want to encourage you to focus on finishing this Business year strong!

If you have been following my blog for at least 3 years, you already know that I love to inspire my blog readers to finish the year strong and come into the new business year with a new mindset.

Here are 5 ways to finish this year strong and come into 2023 with fresh insight and a clear vision:

  1. Reflect on what you have accomplished this year and celebrate.

Set your goals now for 2023 and be intentional about your goals.

  1. Build your book reading list now for 2023, because Your Business will only rise to the level of your knowledge. You can start with creating a widh list on Amazon.
  2. Get Feedback from your staff and parents and make necessary improvements.
  3. Create that Vision board for 2023 and keep it before you to hold you accountable!

I want to here from you. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you have accomplished this year and what your goals are for 2023!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Shiketa  Morgan

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Are you tired of lack? Do you constantly worry about money? Are most of your business decisions fear based? If so, I want to inspire you to get a copy of my new book, Pivoting from a Poverty Mindset to a millionaire Mindset today.

During the month of August and September, I will be recording podcast Episodes about each chapter of the book.

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With Your Business Success in Mind!

Shiketa Morgan

On July 24, 2021, My Atlanta Location was dedicated to God and we opened the doors to the public via a Open House.

This was such a Emotional day, because it took almost 3 years to get prepares for that next level. The preparation involved: Completing the Georgia licensing training, looking forward building, writing the vision and prepared our staff for growth.

It still feels like I’m dreaming and I’m so elated that the Dream of owning a center In another city is now a reality.

If your Dream is to Own a Center, I want to encourage you to grab a copy of my book The art of owning a center or a copy of my operating multiple locations books. I believe the books will empower you to effectively grow your business.

I hope that my story inspired you to prepare, keep Dreaming Big and Push out that baby that on the inside of you!

Shiketa Morgan

Photo by Pixabay on

” I will always keep looking for new ways to improve.” ~ Horst Schulze

This past weekend, my Husband and I decided to do a staycation near our home in Atlanta. So, we decided to stay at the Ritz Carlton- Atlanta Hotel. Our plan was to just go relax, explore the community and have brunch on Sunday Morning.

While staying at the hotel, I noticed how excellent the customer service was. When we arrived at the hotel, the staff greeted us as if we were royalty. The front desk staff offered us champaign as we checked in and before getting on the elevator there were four large glass jars full of peach jellybeans. Those jelly beans looked so delicious and I could not resist.

After settling in and going for a walk near the hotel, when we got back to the hotel, there was a woman with a beautiful voice singing. She sounded amazing. In fact, we sat and listened to her sing all night. The bartender saw my hubby and I enjoying the music and sent me a free sangria.

As I sat and reflected on our stay at the hotel, I thought, ” I wonder who the CEO is and if He has a book.” In fact, I sat and thought about how the service was consistent throughout the hotel, there were no broken elevators, and all the staff made you feel like royalty!

Moreover, I felt like the staff consistently exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, when I travel, I always look for business take a-ways. On this weekend trip, I was reassured that my Love for striving for excellence was not anal.

I believe that your business is a reflection of who you are, and it is vital that you train your staff to reflect what you believe in.

When my husband and I made it home, this past Sunday. I googled the following question: ” Who is the CEO of Ritz Carlton and does He have a book?”

That day, I discovered that Horst Schulze is the Co-founder of Ritz Carlton and he wrote a book in 2019 titled: Excellence Wins. Wow, the title of his book was exactly what I experienced, and I had to order a copy of the book along with a copy for my Center Directors.

Here are my top three take-aways from the book and I hope that it inspires you to aim for excellence in your child-care business and get your copy of the book:

  1. Customer Service is everyone’s job
  2. Go to work to be Excellent.
  3. Treat every customer as if they are Jesus Himself

I want to encourage you to order a copy of the book and think about how you can go to another level of excellence.

My goal is to walk through my centers and improve anything that is not excellence, because I believe that children deserve excellence.

Have you been inspired to Strive for Excellence? If so, what have you been inspired to do to attain excellence in the Business of Child Care?

With Excellence in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan

I thought I would use this fun photo of my grandson in our pre-k room having fun to inspire you to get excited about taking your childcare business to another level in 2022.

As I Logged onto Facebook this morning, I noticed that that name of Facebook has changed. I also noticed that I no longer had to log onto Instagram to post a photo onto my Facebook page. I loved the fact that I could post onto my Instagram page from Facebook.

Furthermore, as I reflected on the changes, I was inspired to record a podcast and write this blog post.

In fact, I was reminded that nothing stays the same and if you want your business to keep thriving and evolving, it is vital that you keep doing new things in your business. Let me ask you a question? Have you done anything new in your business this year so far? Do you plan to do anything new? Have you developed a growth or improvement plan?

