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How to Increase Your Tuition Rates


Are you happy with your Business Income? Can you use a rate increase? Has it been over two years since you have raised your rates? Not sure how to go about changing your rates?

If you answered yes to at least 2 of the above questions, it’s probably time for a rate increase!

Many child care providers are afraid to increase their rates because they are concerned that families may leave their program and go to another daycare.

Tip:Before changing your rates, check the rates at surrounding daycare’s. You don’t want to be known as the over priced child care program.

Today I am going to show you how to increase your Business profits and increase your Business Income:

Consider increasing your rates by only $5.00 a week. If you have 10 children this could be a monthly increase of $200 a month. However if you have 100 children, this is a $2,000 a month increase!

Once you make your decision to increase your rates, give parents a 30 day notice to allow time for budget adjustments. The average family will not be affected by a $5 a week increase. In fact, if they love your daycare, they will not have a problem with paying a little bit more per week.

Here is a sample letter: (feel free to copy and paste)

Dear Parents,

This notice is being sent home to inform you of an upcoming rate increase. Our rates will be increasing to $_______ a week beginning on _____________.

Rate increases assure that we are able to buy new items for the program and to be sure that we provide a Quality Program for young children.

If you should have any questions about this notice, please see _____________.

Thanks for Choosing ( Your facility Name)!

Your Name

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How to Get Your Parents and Staff to Buy Into your Vision

One of the toughest task of a leader is to get the people who follows him or her to catch their vision. Have you ever tried to implement changes in your childcare business and they were rejected by parents or staff?

Those changes could have included: tuition increase, new curriculum, your goals for the year, fundraiser changes, classroom changes,etc.

Whatever your vision or plans may be, I know how disheartening it is to have your vision rejected. If your vision has been rejected, I must let you in on a little secret; people must buy-in to the Leader before they buy into the vision.

If your Vision is often rejected by parents or staff, it’s simply because they have not bought into you. I remember when I decided to move my home daycare to a center. Out of 7 children only one child came with me. I asked the families that decided not to come with me, what inspired them not to come with me and their answer was; because we wanted our children in a home daycare not a center.

In other words, the parents wanted me to care for their children, not someone else. In fact, the one parent that came with me, she really trusted me with her son and I was her son’s first caregiver. Eventually, another one of my long time families, decided to come along, after visiting the center. The family realized that I was still a big part of their child’s care and they were compelled to enroll their child into the center.

Have you ever had an employee to reject your vision or plans? I have and the secret to winning that staff member’s vote is by finding out why he or she rejects the vision. Also, work on creating a win-win relationship or making a decision on if the employee is right for your team.

Like the good book (The Bible) tells us; How can two walk together unless they agree. Today I am going to share with you six ways to get parents and staff members to buy into your vision:

1. Work on building relationships. With parents, start discussions at pick-up or drop-off time to show them that you care. Make an effort to talk with staff members daily to see how they are doing and strive to learn something about them.

2. Be honest and authentic and develop the trust of parents and staff members. People tend to have more respect for someone who is open and honest with them at all times.

3. Hold yourself to high standards. If you believe in being professional at all time, be professional. Also, if your goal is to offer the highest quality of care, demand that those practices be honored at all times.

4. Give parents tools to be better parents. Equip your staff members to do a better job.

5. Help them to achieve their goals. For example, my assistant director is a girl scout leader. Every year I support her girl scouts by allowing her to set-up a cookies booth at the center. I also get free cookies every year! For my staff, I find out about their personal goals and strive to assist as much as I can.

6. Everyone is a leader. In fact, parents are leading their children and teachers are leading kids or other teachers. Moreover, this is why it is vital that you also promote leadership development or simply helping them to grow as leaders as you grow.

In summary, if you want others to buy into your vision, follow the 6 -steps above and they will buy into you!

Shiketa Morgan

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Source: 21 Laws of Leadership

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