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A Successful Child Care Business Has a Winning Team

Building a Successful Child Care Business, begins with you having a Winning Team. Along with having a winning team, it is vital that the team has inspirational leaders on site. Moreover, it is vital that you know how to pick and retain a winning team.

It took me about five years to truly discover how to build a winning team. In fact, when I first opened my Child Care Center in 2003, I hired all the wrong people, my turnover was high, and I did not know how to inspire my team.

Once I discovered that I needed to grow as a leader and I really needed to focus on what I looked for in employees, I began to build a winning team. In fact, once I discovered how to build a winning team, my team treated one another like family.

Are you happy with your team? Could you use some team building strategies? Do you have a great team and just want to gain some new insight on building a winning team? Is there unity amongst your staff? Is there a Family like culture in your center?

If you answered “NO”to any of the questions above, I want to invite you to join my new membership club, The Inspired Child Care Leader’s Club.

During the month of February, the Empowerment topic is: Building a Winning Team. Are you ready to build a winning Team? If so, you don’t want to miss all the empowerment. I will be sending out my next email to the club members and it includes an audio on how to build a winning team!

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How to Build a Winning Child Care Team

staffThis blog post is an excerpt from my Director’s Handbook.

Creating a winning team is a vital part of providing quality child care care.

In fact, a winning team starts with having a great coach, “The Director.” You are the coach of the team and you call all the plays. When you fail to call plays, the team does not know which way to go.

It is your role to communicate with the team on a regular basis and make sure that all the players are doing their part on the team, because what one player does not do, affects the entire team.

Teamwork is birthed

When you concentrate on

“ We” instead of “me.”

~ John Maxwell

Tips for Building a Winning Team

  • Stay focused on the Big Picture…your center’s goal
  • Be sure that your staff members are positioned where they have the most value
  • Deal with the weak links…immediately
  • Inspire your staff to make things happen
  • Give your staff direction and confidence
  • Keep bad apples by themselves, if possible or get rid of them
  • Hold staff members accountable
  • Communicate…Communicate and interact!
  • Keep the morale high by having fun
  • Promote unity with social gatherings
  • Reward your staff for their efforts
  • Show them you care and challenge them to be the best

For more tips on how to effectively manage your team or your Child Care Center, download my Director’s Handbook

Shiketa Morgan

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