Today I want to inspire you to keep doing new things in your business, because a business that is always growing and evolving is a successful business. A business that stays the same, will eventually be stuck and left behind, while other businesses are moving forward.

Here are some examples of new things that that you can do to cause your business to grow and evolve:

  • Make over your logo.
  • Add a fresh paint color to your walls.
  • Buy a new logo mat for the front entry way.
  • order new uniform shirts for your staff
  • Increase your rates so that you can afford to pay a higher salary and attract more qualified applicants.
  • Makeover your office.
  • Make over your playground
  • Make over your website
  • If you desire to expand, start working on it now.
  • Add extracurricular activities for your preschoolers.
  • Advertise with a new platform to increase your business exposure.

I think you get the point, keep growing and doing new things. If you keep doing things the same old way, you will keep getting the same results!

With your Success in mind,


Check out my podcast: Keep Growing, Keep evolving!

Coaching Options that are available to you!

“Quality Care begins with a Trained and Educated Staff”

Quality care begins with empowering your staff to implement quality practices in your classrooms. In fact, I have found that if you want a quality program, you must hire trained and skilled child-care workers that are willing to provide quality services to young children.

During this pandemic, it has been a challenge for most child care programs to find experienced and trained child care workers. For some reason it seems like most of the experienced child care workers have either left the field or they are taking a break.

Furthermore, until this pandemic pass, many childcare programs have no choice but to hire inexperienced workers and train them to implement quality or best practices in their childcare settings.

Just in case you are wondering, how will I hold regular quality care meetings? I’m glad that you asked.

Every week in my childcare centers, our directors meet with the staff for 15-20 minutes and they discuss ways to implement quality practices in our classrooms and I must say that holding weekly quality care meetings has helped to assure that our teachers are implementing quality practices.

Quality Care Meeting topics can include:

  1. Classroom management
  2. Health & safety practices
  3. Developmentally appropriate practices
  4. Parent feedback
  5. Camera observations and so much more.

Holding quality care meetings is a great way to bring your team together once a week and a great way to share your vision for providing quality care with your team.

To be sure that your meetings are productive and empowering, keep it short and to the point!

Are you inspired to hold weekly quality care meetings? Do you already hold quality care meetings? If so, please feel free to share how holding quality care meetings has improved the quality of care in your family home childcare business or center (s).

Researchers have found that the quality of childcare is important to the 

cognitive, language and social development of young children,

with consistent and emotionally supportive care being hugely beneficial to children and families.

With Quality care in Mind.

Shiketa Morgan

“Proven Center Management Strategies for Child Care Center Owners”  

Are you currently a center owner and desire to open and operate multiple locations? Are you afraid to step out and open multiple centers, because you are thinking about all the unknown factors to operating multiple locations?

No need to worry, I share many of my center management secrets in my book: 7 keys to successfully operating multiple locations. In the book, I share 7 key strategies to effectively managing multiple locations and they are as follows:

The Success Keys that you will find in this book includes:

Key #1: Selecting the Right Staff

Key #2: Hiring the Right Leaders

Key #3: Developing Effective Systems

Key #4: Maintaining Quality Care

Key #5: Team Building Strategies

Key #6: Money Management Systems

Key #7: Think like a Fortune 500 CEO

Book Reviews

This book is great!

I love it! It will help you if you have one or six locations! Each strategy will inspire you to start and survive as a center owner.

 Sherry Bolds, Owner of One to Grow on in Florissant, MO

” The entire read was heartfelt. As I read, it seemed as if you were holding my hand through the process. This book provides the crucial tools needed for leadership and growth. I would recommend this book to both new owners and seasoned professionals.”

Adrienne Pennington, Owner of A Child’s Heart Learning Center in St. Louis Missouri

Download your copy today and be sure to tell me how the book inspired and empowered you to grow your childcare business!!

Download the ebook Today!

The Paper Back Copy is Now Available on Amazon!

I hope that your year is off to a great start. In fact, I am writing this blog post to encourage you to do something new with your marketing in 2022.

Take a moment to think about the results that you gained from last year’s marketing plan. Were you happy with the results? Do you desire to take your marketing to another level? If so, keep reading.

Last week, I checked out a local newspaper and I thought, this newspaper is mailed to thousands of homes and businesses in my neighborhood. Then I thought, it’s time to do something new with marketing my new center in Atlanta.

For the past 10 years, social media has been the only way that I marketed my center and now that we have a location in a new city, I want to do something different.

Moreover, I want to encourage you to kick off this new year with this thought in mind:

“If you want something different, you have got to do something different.”

Are you ready for increased enrollment? Do you desire to increase your business exposure? I’m sure that you do and that is why I wrote this blog post.

According to an article on the Bright Wheel website titled: Top Tips for Child Care Marketing, You can easily differentiate yourself from the competition to attract and retain new business with a few, simple child care marketing tips. Sticking with these strategies should help ensure you always have a full house and a healthy waiting list.

