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Developing the Leader Within Changed My Business

In 2003, I closed my family home childcare business and opened my first childcare center. I thought I was ready but what I did not get prepared for was leading others and managing. In fact, shortly after opening the center, I struggled with managing staff, and I was so frustrated.

As I prepared to open the center 24 years ago, I prepared for building a quality childcare center, however, I did not prepare for leadership.

As a result of having very little leadership skills and abilities, I struggled with managing staff and until I had a conversation with my pastor at that time.

After sharing with my pastor that I struggled with managing my team, he recommended that read John Maxwell Books. That conversation changed my life and the business.

As I began to read Leadership books, I was awakened to the fact that I had so much to learn about leadership. Most of all, I discovered that a Business will only rise to the Mindset of its Leader!

Furthermore, as I developed the leader within, the employees were inspired, I was inspired and the business began to grow.

If you are ready to take your business to new levels and if you are ready to grow your business, I want to invite you to join my Inspired Child Care Leaders Club.

The coaching series this month is titled: Develop the Leader Within you. In that series, I share with the members, steps to developing the leader within you, how to develop the leaders around you, how to develop a leadership development plan and the importance of applying leadership principles to your childcare business.

Don’t wait to sign-up, join today and get ready to Develop the leader within, because your business success depends on your ability to Lead!

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The Quote That Inspires My Staff Meetings

staff meeting

Several years ago, I read a book titled: Power Points of Increase by Bob Harrison. The book was amazing and it changed my thoughts about how you run your Business.

The night before I wrote this blog post, I ran across a quote in the book by my favorite author, John Maxwell and it read:

To get outstanding results,

you need good people with

great talent and outstanding attitudes.

This quote caused me to think about the results that I had been getting in my business and it inspired me to consistently focus on hiring great talent and looking for individuals with outstanding attitudes.

Also, it inspired me to continue to push my staff to grow and to provide positive attitude resources for my team on a weekly basis.

Now my goals at upcoming meetings is this: to show my staff how we can consistently get outstanding results,  how to be great at their jobs and how to be a Positive team!

If you need some positive attitude resources for yourself or your team, check out Jon Gordon’s website.

On his website you will find a wealth of information on Positive Thinking. click here.

I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts about the quote that I shared in this post?


Your Child Care Business Coach,


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