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Planning Events For The Month of May

The month of May is a very busy month!

In fact, the month of May is a big month for graduations along with Mothers Day, Teachers appreciation day, Cinco de mayo and Memorial Day.

I don’t know about you, but I have to start planning early for the month of May to avoid that overwhelming feeling that comes with planning too many events.

Several years ago, As I wrote my Curriculum Club lesson plans for the month of May, I included a bonus form that provided the members of my club with planning ideas for the month of May.

My Event Ideas included:

  • Cinco de mayo activities
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Muffins and Mom
  • Year end/Preschool Graduation planning ideas

As a gift to you, I thought I would share this link with you: Tips for Planning May Events For Your Child Care Business

I hope to see you in my Curriculum Club Soon and I look forward to reading your comments about this blog post.

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Accreditation = Quality Care!

Accreditation = Quality Care

I stopped by my Child Care Center to drop of supplies and I noticed there was a large envelope in the mail. When I opened the envelope it was my New Missouri Accreditation Certificate. My Child Care Business has been Accredited since 2003 and I believe that Accreditation is a great way to validate that you have a Quality program!

I was so excited to receive the Accreditation Certificate, because I know that having Accreditation assures that children are provided with the highest quality of care including: Health/ Safety practices, Curriculum, Physical Environment, Family Interactions and so much more!

Another added bonus: In the State of Missouri  (where my facility is located) Accredited child care programs are paid 20% more than facilities that are Only State Licensed.  So, be sure to find out if your state offers any type of incentive for being Accredited.

Do you desire to get your Child Care program Accredited? If so, I want to encourage you to review past blog post on Accreditation. (click here)

With a Successful Quality Care in Mind…

Shiketa Morgan

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