Wow!! Are you ready for a Full house and a Healthy Waiting List? If so, click here!

To Your Success in 2022,

Shiketa Morgan

Recommended Resources

Marketing 101 Toolbox

Art of Owning a Center

Marketing 101 Guide

Have you ever had a desire for your childcare Business and it seemed like it to took forever to manifest? Do you currently feel stuck and not sure what’s next for your business?

If your answer is yes to the questions above, I believe this blog post will help you to get unstuck and busy manifesting your goals and dreams for your Child Care Business.

I have been reflecting on my goals and dreams for 2021 and assessing how many of my goals have manifested. In fact, If I can be honest with you, two of my major goals have manifested and it feels so good when your dreams become a reality. However, there are some goals that I am still waiting to manifest, but my two major goals have become a reality in 2021 and that is so exciting!

When my husband and I moved to Atlanta in 2018, we moved with the dream of opening a childcare center in Atlanta. In March 2021, that dream manifested into a 7,700 square-foot beautiful spacious facility. The day we signed the lease, I cried and my mind was completely blown.

The location was fully furnished and was completely turnkey. In fact, it was my heart’s desire and I am so grateful. While we were getting the location licensed, we began searching for a Van and it seemed like we could not find the right van. On December 8, 2021, we found a bus and it was perfect!!

As my husband drove the bus to the center, I thought, is this really happening? Moreover, I thought, the search is over and now it is time to call those families that were waiting for us to get a van.

I shared my story with you to let you know that dreams do come-true and I want to encourage you to stay focused on your goals, because they will manifest.

Today I am going to share with you, 10 ways to manifest your Child Care Business goals and dreams:

  1. Decide what you want and don’t waiver. If you are not sure what you want, this will cause you to feel stuck.
  2. Believe in the process and be patient.
  3. Keep your Business desires on your mind, because your business will only move in the direction of your mindset.
  4. Speak affirmations over your business daily. After all, you will have what you say, because there is power in your words. Example: My child Care Business will Grow and I will attract the right employees.
  5. Visualize your dreams. “If you can see it, you can have it.” Take some time to close your eyes and visualize yourself living your goals and dreams.
  6. Be grateful. “ Gratitude only attracts more of what you are grateful for.”
  7. Treat your dream as if it has already manifested.
  8. Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in you, no one else will.
  9. Keep your goals in front of you. Write down your goals, post your goals on a vision board and look at your goals daily. This is a power way to attract what you need for your goals.
  10. Take some time to sit, get calm and meditate. A quiet peaceful mind is a creative and healthy mind. If your mind is always busy, it can also attract confusion and chaos to your business. Calm your mind and get clarity and get ready to manifest!

Are you ready to manifest your goals and Dream for your Child Care Business? If so, I want to challenge you to take action today.

Print this blog post, post it where you can see it and it and begin following the steps that are listed in this blog post.

Happy Manifesting!

Shiketa Morgan

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On November 28, 2014, I Moved into my Dream Location. That was a very emotional yet exciting day. That day, I Moved out of a 1600 square foot building into a 6,600 square foot building.

I’m sure you are thinking, thats a big move. Yes, that was a big move and I did it by Faith and with the support of friends and Family.

My 1st child Care center prepared me for my dream location!

Where you are today prepares you for that next level.

I opened my first childcare center in April 2003. When I opened my first center, I had very little leadership experience and no experience managing staff at that time.

In fact, the struggles that I faced as a center owner prepared me to Grow as a leader and as I grew as a leader, my desire to grow the business increased year by year.

There’s no Perfect time to Expand

Several months before my husband and I expanded the center, we were struggling financially. In fact, before the expansion, we could barely pay our bills and to be quite honest, I was ready to close the business.

Then in August 2014, I received a phone call about a empty building that was about 10 miles away from my first location.

Don’t Give up too soon!

When I went to go look at the building, the size of the building intimidated me. In fact, fear struck me like a brick. The thoughts that ran through my mind were the following:

  • My rent is going to increase
  • Where am I going to get 99 children
  • I’m gonna have more employees
  • Where do I get the money for this building.

Those were all self sabbatoging thoughts, but I’m glad I didn’t listen to any of those negative thoughts. I pushed forward by Faith and asked a family member for the security deposit and the rest worked it self out.

Once I focused on what was possible l began to see this move as the INCREASE that we needed!!

Furthermore, it took 3 months to get our new location licensed and the day we moved out the old location, I cried because we created so many memories in that building. However, an old season ended and a new season had begun!!

Seven years later, I have no regrets, I’ve just had lots of success and and I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to those self sabbatoging thoughts.

Have you been thinking about expanding your childcare business? If so, what stopping you from expanding?

