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Empowering School-Age Children For Leadership Success by Dr. Linette Daniels

“I believe that given the right space, tools and training ALL youth can succeed!”

Leadership is the key to success in life and those who have achieved success have reached the top by displaying leadership qualities.  In an effort to promote leadership success among the youth in your group, you must make opportunities for leadership available.

The following suggests are ways you can help young people develop leadership skills.

  • Allow school-agers to make decisions.  This is a hard one for some adults to accept. However, to develop leadership skills, youth need to make decisions.  Even the smallest decisions will help prepare them for the future.  Not allowing school-agers to make decisions will hinder their ability to be successful.  Remember, practice makes better.
  • Encourage school-agers to take on leadership roles.  When the opportunity presents itself, encourage the kids in your group to take on leadership roles. This can be in the form of being team captain, running errands, or taking the lead on a group project.  Encouragement will go a long way. If a child knows you believe in him, he will believe in himself.
  • Give school-agers opportunities to practice.  Too many youth are getting by without assuming any real responsibility. If leadership is going to be a lifestyle, youth must realize that they, too, are held accountable.  Examples of this can be making good choices, being a peacemaker with friends, following directions, etc.  BUT, you must also allow them to experience the consequences when they fail to act responsibly.

Teaching leadership is actually easier than it sounds.

Give these group activities a try. They are loads of fun.


Blindfold everyone in the group. Whisper to each person a number from one to the number of persons in the group. After you are done, tell the players they must line up by consecutive numbers without talking. Everyone should begin to move slowly around each other, putting palms up facing outward to protect themselves from collisions.


A group of six to 12 people forms a circle. Each person puts the right hand into the center of the circle and clasps hands with one other person who is not standing next to him or her. Then everyone puts their left hand into the circle and clasps hands, again making sure that person is not standing next to them. They should be holding two different people’s hands. The goal is to untangle the knot without letting go of anyone’s hand.

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Empowering Youth For Financial Success by Dr. Linette Daniels

I have worked with young people for nearly two decades and raised 12 therapeutic foster care children, so believe me when I say. . . I have been there, done that and wrote a book to tell about it. LOL!

Look, if you spend more than one-hour a year with a child, this article is for you!

Money Smarts is what young people need for success, so if not learned from YOU, then WHO?

Entering the world of school is a child’s first real introduction to life outside of his or her home.  Sure they visit friends and family, but there is nothing like having a building filled with strange adults, new rules and bad food to give any child a dose of reality.

Now there are schedules, rules, grades, parent conferences, report cards, and homework.  Then you throw in the extra-curricular activities after school and you must be wondering when they would have the time or energy to develop money smarts.

Well I have some good news.

Some learning opportunities will be natural and logical, while others will be created by you to serve a purpose.

But EVERY moment is a teachable one; you just have to keep your eyes open.

For now I leave you with a fun activity to share with the elementary age children in your group.

Money Trade

To play this game you’ll need a dice and 10 of each coin (penny, nickel, dime and quarter).  The object of the game is to be the first player with 25 cents saved.

Take turns rolling the dice.  Each player gets the amount of pennies shown on the die.  As each player accumulates 5 pennies or more, the 5 pennies are traded in for a nickel and so on.

The children will quickly understand that a dime is worth 10 pennies, that a nickel is worth five, and that less coins doesn’t necessarily mean less money.

Let the children keep the money they win to add to their piggy bank savings.

About Dr. Daniels

Dr. Daniels believes that given the right space, tools, and training; ALL youth can succeed, and as founder of the International Movement To Empower More Youth, her mission is to empower youth for financial, business and leadership success so they can create the life they want to live.

Whether you are a young person, a parent or from a youth-serving program, visit and get in where you fit in!

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