You may not have found your center, but I want to encourage you to get prepared now. There is nothing worse that an opportunity presenting itself and you are not prepared.

It’s time to Live Your Dream!

Your dream of owning a center or having multiple locations can be a reality, if you would just start getting prepared today.

Do you need help? If so, I want you to know that I am just a phone call away for expansion coaching.

Schedule your session today and come into 2022 with a Business Growth plan!

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I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season. In fact, if you are like me, you are probably buying something for everyone else but yourself.

Today I want to encourage you to invest in yourself and take advantage of my 25% off coupon and buy yourself a new book to read.

There are two books that I want to encourage you to purchase and be empowered to Grow your childcare business in 2022:

  1. 7 Keys to Successfully Operating multiple locations.
  2. Lead by Faith ( Build your Faith as a Leader)

Go ahead and invest in yourself today and use my 25% off code: 250923 when you visit my online book store. Click here.

Happy Holidays and I wish you much success!


“Our intention creates our reality.” – Wayne Dyer

According the Naeyc (The National Association for the Education of young children), ” High-quality early learning leads to many positive outcomes in life, including increased educational attainment, healthier lifestyles, and more successful careers.” Naeyc also described what a quality preschool program looks like and it is as follows:

In a high-quality preschool, children develop positive relationships with each other and their teachers. Teachers

  • Are warm and caring, and they get to know each child and family well
  • Help children learn how to play, work together, and make friends
  • Plan activities so that all children can join in
  • Include every child’s family, language, and culture in the program

As you read the list above, do you feel that your childcare business meets quality care indicators above? If so, keep up the good work and keep being intentional about providing quality childcare.

If your answer was no, there are steps that you can take to assure that your childcare business is providing quality childcare.

I believe that parents want quality childcare and children need to be in a high quality environment for the reasons listed above.

How do you know if your childcare program is quality? Here are two easy ways to assess your program:

  1. Use an early childhood rating system.
  2. Join or follow the standards of a proven professional/Accreditation organization such as: NAEYC ,to assess the quality of care in your program.

Once you assess the quality of care in your program, create an action plan to improve the quality of care in your child care business.

Need an example? In my centers, quality care is our mission! The Directors conducts weekly classroom observations

( to assess the quality of care; we hold weekly quality care meetings ( 15-20 minutes) and we issue a monday memo to the staff that lists quality care reminders.

I hope that you have been inspired and compelled to provide young children with the highest quality of care. Most of all, I hope that you have been inspired to be intentional about providing quality care for young children!

Please be sure to comment below and tell what you plan to do to assure that your childcare program is quality.

With Your Success in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan

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Two years ago my husband and I moved to Atlanta with a dream of living in a new city and expanding our childcare business.

March 23, 2021, that dream became a reality and we signed a lease on our Atlanta location!!

After signing the lease, the expansion process literally began and if you have been following this blog for at least 5 years, you know that I am no stranger to expanding a childcare business.

However, opening a new center in Georgia was completely outside of my comfort zone and it was truly a fun, yet challenging experience. I was used to expanding in the state of Missouri and moving to a new city, expanded my mindset about the expansion process.

Moreover, Opening a center in Georgia stretched my faith and it taught me so much about the child care industry in Georgia and in today’s blog post, I am going to share the following with you:

  • What it took to find a building
  • what the start up process was like for me
  • What the licensing process was like
  • What this expansion taught me

Finding a Building

We began searching for a building in January 2019. I knew to look for a big building because 6 months before moving to Atlanta God showed me in a dream that I was going to deliver a Big baby. So, I knew not to look for a small building.

The biggest challenge that we faced was not knowing where to start. Atlanta is such a big city and we were literally spending hundreds of dollars a week driving around looking for buildings.

So we decided to go the virtual route and we began searching for buildings on a site called,

When browsing loopnet, be sure to search for buildings in the area that you seek to open a center. We found several buildings and negotiated several deals, however, it seemed like we were just not finding the right deal. Also, one of the things that we noticed was the face that there were very few buildings on the market in 2019 and most centers had 10 year leases.

Then the pandemic hit in February 2020. This paused our building searches, because many realtors were taking covid-19 precautions and not showing buildings.

I was inspired to keep preparing for the expansion. I began to draw out a plan of what I wanted the building to look like. I wrote my hearts desire for the building. Then I was inspired to read the story of Noah and study the book of Nehemiah in the bible to gain biblical principles to build by faith. ( I write about it in my new books Build your business by Faith and Lead by Faith)

Furthermore, I began to get impatient and wear in the search, because it seemed like it was taking too long. So I reflected back on what it took to find buildings in St. Louis and I remembered that I didn’t have to search, the opportunity came to me as Prepared.

In November 2020, I received a email that a building was available in midtown. My husband an I went to look at the building. It looked perfect, it was in the heart of Atlanta, however, we just couldn’t agree on some things as it pertained the building. The landlord decided not to go with us.

Then in March 2021, I received a email that there was a building for lease in Kennesaw, GA and it I wanted it; I needed to contact the landlord right away. I reached out the the landlord and weeks later, we signed the lease and closed the deal in May 2021! Then the work began…

The Start-up Process

Once we were issued the keys to the building, we applied for childcare license and the business license. Also, we were required to turn on the utilities in our name and it seemed like the ball was rolling fast.

The building was completely turn key and it had only been vacant for about 3 months.

What we did not expect was all the inspection fees and the very expensive utility deposits. But God provided!

Some of the inspections included:

  • Water back flow test
  • Fire hydrant test
  • Sprinkler system test
  • Fire Safety Life inspection

The fire Marshall approval process was the toughest process. Our center is located in Cobb county and the Fire marshal office was very detailed about our floor plans for the building.

After five fire marshal office rejections we were approved in June 2021!

Turning on the gas was like a monopoly game. In Atlanta there are several gas companies and I had to plenty to choose from.

The licensing process was a ton of paper work, however, it was very simple. The licensing application is done in two parts: Part A and Part B. See the application online. ** You will be required to attend a child care orientation training.

Once you complete your application and operation agreement plan, you must fax all documents to Georgia Bright from the start and wait for an initial inspection.

There are several things that I love about Georgia Bright from the start and they are as follows:

  • Their website is so informative.
  • I love that there is a quality rated system
  • I love the Georgia Pre-k program for Parents.
  • Bright from the start focuses not just on health and safety, they focus on the education of young children.
  • The child to staff ratios allows for more children to one teacher, which reduces the cost of labor for center owners.
  • I love that staff cannot start work until they have a satisfactory background screening and that you have 90 days to complete required training.
  • Also, there are no physicals required for staff to start work

As we worked on getting licensed we planned a open house and God sent me my initial staff. I did not have to place an ad. They all came to me and they were truly heaven sent.

On August 6, 2021, we were given the approval by Georgia Bright from the start to open and that was an exciting day. Today we are open and servicing the Atlanta community!

What this expansion taught me

  • Dreams do come true.
  • When one door closes, that is God saying; that is not for you.
  • Don’t give-up on your dreams.
  • Stretch yourself and do new things.
  • You don’t have to chase opportunities, they will come to you
  • Move at the speed of God and don’t rush the process.
  • Hire people with a proven track record.
  • There is truly southern hospitality in Georgia!

I hope that you were inspired by my Expansion story. If you desire to grow your Business, be sure to check our my Child Care Business Expansion guide and see the links about to my books: Lead by Faith and Build Your Business by Faith.

Be sure to leave me a comment below and lets talk.


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I had a great time with my staff at our Annual Summer Safety training/meeting.  I believe that quality care is safe care and 10 years years ago I  made it a tradition to kick off my Summer Camp off with a Summer Safety Training.

At my annual Summer safety meeting, we discuss: summer uniform requirements, summer safety stories,  summer curriculum theme, van safety, fieldtrip safety and outdoor safety in the sun.

After the training, I feel that my team is empowered to have a fun and safe Summer.

 I share many of my Summer Camp secrets in my Summer Camp Planning guide, however, today  I want to share 10 ways to have a fun and Safe Summer with you!

1. Be sure to plan lots of fun and exciting activities and field trips
2. Create a first aid kit for field trips and for the van
3. Invite parents to send sunscreen, sunglasses or sun hats for outdoor time
4. Take the water play outdoors this summer!

5. Be sure that you have at least 2 people on site, who are trained in first-aid & CPR.
6. Do not take children outdoors if the weather is above 90 degrees.
7. Refrain from using wading pools and if you have a filtered pool, be sure that there is a trained life guard on site.
8. Be sure that the ratio on field trips is at least 1-to-5 for preschoolers and 1-to-8 for school age children. (Exceed state ratios on field trips to assure a safe and fun time)
9. Create a van check list for field trips that instructs staff on head count procedures, etc. Always double-check vans, even after you have counted all the children.
10. Take the water pitcher and disposable cups on the playground so that children will have access to drinking water at all times.
Have a Safe & Fun Summer!

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Several months ago I was opening mail and I noticed a new wages poster. The poster indicated that minimum wage had increased in Missouri to $10.30/hr.

I thought, it’s time to make some changes to my salary chart and I was forced by law to increase the wages of only one of my employees.

At that time, I was also inspired to adjust my starting wages after seeing that the minimum wage will increase for the next 3 years and I will be forced to increase my wages for all my employees.

What about you? Have you noticed that minimum wage has increased in your state?

As an employer, if wages are increasing, this means that you are forced to pay higher salaries which means that you will need to increase your childcare rates.

Moreover, most businesses right now including childcare are competing with the salaries of retail chains and fast food places that are starting off paying $11-15/hr.

The only way that a childcare business owner with employees can compete with the growing trend of higher wages and sign on bonuses is by increasing child care rates.

If you are not sure how to go about increasing your rates, here’s a few tips for you:

  • Issue a notice to your parents that announces a rate change and includes why you are increasing your rates.
  • Give your parents a 30-day notice to allow them time to adjust to the change.
  • Create a new rates chart that includes the increases.
  • Create a new monthly operating budget based on the new rates.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this post.If you need some assistance with, I am just a phone call away. Be sure to contact me today for business coaching.

Shiketa Morgan

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This guide was written to inspire Child Care Business Owners to tap into the power of building a brand online by consistently marketing their child care business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and with email marketing.

My new marketing guide will inspire you to get rid of the excuse that you don’t have time to market your business online.

This book is a quick and short read, however it is loaded with powerful marketing tips.

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How much time do you spend marketing your Child Care Business Online? Have you considered involving your team in the online marketing process?

I am almost finished writing my new book, The Online Marketing Guide for the Business of Child Care. In fact, I just finished writing a chapter titled: How Your Team Can Help. This chapter is all about the importance of getting your staff involved in the online marketing process and selecting a designated a staff member to help you with the online marketing process.

As a busy Child Care Business Owner, you may not have time to post daily, however, someone else would love to help you to build your brand online. So why not give them the opportunity.

Marketing your child care business online is free and is one of the top ways to attract new families to your child care business. You cannot afford to not have an online presence!

In my new book, I will share with you ways to get your staff involved in the online marketing process and help you to build your brand at the same time. Also, this book is loaded with my online marketing enrollment building secrets!

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Leading By Faith

“As you Grow as a Leader, Your Business Grows”

In January 2021, I began writing my new book, Lead by Faith. I was inspired to write this book, because it has taken nothing less that Big Faith to operate a child care center, meet the needs of families that my center serve along with leading my staff.

In fact, operating a childcare business comes with it’s rewards, however it also comes with so many demands. Along with all the rewards, the demands could lead to burn out, lots of stressful days and you could even be tempted to quit sometimes.

However, I believe that there is one thing that inspires you to keep going, even when times get tough and that is….FAITH!

A leader with Big Faith, has the inspiration to Lead through tough times and has a bounce back in his or her spirit. Most of all, a Leader with Big Faith has lots of hope and courage to keep moving forward no matter what the circumstances are.

In my new book, I share my journey of going from a home daycare provider to a center owner by Faith. Also, I share principles on how to build your Faith as you grow your business, how to lead through tough times, wisdom keys for business success, how to become a focused leader, how to lead like a Pilot and so much more!

Download the ebook today, take a look inside and order the paperback copy on Amazon. Most of all be sure to join my Lead by Faith Book Club on Facebook for discussion.

Keep Leading by Faith,

Shiketa Morgan

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Can you beleive that we are still in a pandemic? Well, I cant, but guess what, it hasnt stopped me from dreaming Big for my Child Care Business. In fact, I am still looking for buildings in Atlanta and expecting to Keep growing my location in St.Louis even during a pandemic.

I know that the childcare industry has been hit hard during this pandemic, however, it is still vital that you Dream and Think Big because your Business is only going to move in the Direction of your most dominant thoughts.

Let me ask you several questions? What is your Dream for your child care business? Do you feel stuck or stagnant in any way? If so, I want to invite you to listen to my lastest podcast episode: The Bigger the Dream, the Bigger the Preparation.

In this episode, I talk about how to prepare for the Dream that is in your heart and what you must do as you wait for the Dream to become a reality!

Listen now and Be Inspired to Keep Dreaming Big for your Business! click here

My new book will be available soon!!

I began marketing my child care business on Facebook in 2010. Back then, I opened a personal Facebook page for the Center, because I was concerned about the privacy of the children and I didnt want a Public Fan page.

However, what I didnt know was that Facebook was going to be the new way of marketing a business and it is free.

Once the parents in my Center were comfortable with thir children photos being posted on Facebook, I created a Fan page for the center and my center’s Facebook page is where parents love to hang out.

Today, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users; 1.5 billion mobile users and over 38% of the world’s poulation is on Facebook.

I hope that reading those satistics above have inspired you to market your business daily on Facebook, because that is where billions of families log on everyday.

In my new book, The online Marketing guide for the Business of Child Care, I am going to share with you ways to build your brand with Facebook Marketing, along with show you how to effectively communicate with parents via your Child Care Business Facebook Page.

Be sure to follow my Book updates and Be sure to take the market your Business on Facebook daily, as your business success depends on it!

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Shiketa Morgan

Let’s connect on Facebook!

One of the questions that I always ask child care business owners that may have low enrollment is this:

Do you market your business online?” The answer that I usually get is this: ” I dont have time to market my business online.”

As a Child Care Business Owner, Business Coach and a Author, I plan to market my business online everyday. In fact, I know that online marketing is the top way that families will find your Child Care Business Online.

So I want to encourage you to no longer say that you dont have the time to market your Business online. In stead, I want to encourage you to say this, “ I am going to find the time to market my Child Care Business Online, because my success depends on it.”

If you have a Facebook page or a Instagram account for your Child Care Business, I want to challenge you to post daily and start building your brand online!

I am writing a new book titled: The Online Marketng Guide for the Business of Child Care. I want to invite you to subscribe to my book updates or follow along as I write the book right here on my Blog.

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Keep Marketing Your Business Online and Keep Growing!


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As I write this blog post, I’m reflecting on the life of Dr.Martin Luther King. Every year I close my childcare business in honor of Dr.King.

Dr.King had a big Dream that I believe was A God given Dream for this world and that Dream is:

I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, ‘We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal.” -Dr.Martin Luther King

As I read that Dream, I believe that dream is still manifesting over 50 years later. So as you can see, some dreams take years to manifest and some dreams manifest in a very short time frame.

In other words, the bigger the dream, the longer it may take to become a reality.

I can remember having a dream to have a large location that provided care for all age groups; infants, toddlers, preschoolers and schoolagers.

It took almost 10 years to get that dream location and it was worth the wait.

Today I have a dream to open a location in Atlanta, Georgia. I moved here 2 years ago and I have been looking for that perfect location. In fact, I have decided that no matter how long it takes to get that dream location, I’m going to be patient and get prepared for the dream.

With all that in mind, I want to ask you several questions: What is your dream for your business? Do you dream of opening a center? Do you dream of having multiple locations?

Whatever your dream is, I want to encourage you to do the following:

  1. Write down your dream
  2. Get prepared for the dream.
  3. Be patient.
  4. Don’t rush the process.
  5. Keep your dream in your heart.
  6. Share your dream, because what you talk about you bring about.
  7. Get wisdom and seek counsel as you prepare for the dream.

Keep Dreaming Big For your Child Care Business and start getting ready now!

Shiketa Morgan

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This past weekend I took the time to make some enrollment goodie bags. I decided to make the bags because I am expecting new children to come in 2021.

I have discovered that in business, we get what we expect. If you expect new enrollment, that’s what you will get. If you don’t expect anything, you may not get anything.

Your expectation is like a magnet. What ever you expect will come to you.

So what do you expect in 2021?

I want to challenge you to do this one thing….GET READY FOR WHAT YOU EXPECT TO COME TO YOU!

For example, I’m expecting to hire new staff, so I check email throughout the day for resumes. I expect new enrollment, so our enrollment packets are already prepared.

I think you get the point, Get Ready and Stay in Expectation Mode!

Shiketa Morgan

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Happy New Year!

I’m so excited that we made it through 2020. That was a rough year, but we made it.

Old things are behind us and let’s press toward to all the new things that are before us in the Business of Child Care.

Every year in January I buy new things for my center. In fact, I beleive that when you buy new things, it is a great way to refresh your brand and get excited all over again about your business.

When you have lots of old things in your business, it can keep you stuck in old thought patterns subconciously and this is why I want to encourage you to activate a new thought pattern by doing or buying something new in your business.

I went to the store this past weekend and bought new items for every classroom in my facility and as I shopped, I was so inspired. In fact, I felt a shift in my mind and I was inspired to keep updating the center.

After going through a year like 2020, I needed that inspiration and I’m sure you do to.

If you do not have the finances to buy new things right now, work with what you have. Rearrange a classroom, add a new plant to the sign-in table, paint a classroom a new color, what ever you choose to do…do something new!

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things,

because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” 

–Walt Disney

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Online Marketing is truly the key to building enrollment and increasing your business exposure online.

I discovered this over 10 years ago. In fact, I currently have a very small marketing budget because 90% of my marketing is done online.

Furthermore, I have found that when parents find my Child Care Business, they tell us that they found us online.

In my new book, I am going to share with you online marketing strategies that I have used to build my Child Care Business Brand Online along with sharing with you, new and trending marketing strategies.

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“The internet is the new phone book!”

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As I write this blog post, we are only 4 days away from a new business year. In fact, this year has been tough on the business industry, especially childcare.

Due to Covid 19, many families are working from home, Most schools are online now and this has forced many child care businesses to layoff employees or even close their businesses.

In fact, in the City of Atlanta where I live only about 60% of the childcare industry is available to parents and I beleive that soon there will be a great demand on the centers that are open.

I’m writing this post, because I beleive that this is the perfect time to market your Child Care Business online. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Almost everyone is online
  • Parents that are looking for childcare will start online before just stopping by your facility
  • The internet is the new phonebook

Are you ready to build enrollment again and make a come back for 2021? If so, please allow me to share with you some proven online marketing strategies that I have used to build my enrollment in my very own child care business.

  1. If your Business does not have a Facebook or Instagram Page, its time to create a page. If you have a cell phone, this will take less than 30 minutes.
  2. Make a plan to post a photo with a status about your child care program daily.
  3. Be sure to always post a link to your website.
  4. Create special hashtags for your child care business. For example, I like to use; #nowenrolling #LearningDays, #Preschool, #infanttoddlercare. When you use hashtags, you will be one of the first child care businesses in your area, to pop up when a parent searches for childcare on facebook or instagram.
  5. Facebook ads are really affordable and if you want to take your marketing to another level, set a budget for weekly facebook ads. I have paid $10 for ads and over $3,000 families saw the ad. It was truly worth the money!!
  6. Invite parents to leave a review on your Facebook page. This will raise your ratings on online.
  7. Take some time and google your business name and check out your google page reviews. Also, invite families to leave a review to help raise your ratings.
  8. Be sure to only post quality photos on your social media pages, because your brand is everything when it comes to online marketing.
  9. Do you have a website? If so, be sure that your content is up to date and relevant. Such as, be sure to include your COVID 19 requirments for your program as this is very important to parents during a pandemic.
  10. Finally, I suggest that you use email marketing to stay in touch with potential enrollment. You can simply create a Join our Email list. Check out and start building your list today.

I have so many more ideas, however I think I gave you more than enough to do. It is time to get to work, because your business depends on your Online presence.

I have been reviewing tour logs that my Director faxes to me and on 95% of of te tour logs, parents indicate that they found us online. If you havent heard about Check it out, because parents are looking their as well.

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I wish you much success in 2021 and lots of new enrollments!!

Shiketa Morgan

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This month I celebrate 22 years in the business of Child Care! Time has gone by so fast and I am so excited that we made it to the end of 2020.

This has been a very challenging business year, however I can honestly say that I feel so blessed to still be in business.

Most of all, this year has taught me so much more about business and what it really means to bouce back and be innovative.

Despite of challenges that we have faced this year in business, it has motivated me to increase my business knowledge and keep inspiring my coaching clients and social media followers.

In my 22 years of being in business, I have learned so much, however, in honor celebrating 22 years in business, I am going to share with you 22 ways to build a successful business:

  1. Read more
  2. Be positive.
  3. Hire the right people.
  4. Be consistent
  5. Market your business
  6. Walk by Faith
  7. Keep growing
  8. Have self care days
  9. Take lots of vacations
  10. Speak positive words over your business daily
  11. Journal about your days
  12. Network with other successful business people
  13. Follow your heart
  14. Pray over your business daily
  15. Set your policies and stick to them
  16. What you learn, share with others
  17. Be willing to change adapt with new trends
  18. Have fun
  19. Keep family first
  20. Invest in your employees
  21. Get a Business Mentor
  22. Don’t Quit!

I hope that I have inspired you to stay the course, keep learning, keep growing and dont quit. I would love to hear from you, be sure to follow my new coaching pages on Facebook and on Instagram. This month the focus is to inspire you to end the year strong!

Much success to you and keep walking by Faith!

Shiketa Morgan

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I had a great time with my staff at our Annual Summer Safety training/meeting.  I believe that quality care is safe care and 10 years years ago I  made it a tradition to kick off my Summer Camp off with a Summer Safety Training.

At my annual Summer safety meeting, we discuss: summer uniform requirements, summer safety stories,  summer curriculum theme, van safety, fieldtrip safety and outdoor safety in the sun.

After the training, I feel that my team is empowered to have a fun and safe Summer.

 I share many of my Summer Camp secrets in my Summer Camp Planning guide, however, today  I want to share 10 ways to have a fun and Safe Summer with you!

1. Be sure to plan lots of fun and exciting activities and field trips
2. Create a first aid kit for field trips and for the van
3. Invite parents to send sunscreen, sunglasses or sun hats for outdoor time
4. Take the water play outdoors this summer!

5. Be sure that you have at least 2 people on site, who are trained in first-aid & CPR.
6. Do not take children outdoors if the weather is above 90 degrees.
7. Refrain from using wading pools and if you have a filtered pool, be sure that there is a trained life guard on site.
8. Be sure that the ratio on field trips is at least 1-to-5 for preschoolers and 1-to-8 for school age children. (Exceed state ratios on field trips to assure a safe and fun time)
9. Create a van check list for field trips that instructs staff on head count procedures, etc. Always double-check vans, even after you have counted all the children.
10. Take the water pitcher and disposable cups on the playground so that children will have access to drinking water at all times.
Have a Safe & Fun Summer!

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